Henna hair coloring

Henna hair coloring

In order to dye short hair henna you need an average of 50g. Henna, for long hair, take 200g. You will also need dyeing gloves, an old towel, a glass bowl, a dyeing brush, a greasy cream or petroleum jelly.

Henna diluted with boiling water (about 90 degrees).

Constantly stir the henna until a homogeneous thick mass. The mixture should have no lumps. If desired, a couple of drops of essential oil can be added to the resulting paint, thanks to which the color will be more saturated.

When the paint is ready to start coloring, we put a towel or unnecessary fabric on our shoulders, the henna practically does not wash off, so wear unnecessary clothes. On the hairline apply a fat cream, so that the skin does not turn.

If this is not done, then the code will have a bright yellow stripe and will stay for some time.

Henna hair coloring

Before dyeing the hair should be washed and dry well. Now proceed to the staining. We begin to apply henna from the neck to the hair roots, and then to the entire length. In other words, we apply henna, as well as other usual paint. When you evenly distribute henna in your hair, cover your head with cellophane and warm with a towel on top.

The dwell time of the paint depends on what your hair color, hair structure and what color you want to get. In order to get a red shade on blond hair will be enough for 5-10 minutes.

On darker hair, hold henna for 30-40 minutes. And henna brunettes will have to keep a half or two hours.

After you endure the allotted time, we begin to wash off henna. Wash off with warm water without shampoo. Once you have meaning all henna you can apply a balm on your hair.

Important: wash your hair until the water is clear and transparent.

Interesting fact: after a couple of days, henna will completely show its color, which you will have all the time. A solarium or a trip to the beach will speed up this process.

Henna and lemon hair coloring

There is another good way henna hair dyeing, it takes more time, but the color as a result of such staining will be more vivid and saturated. For this you need henna and lemon juice. The fact is that henna manifests itself better in an acidic environment and for this we need lemon juice.

Lemon juice is heated and mixed with henna. Leave this mixture for 10 hours in a warm place. Then with this mixture we paint the hair in the usual way.

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