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In the coming autumn-winter season fashion will be elegance, femininity and simplicity. Fashionable hairstyles for the winter of 2014-2015 fully support these trends: the hair should have a natural color, styling - refined forms. And no abundance of accessories. Such trends perfectly illustrate the fashion shows of the coming autumn-winter season, which already showed the most diverse, interesting and stylish winter hairstyles 2014-2015.

The most beautiful and fashionable variations of winter styles

In the new fashion season, it will be easier for owners of long hair. Having long strands, they will be able to try all the fashionable winter hairstyles of 2014-2015 and always look charming. And this is not surprising, because even in the winter season they will be able to afford to change their styling, fantasize and create new variants every day. However, do not be upset and fashionable women with short hair, because the naturalness and simplicity in styling are available to them.

Spit is back in fashion

braid in the form of a rim

The most fashionable hairstyles for the winter of 2014-2015, which, moreover, can be done to oneself, and at home - these are braids. However, not simple braids, but creative braids, that is, with non-standard weaving. For example, Alexander McQueen offers to weave original braids wrapped around a head like caps, and according to Marc By Marc Jacobs and Givenchy, thin pair braids in a light country style, located at the back, will be fashionable. Fashionable women with thick and very long hair can borrow an interesting idea from Valentino: the braid creation scheme does not involve weaving, but fixing hair sections with elastic bands and flagella, located at the same distance from each other.

Bundle fashion

Bundle - one of the easiest hairstyles, which can be easily and quickly done independently, and for this she is loved by many. It is concise, simple, convenient, and at the same time it looks stylish - just as it will be fashionable next winter. In the winter season 2014-2015, the beam will again be in vogue thanks to the Altuzarra brand, which offers a simple classic version of this hairstyle for the winter, or to the designers of Prada, who made it a bit more complicated by adding a special flexible barrette. He did not ignore the simple styling and fashion house Roberto Cavalli, however, according to his designers, slightly sloppy beams will be fashionable.

two stars of Hollywood cinema

For lovers of more elegant options, the Celine brand offers an interesting solution - hair, like when creating the simplest classic beam, is wrapped around its axis, and then fixed at the base with a rubber band, leaving a ring of any size. Gently performing all actions using different accessories step by step, you can get a variety of original, elegant, and most importantly fashionable hairstyles for the winter of 2014-2015, which can be changed every day.

Tails and tails

One of the most popular hairstyles in the form of a tail will also be in fashion in the new season. You can do it yourself, but you should take into account fashion trends. For example, the designers of the brand Bottega Veneta for the fall-winter 2014-2015 season chose hairstyles in the form of thick tails with a smooth straight edge, in the fashion house Fendi prefer tails with top weaving, tied with a strand of hair, and in Stella McCartney and Kenzo at fashion shows were with tails and long straight thick bangs to the eyelids.

different types of tails

Natural beauty

The next popular hairstyle, which is offered by stylists for the coming season, is loose hair, divided by parting. This style is most suitable for self-confident, purposeful women, but for her hair must be well-groomed and healthy. In this case, the haircut can be as smooth edge, and cascading. Hairstyle in the form of loose hair with a parted part in the autumn-winter season is considered relevant in such fashion houses as Saint Laurent, Emilio Pucci and Burberry Prorsum.

natural styling

Side parting is also in fashion

Hairstyles with flowing hair and parting to the side look no less feminine and elegant. Such models will also be fashionable next winter. For such styling, long hair is preferable, but you can also experiment on short haircuts. To create a romantic image you can make bangs, but without her hairstyles for the winter in the form of flowing hair will work fine. For example, loose hair with side parting decorated the shows of autumn-winter collections from Versace, Vera Wang, Gucci and Chloe.

side parting

Original fashion winter hairstyles 2014-2015

General fashion trends for hairstyles in the autumn-winter period imply femininity and simplicity. Nevertheless, some designers were able to beat fashion trends in a different way. For example, in the fashion house Christian Dior fashion look uncommonly. The instruction of its creation is as follows: straighten long hair, align a bang with a styler or a flat iron and smoothly comb it back using gel or foam, fixing it with varnish.

The hairstyle of loose hair and the designer of the brand Marni are interestingly beaten up - it combines the effect of wet hair and the effect of negligence. This installation will have to be done in stages, but the result is worth it.

wet effect

In general, designers agree that the fashion for sophisticated futuristic styling has passed, giving way to classic models - bunches, tails, braids and just flowing hair. Add to them modern options for braiding and in the upcoming fashion season you will always look stylish and beautiful.

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