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This is not the first season at the peak of their popularity stay hairstyles with a roller. And this is not by chance! Such styling has a lot of advantages: they are versatile, suitable for special occasions, and look great in everyday wear; magnificent on thick hair, and on thin - ideally mask the lack of volume and pomp of hair. So let's figure out how to make a hairstyle with a roller yourself at home.

Types of rollers and why they are needed

Hairstyles with a hair roller came to us from the 50s, when such a hairstyle as “babette” was at the peak of popularity. Then an oval-shaped roller was used to give the right back of the head a rounded shape to create the required volume.

The modern girl in the arsenal has many more options. On sale is a huge variety of these devices of different shapes: oval, round and long.

two beautiful models from the catwalk

  • Well, if we figured out the oval, its functionality has not changed since the 50s, although the place of the “installation” now does not play a special role and is limited only by the imagination of the girl herself.
  • Round roller or "donut" - very popular for creating all sorts of high beams, on the back of the classical "ballerina beams".
  • Long roller - universal. It can be used in direct form, for example for a shell, and give it a rounded shape for the beam. At the ends it has a clip or a button that allows you to fix it in the desired position.

rounds in assembled and disassembled state

I want to immediately draw your attention that when buying a roller - be guided by the color of your curls. Believe me, any styling will lose its attractiveness, if an unattractive roller “blackens” among the light curls.

We do the styling yourself

Creating hairstyles with the help of a roller is an easy task even at home. Undoubtedly, some solemn styling options for a wedding or other important event can be technically difficult to perform, but we do it extremely rarely, so in such cases it is better to turn to a professional.

Option for every day - a bunch with a roller

The layout creation scheme provides for the phased implementation of simple actions:

  1. Decide on the location of the beam. Tie a taut high (low, side - depending on where the beam will be) tail. Use a sturdy gum to keep your styling fit all day.
  2. Wear a round roller on the tail. Gently fasten the hair around it. If you have long strands and ends left out of work, then put another thin elastic band on top of the beam, and wrap the ends of the strands at the base.

girl creates a bun on her head

This installation is ideal for evening exits, and for everyday use. You can add a special charm and romance to the image by decorating your hair with decorative elements, flowers, weaving.

Long roller liners

The same bundle can be performed with a long roller, only the principle of its creation will be somewhat different. After you knotted the tail, the roller is not put on, but wound on the hair. Thus, at the base of the tail, we get a long roller, on which curls are wound like on a spindle. To give the beam a round shape - we fasten the ends of the roller with a fastener. Such a hairstyle with a long roller will be less neat, but this is all its charm and immediacy.

Hair twist or shell

Twist is a classic styling that falls into the category of “out of fashion and time”. It is versatile in performance, looks great on both long and medium hair, suitable for business meetings and festive receptions. A great option for the formation of hair with a roller with your own hands.

making shell

Instructions for the execution of hair with a long roller is shown below:

  1. Comb the hair on one side. Secure invisible in the center of the head. Position the clips so that they form a zigzag.
  2. Carefully wind the loose ends of the hair on a long roller in a vertical position until you reach the conditional center line. Guide the ends of the hair inside the "shells".
  3. Fix hair with hairpins and fix it with varnish.

So just you can create an elegant styling with your own hands.

Hairstyles for long and medium hair with a roller

Here you can show your imagination to the fullest! Fortunately, hairstyles for long hair with a roller in modern youth magazines are full of a variety of fashionable images. Of course, the classic hairstyle with a hair roller is “babette”. Below we consider the step by step scheme for creating styling.

laying shell

  1. Collect the hair in a high taut tail.
  2. Under the base of the hair, put an oval roller, attach it to the hairpin hairpin.
  3. Lower the end of the tail on the roller, tie it with a thin rubber band at its base.
  4. Spread the bundle over it to give it a rounded shape. The ends of the hair can be either tucked inside the “bundle” or made from them an additional decorative element or wrapped around the babette. The options - the mass, the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment!

side shell

Hairstyles for long hair with a roller - a convenient technique when you need to create a beautiful, elegant styling for a limited amount of time.

Hair roller on medium hair is performed in accordance with all the previously listed instructions. There are no restrictions on the performance of images. On the average length of the hair, the “shell” and bunches of different configurations look spectacular. This technique creates the appearance of density and length of hair. Hair with a roller for medium hair is suitable for widespread use. It is perfect for romantic dates, business meetings and an ordinary trip to the store.

Video: creating evening styling with a round large roller

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