Hairstyles with ribbons

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How to make a haircut with a ribbon? A similar question, for sure, occurred to almost every woman. Many people think that ribbons are suitable exclusively for girls and their funny braids. Of course, a lot of children's hairstyles are made with them, but in modern times, each member of the weaker sex, in any age category, can wear hairstyles with ribbons in their hair.

Hairstyles with ribbon look very feminine and tender, sensual and sexy, seductive and strict. It all depends on the chosen ribbon and hairstyle options. They can be used on almost all events and occasions. Wedding hairstyles with ribbon are very popular with brides for many years. Gorgeous looks and braid with interwoven ribbon. You can also use it instead of a rim or bandage, tie her hair instead of gum. For girls, ribbons woven into the head of hair will complement the festive children's images and create the expected atmosphere of a fairy tale.

Types of tapes

Nowadays, on sale you can find a lot of different types of ribbons, with different patterns, prints, embroidery from different fabrics. How to choose what is right for you? How to complement the image with your own hands? Can I do without a visit to the salon?

  • In most cases, ribbons are velvet and lace, satin and crinkled. Strict satin ribbon will look perfect with classic dresses and skirts, and made of delicate lace will perfectly complement the summer look in combination with a light sundress or a flirty dress.

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  • Ribbon made of lace decorated with rhinestones or sparkles with flowers will be ideal for the ceremonial wedding ceremony, and for the evening event you should choose denser fabrics that match the color of the dress.
  • Girls with dark hair, as well as fair-haired ladies should prefer the ribbon of the opposite tone. If you are a blonde, try to try on a black or dark blue ribbon, or a cool brown or classic red color.

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  • Brunettes will look good with white, beige and calm tones, and you can also experiment with bright colors.
  • Brown-haired and red-haired beauties can use a variety of color schemes, in this they have an advantage.

There is a great variety of different styling options with a piece of cloth in the hair. Some of them have proven themselves many years ago and have become a favorite image of movie stars, while others you can create yourself and become the author of a chic image.

The main types of hairstyles from ribbons


This hairstyle with ribbon will suit both long-haired girls and lovers of short haircuts. At home, it is easy enough to make such a bezel by simply wrapping the ribbon around the head. The loose head of hair tied up by a ribbon will look gorgeous. The contrast with her will be casually styled short hair with a ribbon around her head.

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Hairstyles with ribbons that hold the tail instead of a rubber band look very tender and feminine. It is not difficult to decorate their hair on their own. At home, you need to make the tail, securing it with a rubber band and wrapping the ribbon in several layers around it.

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Many owners of long hair with their own hands create beautiful braids. A ribbon will help to add such beauty. The scheme of weaving braids with ribbon is quite simple. It is necessary to fix the tail with an elastic band, wrap it with a ribbon and, continuing to weave the braid, weave a ribbon into it. You can also use not one, but several ribbons in a similar arrangement, it all depends on the case. This style will be a rather unusual addition to the everyday look.

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Lovers of unusual style will appreciate the hair with a ribbon tied around the head in the form of a bow. Such an image will look feminine and at the same time a little bold. Also, many use the tape instead of a bandana, wrapping it around the head several times.

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Greek hairstyle

The Greek hairstyle is created with the help of rubberized ribbon. The bandage is put on around the head, the hair is divided into strands and, starting from one end, is put into the bandage, thus folding into a bagel. This type of styling will be a good addition to both everyday style and evening look.

Greek hairstyle


Having collected the bundle on the back of your head you can wrap it with a ribbon, it will be no less beautiful and easy enough to use at home.


Wedding hairstyles

Wedding hairstyles with ribbon can be identified as a separate item. Beautiful lace or smooth satin ribbons will be a chic addition to the wedding dress.

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Technique of each of these types of styling is quite simple. Of course, a hairdresser and a specialist in creating hairstyles, acting in stages, will make a masterpiece using only your hair and tapes. But, nevertheless, at home, beautiful images can be created with your own hands. Specific instructions, step by step describing the creation of packing with a ribbon will help you come up with new images and decide on experiments.

Pluses hairstyles from ribbons

Creating hairstyles using ribbons is a fairly low-cost exercise. Hair bands are sold in almost every store at a fairly low price. By purchasing one ribbon, you can create with it a lot of different images that fit the specific image and style of clothing. What can we say about the case when at your disposal is not one, but several different ribbons and bows.

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You may want to have in your home salon exclusive models of ribbons, such as no one else has. In this case, you can make a ribbon suitable for a specific occasion. Now the so-called “Hand Made” is very common, which means making it yourself. Perhaps this will enthrall you so much that it will become your favorite hobby - and maybe it will bring you income in the future.

In any case, no matter what ribbon you choose, ready-made or homemade, it will be a great plus to your appearance.

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