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At the beginning of the article I propose to disassemble the concept of "grunge". What is it and how is the grunge hairstyle related to it? The grunge is a street style, the features of which are negligence, carelessness, sometimes even carelessness. It is known that the grunge style originated in the mid-1980s. Many musical experts say that originally grunge was popular as a musical style, after some time it became the reason for the birth of a whole subculture. At the end of the 80s, young people appeared in the street in torn jeans, unusual T-shirts, and scruffy shoes, with special accessories, a disheveled hairstyle, which is now considered to be grunge style.

If we take into account the fact that fashion always returns, then we can say with certainty that hairstyles in grunge style are relevant again. Perhaps for fans of this style, it is a free flight, the free choice of everyone, a cry of the soul, an understanding that everything should not be in accordance with the rules, but “the way I want!”.

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In connection with the change of style of clothes, changing hairstyle, haircut, hair styling. The female part of the population quickly accepted this in order to create a new image. It does not matter - long or short hair, for each there is its own, and, therefore, everyone can be original.

This style is an opportunity to forget about the perfect hairstyles. Hairstyle grunge - this means that the girl will no longer have to spend a lot of time in the morning to make a licked styling. Inaccurate strands make the image so natural, natural! Plaits, braids, ribbons, bunches, buns are suitable for everyday and for official style. You can consider step by step all the nuances of grunge style in hairstyles, which we will do. Someone will say that it’s impossible to create a grunge trump image at home. We are ready to argue with this and prove the opposite! After all, with their own hands, people can build masterpieces, this also applies to the image of a girl.

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Variations of hairstyle grunge for different lengths of hair

Of course, the easiest way to do styling is on medium hair. Since there are variations here - you can align, twist, make hair or individual strands curly. Whether the problem - women's problem - short or long hair. Short hair - the complexity of styling, because "all the same hair sticks out in different directions," and long - "what to do with them." To avoid such a problem, you will be offered a scheme that will facilitate your morning efforts over the hair.

If you have long hair

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If you don’t have a grunge haircut, but you want to make styling at home, it’s very easy!

  1. During drying, massage the hair roots, whipping strands in such a way that a sloppy shape is obtained.
  2. If you have even and docile strands, use styling tongs - make several strands wavy. The result of fixing varnish for styling.
  3. The image will make a ragged bang still careless, also oblique bangs will also work. If you have smooth bangs, just comb it to the side and fix it with varnish.

If you have average hair length

braids to the side

You can do the same steps as with long hair.

  1. You can diversify your hairstyle by making a pigtail on one side.
  2. Just do not tie it with a rubber band. On the contrary, such a pigtail can not be woven to the end, so that it smoothly passes into a randomly untied pigtail.
  3. For weaving such a pigtail it would be very good to use threads for hair. They come in different colors. These threads will add avant-garde to your hair and look incredibly stylish!

Medium hair, in principle, can be braided in one braid. The main thing is to add this spit carelessness. That she freely fell.

If you have short hair

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Owners of short hair is perfect wet effect. This can be done independently.

  1. To do this, it is enough to beat the strands when you dry them, thus creating a mess on your head.
  2. Use mousse or gel cream for styling to facilitate this process.
  3. And when you are sure that everything suits you, fix the hair with lacquer.

Unusual Grunge Variations

girl with a shaved temple

Women's grunge haircut is also shaved whiskey or even half a head. It already depends on the courage and rebelliousness of a girl or woman. Just remember, when this “brittleness half a head” grows, it will not be very convenient - as the length of the hair will be different, therefore hair styling will turn into a difficult process.

More democratic options for hairstyles in the style of grunge, it is a disheveled bun at the crown or tail to the side. To make a bun on the top for long hair, tilt your head down, gather the hair on the top of the head and tie it into a tight tail (by the way, you can leave it). Remove some strands from this tail, twirl the bun and secure with a rubber band. To make the tail to the side, collect the curls near the left or right ear and tie up the tail, just choosing a few strands from the tail.

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We hope you enjoyed our simple step-by-step instructions, and now you'll spend less time on your hair every morning!

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