Hairstyles in the shape of the face

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Surely, everyone knows that in order to cut and style hair accentuated the merits or eliminated the lack of appearance, it is necessary to select hairstyles in the shape of the face. This technique is the simplest, but at the same time effective way of correcting any flaws: the shape of the hairstyle and the shape of the face always go in tandem and on how successful it is - your attractiveness and originality depends.

The person is divided into the following subtypes according to conditional-geometric characteristics:

  • round;
  • oval;
  • square;
  • triangular;
  • rectangular, or elongated.

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It has long been a universal device for stylists to correct the shape of a person's hairdo, which allows them to “tailor” their appearance to certain beauty canons. A professional master, assessing your individual characteristics, will be able to offer an option that will most harmoniously soften angular outlines or give relief to a rounded appearance. In order not to exacerbate the situation on your own, hairdressers will help you to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of your face, who, using experience and knowledge, will prompt the necessary option. If you do not have the opportunity to visit the salon, use universal tips to help you choose a haircut in accordance with the features of your appearance.

Hairstyles for oval face shape

An oval is considered a reference type. Traditionally, all the efforts of stylists and hairdressers come down to the approximation of all other types to this universal form, because almost any hairstyle is suitable for it. But, at the same time, to choose a particular haircut model, it will be necessary to take into account: hair type, texture and their length, as well as facial contours and appearance nuances.

  • As a rule, owners of the oval type most often choose the classic “square” and this is not surprising, since it looks particularly impressive on proportional contours of the exterior.
  • At the same time, super-short haircuts like “pixie” or “bean” look creatively and stylishly on an oval outline (such an option can be seen on Hollywood star beauties - Sharon Stone, Charlize Theron, Ann Hathaway).
  • But this is not limited to hairstyles for an oval face, because the ideal proportions in appearance allow you to use the maximum imagination. When self-styling hair at home: any volumes, waxes, waves, cascades, etc. will look organically on a symmetrical face.

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However, there are some subjective features that cannot be ignored when choosing a hairstyle according to the shape of the face.

  • If you have a very large or long nose - you can not make a smooth haircut, in this case it is better to choose three-dimensional models with cascading sections, where the curls are processed step by step with scissors for filing.
  • Curly hair is better not to cut around the bangs, otherwise it will be difficult for you to style it daily.
  • It is recommended to owners of liquid hair to make French bangs (from the top of the head) with graduated edges, for pomp.

Hairstyles for the face round shape

The round type of face visually makes its outlines flat, so in order to balance them, it is necessary to “stretch” the appearance along the vertical axis. For this ideal elongated haircuts with bangs on the side, raised at the expense of bulk top. What should not be done: haircuts with a volume on the sides in the area of ​​the ears - this will further stretch the face horizontally.

Tip: there is a simple method of how to make a face look more elongated with your own hands. Finish the central curls, starting from the line of the forehead, and then lift them up, neatly securing the ends in the form of a "cocoon."

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Chubby will not be difficult to choose a hairstyle according to the shape of a person, given certain requirements:

  • Instructions for modeling styling with a round type does not allow the use of central parting. Your option is side parting or graduated haircut without an emphasis on hair separation.
  • Bang in the form of hairstyles for the face of a round shape is an excellent masking element that can dramatically change the appearance. A slanting or fringe on the side will cover part of the wide forehead and visually lengthen its shape. Rounded cheekbones can also be covered with long bang hair, but without excessive volume.
  • Haircut "bob" with hair just below the cheekbones, covering the plump cheeks, goes well with a round face. The side bangs will balance the frontal part, and an additional lift at the crown can be created using a graduated haircut or a pile.

Hairstyles for the triangular face

Choosing the right hairstyle according to the shape of the face with triangular outlines (a narrow chin passes at a sharp angle into the cheekbones, and the width of the cheekbones is approximately the same as the width of the frontal part) so as to soften its proportions. To do this, it is recommended to visually enlarge the chin area and narrow the frontal part.

Successful hairstyles for a triangular face are “squares” with twisted edges or curled locks on the hair to the shoulders, which create volume in the desired area (chin line). At the same time it is recommended to make a bang straight, just below the level of the eyebrows or oblique, covering the forehead. This technique will help to narrow the area of ​​the forehead.

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Some practical tips:

  • Do not cut short bangs - it will look ridiculous and with a broad frontal lobe only emphasizes its disproportionality.
  • Avoid hairstyles that collect hair at the crown (bun or horse tail) - this will visually emphasize the angularity of the forms.

Hairstyles for a square face

Selection of a haircut for an angular type is reduced to the elimination of characteristic imbalances: a wide chin in tandem with a voluminous forehead. Hairdressing professionals in this situation offer asymmetrical hairstyles with “ragged” lines, where the shape of the face and the hairstyle geometrically balance each other.


  • hairstyles for square faces should be shaped with a rise at the crown and parietal part. In this case, the total hair length should fall well below the chin line (at least fifteen centimeters).
  • perfectly fits the square features of a bang with side parting, a soft wave coming down to the chin. Ladder haircuts or cascading options will also be appropriate.

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What mistakes should not be made:

  • Long straight bangs below the eyebrows visually weight the chin.
  • Haircuts with an open forehead will add sharpness and massiveness to the contours.
  • Pants with chin length will give an unwanted emphasis on the lower part of the face, which is unacceptable in this case.
  • The angular shape of the face and the “pixie” hairstyle with super short hair will not balance at all, but will only aggravate the overall impression.

Hairstyles for long face

A person with a rectangular-elongated proportions poses complex tasks for stylists, hairdressers, who with the help of hair should widen the face and narrow the chin. To solve this problem suitable haircuts, caps or curly curls. Tip: hairstyles for an elongated face should not be very short, and curls dense texture. The naturalness and ease of volume will soften the roughness of the forms.

If step by step to reduce all the stylistic recommendations, the scheme of building a model haircut for an elongated face looks like.

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  • Preferred models are hair lifting at the crown. Giving pomp to hair in the area of ​​cheekbones and temples can visually expand the face.
  • Parting on the hair is better to do the side or not at all to emphasize it.
  • Long straight hair is contraindicated - they stretch their face even more.
  • For a more embossed haircut structure, curls will look very impressive, painted in different shades using highlighting or coloring with thin strands.

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