Hara-kiri for hair

You should not even tell a story about how your hair, saturated with shampoos and conditioners for a few thousand, still remains dull and confused traitors. Every day you feed them with masks and oils, gently comb them, and they, you see, want to dry and break. It looks like a situation in a restaurant where a waiter runs in front of a rich visitor. And damn it breaks what to carry to this client on a tray: everything is wrong for him. Yes, yes, and the waiter in this case is you. Well, and how now to look for a common language with this hair?

"The dog is biting ..." - do you remember the continuation of this phrase? Maybe the hair is brittle and dry just because you care for them wrong every day? Don't even think about it - it is. No matter how much money was given to the hairdresser and shampoo seller, the hair will never look healthy until you start correcting the mistakes you make daily.

1. My head is right!

Well, what girl did not wash her hair in a hurry? Head down to the sink, generously fertilize the hair with shampoo. Three minutes of simple and ruthless manipulation hands - ready! Yeah, such a wash can definitely be called a criminal offense. The structure of the hair is the same for everyone: under a microscope it resembles a small Christmas tree with branches folded down.

Every time water gets on the head in a direction other than that "twigs" (from top to bottom of hair growth), then the structure of each individual hair is instantly disturbed. "Christmas tree" It becomes like the unfortunate linden that the schoolchildren maliciously stripped. As a result, the hair even more cling to each other, and as a result - break, split.

Hara-kiri for hair

The rule is: my head is exclusively in the direction of hair growth. Do everything gently, gently, without undue friction.

2. Spin mode "turbo"

So. With how to wash your hair, we have already figured out. What do you do next? Right! You squeeze the water out of your hair with such force that no other washing machine can match. You collect wet prisoners in one merciless fist, and the second you try to squeeze all the water to the last drop. So why? Of course, I also know about the fact that one hair is able to withstand up to one hundred grams of weight, but you definitely should not be involved in such competitions.

Hara-kiri for hair

Rule: Collect the hair in a small tail and lead over it with a slight movement of one hand. In no case do not show fanaticism.

3. Favorite terry towel

Well, yes, mercilessly squeeze out your hair now will not work. But then you quickly remembered a terry towel that would rub each hair into powder. Moreover, during this ritual you will never forget to twist the turban out of the towel on your head, tighten it so that you are sure to stay bald. Such treatment of hair can only be called the death penalty, and death will be long, painful, as in the films.

Hara-kiri for hair

The rule is that all you can afford is to cover your shoulders with a towel and leave your hair on top of it. You can also buy a special cloth cap after a shower.

4. Hair dryer is also banned?

About the dangers of the hair dryer for a long time do not need to talk. Alas, the modern girl without it just can not cope. But there is always the opportunity to cause no such significant damage to the hair. Practically in every modern model of the hair dryer there is a mode with the name "cold air"which is invented for a reason. Yes, the damage to the hair is still inflicted, but it is not catastrophic. Laying with this mode, of course, will not work. The choice between hair and hair health is a personal matter.

Hara-kiri for hair

Rule: use a hair dryer in the mode of cold air, sushi hair only in the direction of their growth.

5. Special attention to hair ties

Each rubber band that has access to your hair must provide a quality certificate and obtain a work permit. Let all the tight and hard copies are sent to retire, torn and poor-quality - in a landfill. If after removing the gum left a dent in the hair - this is a bad sign. Hair bulbs that are under constant voltage, weaken and fall out.

Hara-kiri for hair

Rule: pay attention to the modern market of hair accessories. High-quality gum should not be felt on the head and deliver discomfort.

6. Sleep for hair

Give the opportunity to rest your head while you sleep. Do not go to bed with a tight tail, you already know why it is harmful. The best option is a free pigtail without a rubber band at the base.

Hara-kiri for hair

Rule: during sleep, no tight tails and tufts on the head should not be.

7. Bad weather

Only a Snow Maiden can afford to walk with her hair during cold and cold weather. And if every day you hide your hair in a hat is an option so-so, then try to do it at least during a snowfall. Snowflakes along the entire length of the hair is, of course, beautiful, but it is fraught with consequences. By the end of winter you will receive dry, lifeless hair, which you will have to say goodbye to a hairdresser.

Hara-kiri for hair

The rule is: during a snowfall and a hard frost, put the hair under a hat, or pin a tail under outerwear.

That's all. Seven simple rules to follow every day. Do not forget: beautiful hair - one of the business cards of every woman.

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