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Want to always have an excellent appearance, then you need to know how to make a high hairstyle. This skill will help you in a short period of time to create a sophisticated image for a dinner in a restaurant with a loved one or a business meeting with partners, or maybe just a get-together with girlfriends. All you need is a little skill, a dozen invisible hairpins, studs to match the color of your strands, a lacquer of superstrong fixation and a desire to look beautiful.

Tall hairstyles for long hair

Long curls are always beautiful and feminine. It is interesting to emphasize them and add festivity to help high hair for long hair. Girls with such wealth as long strands can choose almost any option from the existing ones, because the length allows. Creating high styling for long hair, girls can use the weaving of traditional braids from three strands, French braids, beautifully and unusually beat curls curled on curling or conversely use smoothly licked strands. When making high hairstyles for long hair, it is not always necessary to use “donuts” to increase or create the volume of the overlay, in contrast to less long curls. Girls with long hair can use their own locks twisted and correctly fixed on the head instead of such overlays.

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An example of styling for long-haired girls

If you need to quickly make a high hairstyle for long hair on your own at home, and you have not much experience in hairdressing, your option is a simple and easy knot. Unusual and originality will add to him a "fluffy" pigtail, which will, like a hoop, decorate your head. In order to make this styling, use the step-by-step scheme:

  1. Apply a volume-fixing agent to clean, dry strands, such as cream or styling fluid.
  2. Separate a small strand behind the right ear and fix it with a clip so that it does not mix with the rest of the curls.
  3. Then collect the hair, except for this strand, with the help of a rubber band as high as possible at the back of the head. The higher the knot turns out, the more effective this package will look.
  4. If you have thick strands, twist the knot from the resulting tail. If you have long, but thin hair, create the desired volume using the "donut". To do this, put a donut on the base of the tail, and distribute the free ends over its surface, closing the cover plate. The resulting bundle fix stealth.
  5. The most crucial step is weaving a braid, but it will be a light pigtail. Divide the strand behind the ear into three parts and weave the traditional braid. Now, pulling the coil, make it wider. Pull out step by step turn by turn, do not worry if the spit turns out to be careless, this will only add originality to the installation. You should get a voluminous "fluffy" braid.
  6. Place the pigtail around the head and fasten the invisible beings behind the left ear. If the pigtail turned out longer, and there is an opportunity to fix its end near its base, it will be even more beautiful.
  7. Fix the result with a strong hold lacquer.

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Such a simple, but not easy-looking styling will make your look complete. And it will suit both a light summer sarafan and a warm knitted cardigan and jeans. The most advantageous such option will look at the blond or light strands. Weaving and braids always look more profitable in blond girls. But brunettes, too, will suit such styling.

High hairstyles for medium hair

Girls with long hairs shoulder length, making high hair on medium hair, also have plenty to choose from. Experienced in the creation of self-styling girls, can adapt almost any favorite variant of styling to their length. The volume may suffer a little, as the length may not be enough to create it, but here various linings and rollers come to the rescue. With their help, you can make even the most complex high hairstyles for medium hair. The main thing is to try to match them to the tone of your curls, then even the owners of thin and not thick hair will be able to discreetly use these tricks.

Option raised hairstyle for girls with medium hair length

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Arm yourself with styling foam, curling iron, hairpins to match the color of your hair, clip, invisible hairpieces and varnish. This instruction will help you to complete an interesting hairstyle with minimal effort and time for yourself:

  1. Apply volume to the clean, wet locks and dry them.
  2. Divide the hair on the head into 2 parts by a horizontal line on the back of the head.
  3. Assemble the upper part of the head of hair and secure with a clip.
  4. From the bottom, dividing it into 3 strands, weave 3 free braids.
  5. Wind the upper part of the hair on the curling iron to learn the light waves.
  6. With the help of Invisibles, twisting the curls into strands, starting from the top of the head and dropping down, fix them to form a crook.
  7. Pigtails lift up and secure with pins.
  8. Fix the result with lacquer.

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Evening styling

Evening hairstyles have more variety for long and medium hair. For short ones, they often use hairpieces, overhead strands or hair extensions. Fashion for hair dictates its own tendencies, it is not necessary to follow all the new products in the world of styling, but you need to know which options are best avoided.

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  1. First of all, boules. These styling elements are already in the past.
  2. Secondly, curls released at the temples in combination with a smooth styling. It also gives antiquity.
  3. And, of course, forget about the bouffant. He stayed in the 80s, and now negligence and naturalness are welcomed. It is interesting to combine high hair with bangs. With a straight thick bang you can make a classic bunch, and with a rare bang on your side, the romantic braids look beautiful.

High wedding hairstyles

For the image of the bride, high wedding hairstyles are elegance and sophistication; such options never lose their relevance. And in the first place, this is due to the fact that high wedding styling can be held in perfect shape until the end of the celebration, which cannot be said about styling, for example, from loose curls. The most popular high wedding hairstyles are a shell or a French bun, high hairstyles with bangs, a twist of braids, bunches and French braids raised to the top.

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Having chosen your own styling, do not forget about the decorations for your hair, they can add personality to the image. It can be bows, beautiful studs with stones and even live flowers.

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