Hairstyles with french braids

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Popular in recent years, long hair allows you to create beautiful and practical hairstyles with French braids in numerous variations.

What good are these hairstyles

Various hairstyles based on the French braid can be made independently, and especially complex models - in the salon or with the help of a friend. Depending on the complexity of weaving, braids can be a daily way of styling, and complex and intricate weaving can be used as a festive, wedding hairstyle or in the form of styling for a special occasion of life. Hairstyles with a French braid look good on both dark and blond hair. Better they are obtained on smooth strands, curly will have to pre-stretch and sprinkle with a special means for straightening. If this is not done, curls will spoil the impression of the work done.

set of comfortable combs

It is easier to make hairstyles with French braids on the second day after washing the hair; strands break up less, slide and better keep their shape. Naughty hairs can be treated with a fixer, such as varnish. When creating your hair at home for more comfort, use two mirrors so that you can see your work from several sides. For work you will need:

  • Comb with rare teeth.
  • Straightening brush.
  • Means for fixation (in a spray or cream - as convenient).

Types of hairstyles using French braids

French beam

beautiful bunch

A bundle with a French braid, the most common and popular type, can also be successfully made on a head of hair of medium length, since the hair left after weaving is rolled under the weave or, if the length allows, are folded in a beam and fixed. Hair can be decorated with a spectacular hairpin. Long hair can continue to braid or leave a flowing tail. With this installation in the classic version of the spit is formed along the head. Make it yourself is very simple. You can make a partial weaving or arrange a pigtail diagonally, braid only the bangs. This is a very simple way of styling hair for little girls; it turns out neat, keeps its shape for a long time and does not “pull” the hair, as happens when using rubber bands and hairpins.


weaving waterfall

The waterfall and its numerous modifications are a type of horizontally laid French spit. The result is a neatly braided pigtail in the form of a ribbon, from which strands of hair appear to flow. This type of hairstyle with French braids looks especially impressive on hair streaked or dyed in contrasting colors: on a dark background, the main body of hair, light strands “flowing” from a pigtail look really like a waterfall. The same strands can be tweaked with a styler and not combed, the effect will only increase.

Waterfall with extra strand

waterfall with extra strand

It differs from the previous variant of styling only in that the fourth strand is woven in stages, giving the spit a look of a peculiar hair ornament. It turns out a very effective openwork ribbon of its own curls. The pattern of weaving is quite simple and differs from the vertical spit of four strands only in its location and in that the strands are pulled and left to hang in the form of jets of water.

The French braid is the opposite

beautiful weaving on the contrary

The reverse French braid, or "Danish braid". It differs from the main one in that it results in volume weaving; hair is smoothly picked up, and an accurate volume braid is formed on the surface. The instruction requires the same steps as when weaving the “spikelet”, only all the strands fit under each other, and not from above. The resulting braid can be made more curvaceous or asymmetric, gently stretching the weave.

French Spirals

“French spirals” are made in the technique of weaving “spikelet”, but the strands are rolled into a bundle, and when laid they turn into a thin strand from the next level, that is, 4 strands. As a result, they form spirals that are neatly secured with decorative pins on both sides. It is very difficult to independently reproduce all the manipulations step by step, therefore this elegant hairstyle is best done by an experienced master.

creating elegant spirals

Now you understand that styling based on the French braids are simple in the performance of both long and medium length hair. A bit of patience and skill and you will succeed and your head will be decorated with a decent styling, suitable for life.

Video: creating a beautiful hairstyle with a French braid

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