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Happy owners of curls are wondering what hairstyle on curly hair will suit them? Hairstyles for curly hair is not difficult to create; you need a drop of fantasy and skill to cope with curly hair. There are many easy and affordable workshops on creating hairstyles for curly hair. Today we will spend one of such interesting lessons on creating hairstyles with curls on medium hair.

Secrets of laying naughty curls

You need to know a few nuances that will help you tame your naughty curls:

  1. Get a comb comb. With this comb, you gently comb curls, dividing them into the same neat strands.
  2. If you are a very busy person and you don’t have a lot of time to create a hairstyle made of curly hair of medium length, you can use accessories such as bezel, ribbon or hoop. With the help of them you make a nice hairstyle.
  3. Curly hair is very susceptible to the appearance of split ends. To prevent this phenomenon, use air conditioners, they can be washable or not, as well as styling products, which include silicone.
  4. When drying with a hair dryer, it is necessary to follow this technique: the temperature of the jet should be kept to a minimum, direct the air from the roots, moving down to the tips.

Curly hairstyles for medium hair

Hair curls on medium hair has such a significant quality, as the durability of wearing styling. The owner of long curly locks often face the problem that their styling is not durable. Girls who have medium-length hair do not have such problems, the hairstyle with curls on their hair lasts much longer, and the creation takes less time.

small curls

Beautiful hairstyles for wavy hair can be created with the help of curlers, bobbins, papillotok, boomerangs, as well as heated hair rollers. All these devices are very easy to use and some of them have a low price, therefore they are available for very many persons of the fair sex. Let's look at several options for how to create beautiful curls using these devices.

Curly Bobbins

Many owners of curly hair mistakenly believe that their wavy hair and so are natural styling, which does not require adjustments. But it is not. Natural curls need no less care than straight hair.

Today we consider the option of hairstyles with twisted strands on bobbins. Koklushki- plastic or wooden cylinders with holes, having an attachment in the form of rubber bands. The diameter of the bobbins can be different. You can create unusual and original hairstyles for curly hair of medium length if you use the technique of combining the diameter of this device. That is, on one strand you wind the bobbins of a large diameter, in the end you will get large curls, on the other, small ones.

small curls

  1. Apply a sufficiently abundant amount of mousse to the washed hair.
  2. Secure the bobbins on the strands and leave them to dry. As a result, you will get light beautiful curls.
  3. On top of this hairstyle of curly hair, you need to spray a varnish of a moderate degree of fixation. Original styling for every day is ready.

Curly knot

This option hairstyles for curly hair of medium length is considered very popular. Girls with hair that reaches the shoulders will need only a couple of minutes to create this styling.

Sandra bullock

  1. Washed dried hair should not be combed, so that the hair would look like a sloppy shaggy drip.
  2. Without combing we collect a bunch on a nape.
  3. Armed with pins, we pin the resulting knot until it is completely fixed, so that your haircut with curls stays steady on your head.
  4. If you want to add romance to your image, pull a few hairs out of the knot.
  5. Over laying you need to spray varnish with an average degree of fixation.

Such a node is suitable for every day, and if you add interesting accessories, such as fresh or artificial flowers, this will be an excellent option for the evening.

Sloppy braids

Girls who wear large curls, you can safely afford the option of weaving openwork negligent braids. By nature, wound strands are a good base for performing this type of weaving, especially as a braid for medium hair of curly locks is suitable for every day or will decorate your look during a fun party. Such a hairstyle with curls requires such devices as a hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle, styling mousse and a round brush.

semblance of a curly braid

  1. We apply mousse on wet hair to make curls more textured.
  2. Using a hair dryer with a diffuser, we dry our curl drops.
  3. Using a round brush, brush the bang in the direction you are used to wearing it on its side or straight.
  4. Brush divide the hair into 3 zones to braid the usual three-strand braid. You can choose other weaving options, such as a dragon, fish tail, 4-strand braid, etc.
  5. After weaving, drag the pigtail tip with a transparent silicone rubber band.
  6. Spray the overhead with a varnish of a slight degree of fixation.

Curls on the side

Curls on the side for medium-length curly hair is a very elegant type of styling. Technique of such a installation is quite simple.

wavy strands on the side

  1. Wind your light curls on the styler. You can also use the iron or curlers.
  2. After all the strands are wound, they will need to be combed to one side.
  3. Then attach them using stealth so that the styling does not fall apart.
  4. Invisibles must be disguised with a single strand. Hide the end of the strand behind the main cap hair and pin the invisible again.
  5. In order to keep the laying as long as possible, sprinkle it with a strong lacquer.

Low tail

This type of hairstyle for curly hair will be an ideal option for every day, as its creation takes very little time.

  1. Apply a little mousse or wax to dry hair. This is necessary in order to properly comb the hair.
  2. Brushed kapnu intercept gum in the back of the head. Tail should be low.
  3. Curls in the lower part of the tail with a comb with fine teeth. As a result, your curls will become fluffy.
  4. Spray your hair on top of your hair.

low tail

Soft waves

Hairstyle waves on the curls of medium length can be created only if your hair is not too curly.

  1. On wet hair, apply mousse strong fixation.
  2. With the help of a comb, start to separate each strand from the common cap and with a large diameter styler, wrap the curls. Swipe this procedure all over your head.
  3. Using a massage comb, comb your hair. As a result, you should get light curls on medium hair, resembling a soft wave.
  4. Spray varnish of a moderate degree of fixation over the hair in order not to make the styling heavier.

spinning strands styler

Greek styling

This option hairstyles for curly hair of medium length is very good in the hot season. Let's take a step by step through the technique of creating a Greek hairstyle from curly hair on short hair:

Blake Lovely and 2 more girls

  1. Apply a fixing gel to wet, washed hair.
  2. Using a diffuser, dry the drip with a hot jet of small power. It is necessary to dry the hair so that even the roots are dry.
  3. From the middle of the back of the head, select small strands and twist them straight from the root, making 2-3 curls. Pin the studs. This manipulation should be done until there are no free curls.
  4. The ends of the strands need to be released in order to hide the studs and give volume to the styling. You can leave a few curls to frame the face, and also leave the curls in the back of the head loose.
  5. To decorate this hairstyle with curls, you can use a ring, a hoop or a bandage.

Wet effect for curly hair

Natural beautiful curls at home are a favorite option forever busy young ladies. If you do not have much time to create hairstyles with curls, styling wet effect will be saving for you.

styling wet effect

  1. Wash your head, then blot it a little with a towel. The hair should be wet.
  2. Apply a sufficient amount of gel to it. Hands massage a little strands, as if crumpling them.
  3. You can let the styling dry itself or use a hairdryer with a diffuser.

Video: an interesting hairstyle for curly hair of medium length

We hope that our workshop on how to create beautiful hairstyles for curly hair of medium length was useful and informative for you. Conduct experiments, as a result of which you will be able to open completely new hairstyles on curly hair.

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