Highlighting hair at home

Once upon a time highlighting It was very fashionable, but you should not think that the fashion has passed, highlighting remains relevant now. Thanks to highlighting, the hair looks more voluminous. There are many ways to give your hair the effect of playing sunlight, that is, highlighting, but the most common are highlighting through the cap and using foil.

Highlighting hair at home

Highlighting through the cap (for short hair)

Usually the highlighting procedure takes place in the cabin, but modern paints and technologies allow this to be done at home. The easiest way is highlighting through a rubber cap.

You need to put a hat on your head, pull out strands of the thickness and frequency of which you go by using a special hook through the holes, apply a dyeing composition (decolorizing) and leave for 15-30 minutes depending on the original color of your hair (the darker the time). But this kind of highlighting is suitable only for short hair, for long hair we usually use highlighting using foil.

Highlighting with foil (for long hair)

Highlighting hair at home
So, you will need: a roll of food foil, a comb with a long thin tip for separating the strands, gloves, hairpins, a bowl for diluting paint, a brush, old clothes and towels, and, of course, a bleaching agent. You can buy ready-made brightening paint in the store, and you can buy professional powder and oxidizer.

The foil should be cut into strips with a width of at least 10 cm, and the length should be equal to double the length of your hair. Start with a parting, separate a small strand of hair, remove the rest of the hair with a hairpin. With a thin end, put a few thin strands with a comb, place a foil under them, apply a dyeing compound on them, fold the foil in half, and wrap the ends.

Then go to the right side of the head, then to the left and, finally, to the back of the head. The paint should be kept for 20 minutes, on very dark hair up to 40 minutes.

With these methods, you can not only discolor the strands, but also paint them in any color you like. And you can first discolor, and then toned. There is also a separate type of highlighting, dark highlighting or brondirovanie, which also looks very interesting on the hair!

There are also quite a few kinds of ordinary highlighting, California highlighting is very popular.

It is worth noting that it is not easy to do this procedure alone, so it is better to resort to the help of a girlfriend, sister or mother. Good luck!

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