Hippie hairstyles

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Every woman, regardless of age, tries to emphasize and show her individuality. Of course, hair is one of the clearest ways to create your own memorable and unique image. The new season of 2014 was no exception and the main trend of it was naturalness and naturalness. Braids, unusual tufts, tails, elegant curls - all this hairstyles, which are shown on many popular catwalks. But in recent years there has been an unusual trend - a hippie hairstyle with a bandage.

What is such a hairstyle? It is simple, fast and extremely convenient. If you do not have enough time for an elegant styling, then a regular hairstyle with a ribbon in your hair is the best option. On the aesthetic side, such a hippie hairstyle looks very original, stylish and unusual. Moreover, the hippie hairstyle with a bandage is so spectacular that it is quite possible to choose it for both prom and for a wedding or other similar solemn event.

Well forgotten old

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Return to the fashion headbands for hair - this is the return of a thoroughly forgotten old. Since ancient times, the female half of humanity has used a frontal bandage. Then the woman did not have the right to appear bare-headed in public, so her forehead was covered with a wide ribbon, the ends of which were tied at the back of her head. These bands were made of brocade, velvet or silk. Especially appreciated dressings, decorated with embroidery, with the addition of metal jewelry. Modern dressings are not much different from the ancient headband. By their appearance, they are divided into simple, monochromatic, as well as embroidered with rhinestones and expensive stones.

Types of dressings for hippie hairstyles

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  • The thin bandage is made in the form of a chain or a braid woven from leather. You need to wear this bandage just above the forehead line
  • The wide bandage - looks great on long hair. By the way, instead of a bandage, you can apply an ordinary scarf
  • The sports bandage - as a rule, is made of the stretching materials. It will be indispensable when playing sports.
  • An elegant or glamorous dressing, in a particular case, it should have some element of decoration - brooch, flower, rhinestones. An elegant bandage creates an element of romanticism, emphasizes femininity. Perfect for long and medium hair, a great addition for an evening dress

You can create each of these decorations at home with your own hands armed with pieces of cloth, satin ribbons, pieces of leather, beads, feathers, etc. Just show a bit of fantasy!

How to make a hippie hairstyle yourself

Hippie hairstyle is, first of all, healthy and well-groomed hair, which is the only difficult component. The rest is all very simple. We explain step by step a few options on how to make a hippie hairstyle yourself without the help of a stylist.

Sloppy braids

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To do this, braid light braids on the sides, and in such a way that small locks of different length fall out of them. Tie them with colored rubber bands or fix hairpins. After that we put on the head a multi-colored hoop or bandage. This hairstyle will decorate any woman, regardless of the shape of her face. In addition, the owner of such a bandage, if she is older, will be much younger.

Wavy strands

Braid hair in three braids of the same length. If necessary, the result can be fixed with hairspray or mousse. From above we tie a thin ribbon or wear a bright hoop. This hairstyle is ideal for girls with a round face, because it visually lengthens its contours.

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Small curls

This hairstyle is suitable for both girls with already existing curls on the head, and who have absolutely smooth hair. But there will have to work a little. First of all, it will be necessary to twist hair on hair curlers and hold it all night. You can also use thin curling iron instead of curlers. There is another scheme: wash the hair thoroughly, then tilt your head down and dry them with a regular hair dryer with a wide diffuser. We put a hoop or a bandage on top of the hairstyle.

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Hairstyle with a cap

The cap in this case serves as the main accessory and can be either openwork or multi-colored. Therefore, for her, you can pick up almost any hairstyle you like: pigtails, ponytails, curls, waves, or just to dissolve the hair. The main secret is that the cap should coincide with the shade of your eyes. And if you want to look even more original, then braid a few extra braids in addition to loose hair.

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Roman hippie style

But the most ideal option, we believe, is a hippie-style roman hairstyle for wavy hair. Ancient Rome - the women of the aristocracy at that time loved chic. This was reflected not only in their way of life, but ultimately on hairstyles. And today the Roman bandage can be seen on many statues and paintings of that era. I must say that it looks very impressive. Therefore, it is not by chance that a modern woman increasingly prefers a hairstyle with a bandage. Detailed instructions on how to make a hippie roman hairstyle with a bandage with your own hands, we hope to help you find a unique look. So, to perform such a hairstyle, firstly, you need studs. And secondly, for owners of straight hair, you need to prepare yourself in advance by winding up with curlers or curlers.

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  1. Comb your hair back and fix the bandage, just above the forehead, two turns.
  2. Separate from the side, near the ears, a small strand and twist it into a not tight harness.
  3. Lift the harness and fix it with a pin.
  4. Repeat this procedure on the rest of the hair.

As a result, we get a lush, high hair, the base of which is a bandage, and the crown - a shock of beautiful wavy hair.

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