Hairstyles with curls for long hair - the best options

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Long curly hair is the pride of many beauties. But such a curly shock brings the girls a lot of trouble, because such curls require too much attention. On the one hand it may seem that you can create hairstyles with curls for long hair in just a few minutes, but this is not so. Natural curls require some care so that their appearance pleases the eye of the owner.

Rules for the care of long curls

The structure of natural curls is not so simple and requires careful care. Curly curls are very vulnerable on the folds and if you do not care for your hair, they can quickly come to a terrible state. To avoid this, it is necessary to follow simple recommendations:

  1. Wavy hair should not be washed frequently, it can spoil your curls.
  2. Choose a shampoo and a balm for curly hair and apply these products so that a large amount of cosmetics is on the roots.
  3. Do not overdo it with hot styling, they are too dry curls.
  4. Using a hair dryer, better wear a diffuser attachment on it. At the end of the drying, switch the air flow to the cold mode, this will cool your curls.
  5. At least twice a week refuse to use a hairdryer, let the hair dry yourself.
  6. Moisturizing is the key to a healthy shiny hair.
  7. Regularly make moisturizing masks, made with your own hands or buy them in a specialized store.
  8. For combing it is better to use a brush with sparse teeth.
  9. Combing curls is often not recommended. If you want to fix your hair on curly hair, straighten it with your fingers.

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Variations of styling for long curls

Hairstyles for curly hair with a length below the shoulders are created very easily if you have a good imagination and have patience. Armed with the necessary materials for styling, you can easily tame your curls on long hair. You will need: a styler, hair curlers, cosmetics for styling, headbands, combs, ribbons, hairpins, beautiful hairpins. Let's take a look at several options for hairstyles with curls for long hair.

Soft curls

Curls for long hair is perhaps the easiest and fastest option for all girls. This hairstyle for curly hair requires a minimum set of materials. It is enough for you to have a styler and any styling agent on hand.

  1. Apply mousse to clean, dry strands and distribute it so that it is completely absorbed.
  2. After that, determine the parting that you usually wear, straight or oblique.
  3. Separate a small section of the strand from the temporal zone and wind it vertically on the styler. This manipulation must be performed all over the head. As a result, you will get beautiful curls at home.
  4. Over laying it is necessary to distribute the varnish, so that the curls will serve you as long as possible.

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Depending on what diameter styler you pick up, curls of such a diameter and you get. For example, winding up on a wide curling, you get big curls. To decorate this hairstyle of curly hair, you can use a hoop or ribbon. Carefully put this accessory on your head. The top of your hair will straighten a little, and in the back you will get chic curls for long hair.

One-sided curls

Hairstyle curls on one side on a long head of hair looks very romantic. Naturally, this option is not suitable for laying every day, it is better to leave it for the evening publication.

curls on the side

  1. Apply a sufficient amount of mousse to the clean, dry strands to fix.
  2. With the help of styler wind light curls over the entire head.
  3. After your curls are ready, decide on which side your hair style will be with curls.
  4. Having defined, arm with hairpins and a hairbrush. Combing the cap on one side, and then fix curly strands with hairpins or stealth.
  5. Select a few curls to cover the barrettes with them, and then pin them again with pins in the direction of the bulk of the curls.
  6. The finished version of the hairstyle for curly hair should be varnished with a medium degree of fixation so that the styling lasts longer.

Kinky knot on long hair

This hairstyle with curls will be your decoration for every day, because creating it is easier than ever.

  1. Collect your natural curls in a high or low tail and start to form a knot. For this it is necessary to curl curls around the gum.
  2. After the end of the manipulation, the nodule is fixed by invisibles or pins.
  3. To make this hairstyle for curly hair become more romantic, you can decorate your head with an openwork ribbon or an interesting rim.

wavy hair knot

Tail of long curls

This version of the hairstyle for long curly hair requires only 5-10 minutes of free time, so many of you will use it more than once as an option for everyday use.

  1. Tie clean curls into a high or low tail using a silicone elastic band.
  2. If you have very curly hair by nature, then it will be enough to walk on it with a small amount of modeling wax or gel to give curls of texture.
  3. If you are the owner of slightly curly curls, then you have to use the styler to make the curls more curled.
  4. A spray of medium fixation should be sprayed over the tail, so that this hairstyle on curly hair is better kept.

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Curly waves

The hairstyle of a wave on long hair will decorate any woman who has naturally curled curls. To get a soft falling wave, you need to resort to a little trick.

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  1. Apply a little mousse to clean, wet curls, and then divide your hair into several strands, of which you will weave pigtails to form soft waves.
  2. Braided braids should dry out.
  3. After that, you will untie the braids and your elegant hair will decorate your hair.

Fishtail on curly long hair

Option hairstyles with curls in the form of a fishtail tail is suitable for any occasion.

  1. On a dry head of hair, apply a small amount of spray or modeling wax, carefully comb and fold the strands back.
  2. Divide the hair into two equal parts and separate one part from the outside (on the temporal zone), then flip it to the middle of the occipital zone. You should make it so that the first part of the hair covers the second.
  3. The same manipulation needs to be done on the other side.
  4. Strands in weaving should be the same in thickness, or this hairstyle on curly hair will not look quite neat.
  5. To revitalize the fishtail braid, you can weave into it a colored thread or ribbon.
  6. Spray paint over the spit.

fish tail weaving

Kosa-Greek bundles for long curly hair

This version of hairstyles for curly hair is popular with girls of all ages and professions. Let's step by step how to create such a hairstyle with curls:

  1. Apply mousse to clean curls.
  2. Divide the hair into 2 equal parts, of which you will twist the Greek bundles for our braids.
  3. Twist the braid from one separated part, do the same with the other part.
  4. Ready harnesses twist with each other. Then tied with a tape or a rubber band.
  5. Hair with curls-braid Greek harnesses ready. Sprinkle it with a strong lacquer to prevent it from spreading.

Spit basket on a long head of hair

braid basket

This version of the hairstyle for wavy hair looks very impressive, but you may have some difficulties with its creation, so it’s better to arm yourself with someone’s support. Braid basket, as an option hairstyles for curly hair tends to give romance and femininity, but also has such a significant quality, as long-term wearing.

  1. Apply not too much mousse to clean curls.
  2. Then the hair should be divided into 2 equal parts. Of these two parts, you have to weave a braid that surrounds the head.
  3. In the model of weaving it is better to use the weaving of an ordinary 3-strand French braid.
  4. After the weaving is completed, we collect the tips of the pigtails in the back of the head and fasten them together with the help of hairpins.
  5. On top of this hairstyle of curly hair, apply a little lacquer for better fixation.

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