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Halloween celebration traditions came to us recently. In Western countries, All Saints' Day is a traditional pagan holiday, with colorful, unusual costumes, colorful make-up, amazing hairstyles, pumpkin heads and idle reels on the night of October 31 to November 1. Modern youth does not miss the chance to impress others in their extraordinary way, to show imagination in make-up or styling. But before you decide what hairstyle to do on Halloween, it is worthwhile to carefully consider your entire image.

Halloween nuances

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Many nightclubs and entertainment venues do not miss the opportunity to hold a bright party in honor of Halloween. To fit the festive format, you should consider some of the nuances:

  1. Firstly, the created image should be harmonious not only externally, but also correspond to your inner feeling. To shine at a party, you must get into the image of your character. If you like fairies or princesses, do not dress up in a witch or a zombie - it is unlikely such a discord will lift your spirits.
  2. Secondly, do not neglect the details. Often a lack of time can affect your make-up or hairstyle, or rather, their absence. We recommend not to tackle the complex technique of execution, if time is limited. But you must calculate it so that you have time to pay attention to the make-up and styling on Halloween.
  3. Third, do not be afraid to show imagination and experiment! Bright makeup, bright outfits, unusual hairstyles on this holiday do not recognize any taboos. The more extravagant your image will turn out - the more memorable the holiday will be.

We select the hairstyle for Halloween in accordance with the created image

The most vivid and replicable characters of Halloween night can be called: angel, corpse of the bride, mermaid, cat, vampire, witch, skeleton, doll, princess, zombie.

laying in the form of massive horns
So, consider the popular options for how to put your hair on Halloween do it yourself.

Angel hairstyle on halloween

The gentle light image of the Angel on Halloween involves the creation of soft curls framing the face. To achieve the effect you need at home, you will need: a thermoprotectant, hair styling, curling or ironing. The procedure for performing Halloween styling involves the step-by-step study of the strands with their subsequent fixation with a styling tool.

angel curls

  1. Treat your hair with a heat shield.
  2. Perpendicular and horizontal central partitions divide the head of hair into four zones. Remove the two upper zones into bundles so that they do not interfere during operation.
  3. Divide the lower right working area into strands. Step by step wrap the curls, directing curling away from the face.
  4. Do the same with all other zones.
  5. In order to keep your original appearance as long as possible, process each strand with a styling agent after curling. If your curls fit well, then you just need to fix the final result with varnish.

angel hairstyle on halloween

Pay attention: this type of hairstyle for Halloween assumes not tight, but soft waves. Laying should be easy and natural. Do not forget about unusual decorative elements: a “nimbus”; a light veil and feathers are also appropriate.

Halloween Mermaid Hairstyle

It would seem that a simple installation for a mermaid, what can be special here ?! We want to pay attention that smooth, long hair of a blue, green shade or your natural head-length diluted with colored curls will harmoniously fit into this image. For those who are not ready for dramatic changes and do not intend to dye the strands in a poisonous color, we recommend using toning shampoos or bright wigs. For those who want to add a “zest” to their hair, instructions for action will be as follows:

  1. Wash the hair and treat with balm for hair shine.
  2. Sprinkle the curls with a heat shield.
  3. With the help of a hair straightener, process the strands step by step to give them smoothness and shine.
  4. You can add a head of hair with the help of overhead strands or special crayons for hair, which you can easily add to your hair the desired shade. If you prefer tips for hair, then fix them at the roots of the lower tiers of hair so that the fastening elements are covered with falling curls. Enjoy the result.

mermaid hairstyle on Halloween

Do not forget about the authentic elements of hair: create a tin with a green grid or veil, weave wooden hairpins in the form of knots, etc. into the curls.

Halloween Vampire and Witch Hairstyles

For a harmonious image of a witch or a vampire, high, luxuriant, disheveled hair will be appropriate; topical hair ornaments in the form of a spider web, spiders, black lace, etc. will not be superfluous. To achieve such a hairstyle for Halloween, you can with the help of bouffant. An alternative to which may be styling hair curling with a nozzle corrugation.

small bumps in the hair

  1. Step by step work through the curls along the entire length to give your hair extraordinary pomp. Do not forget to pre-sprinkle them with a thermal spray.
  2. Then you can leave your hair loose in a chaotic mess or make asymmetric styling.
  3. Bright details will help to give the exterior an unusual sound: conical hats, decorative elements, high stand-up collars, black lace, that is, everything that will fit your look.

laying under the image of a witch and a vampire

Halloween hairstyles for dolls, princesses and fairies

Halloween hairstyles in these guises look particularly advantageous with tight, elastic curls. Hair can be left flowing for the image of a doll; for a princess and fairies, an excellent option would be to put on Halloween in high hair styles, decorated with tiaras, shiny hats, rhinestones, beads, and sequins. To self-tighten the tight curls should be armed with curling iron of small diameter.

princess hairstyle

  1. Before laying, treat the hair with a thermal protector. To make the curls elastic and keep their original appearance for as long as possible, apply a little mousse of medium fixation on them.
  2. Step by step, curl your hair, not letting your curls unwind until they are completely cooled. This will help you invisible or clips that will fix the curl. After styling, sprinkle them with fixing varnish.
  3. It is actual for such Halloween styling to use sparkles, rhinestones, studs with beads and bright decor.

girls from the show Vivienne Westwood

Halloween Cat Hairstyles

For such a bright image as a catwoman, you will need a styling gel, an iron to smooth hair and invisibility. If your hair is pushed or curled a little, it is worth aligning it with forceps. Smooth the unevenness of styling or correct the loose curl will help gel or wax hair. It is very important not to overdo it with styling products so that your hairstyle does not seem dirty.

smooth styling

A bright element of the hairstyle should be "cat ears." The simplest option would be to buy a hoop with the already prepared ears and gently fit it to the hairstyle. On long hair, you can decorate the ears with hair, gently wrapping the frame curls.


As you can see, the hairstyle options for Halloween are great. Choose the right option for you, show your imagination, decorate the styling with bright elements corresponding to the chosen hero. Halloween is a time when you shouldn’t limit yourself to any taboos. Create a mood for yourself and others with your bright outfit, hair style and makeup.

Video: Princess Halloween Hairstyle

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