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Natalie Portman with a punk hairstyle

The turbulent 90s had long ceased, when on the tops of the charts rock musicians were glowing with enviable regularity. In many ways, thanks to them, we owe the flow that was fashionable this season, revived punk rock hairstyles. And both the stars of the first magnitude, and ordinary inhabitants will not fail to take advantage of the opportunity to shine in a bright and bold way, which fits perfectly into the glamorous format of the party. Consider how to make a punk hairstyle yourself at home.

It would seem that the shocking image not everyone can try on for themselves. But as the practice of world stars shows, punk hairstyles are very popular among celebrities, as they say "in the feast and in the world!". In a non-trivial way, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, Carmen Electra, Christine Stewart and many others have already appeared. Moreover, the punk hairstyle in their performance quite harmoniously looked with exquisite evening gowns. And what can we say about the recognized rock princess - Pink ?! She is a vivid example of how a punk hairstyle can be a successful recognizable element of the image.

Haircuts and punk hairstyles

So, women of fashion who are not afraid of cardinal changes in the image can easily choose for themselves punk hairstyles for short hair.


different types of female punk iroquois

Mohawk trimming scheme is quite simple.

  1. Almost all hairs are removed from the right and left areas of the head, leaving a small “hedgehog”. As a rule, this effect can be achieved by cutting with the help of a typewriter.
  2. At the same time, hair of standard length is left in the central part of the head. Depending on what height you plan to “set” the mohawk, you should leave that length of hair.
  3. That's all! Laying options abound: put the Mohawk in a continuous layer or divided into "needles", expose along the entire length or only at the crown - act as your imagination suggests.

Shaved temple

Instructions for the implementation of the haircut provides for the implementation of an asymmetrical hair, with a smoothly shaved temple on one side of the head. This hairstyle is performed on both long and short hair. In both cases, the hairstyle looks quite shocking. Such punk-rock hairstyles appealed to Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, who do not cease to inspire their fans.

shaved haircut

Punk Haircut

The basis of this hairstyle can be taken model haircut "pixie." To make a classic haircut look more like punks' haircuts, you need to make some adjustments to the image.

  • First, the temporal lobes should be made shorter, practically imitating machine haircuts.
  • Secondly, the central part with a bang should be carefully combed, giving it the shape of a traditional Iroquois. An excellent example to follow when recreating this hairstyle can be the image of Pink.

pixie haircuts

For those who are not ready for cardinal changes of the image, here are a few ways to simulate punk hairstyles with your own hands.

We imitate the effect of shaved temple

To recreate the image of a rock diva, you will need to add volume to the hair on one side and remove the hair from the other side as much as possible. For this:

  1. Step by step curl netted curls with a curling or ironing.
  2. Make a deep side parting on the selected side. Lean hair on its side.
  3. The “voluminous” side we comb and style the hair with a fixing spray.
  4. The side of the "shaved temple" gradually weave into pigtails, placing them parallel to the parting and as close as possible to the scalp.
  5. We finish the weaving, not reaching the back of the head. Pigtails tail back on "lush" the side.

Kara Delvin and Kristen Stewart with an imitation of shaved temple

Braids may be an alternative to pigtails, but they should also be made as tightly as possible. Such original female punk hairstyles have added a fashionable arsenal of such stars as Liv Tyler, Scarlett Johanson, Christine Stewart, Gwen Stefani.

We form fashionable bouffant

Gwen Stefani with trendy bouffant

Another option punk hairstyles for girls can be trendy bouffant. Moreover, this original solution is perfectly combined with loose hair, formed in a high styling or tail, braided in braids, etc. Run the standard pile independently will have no difficulty. It is enough to get a thin comb with frequent teeth and fixing spray. Stir strands and lay in the desired styling. The most interesting hairstyles with a haircut can be seen in Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Christina Aguilera.

Video: shaved temple haircut technique

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