Hairstyles from harnesses

interesting styling

The hairstyle of the harnesses is far from a novelty of hairdressing, it has been known for many years. But in recent years, this element is very actively used by masters, and flagella are very different. To create hairstyles can be used tight bundles, voluminous air bundles, several flagella intertwined together. This is a very simple element, each girl will be able to make herself the favorite version of the installation.

How to twist the harnesses

original tail creation scheme

To make such simple, but original hairstyles from harnesses, you first need to master the technique of performing this element with your own hands. These are the 4 most popular species.

Smooth tight harness

  1. To weave a tight smooth flagellum, a strand of hair must be gathered with a rubber band so that the base is securely fixed.
  2. Then you need to gradually wrap the curl in one direction from the base downwards. If you get a tight enough harness, bending it in half, it will spontaneously twist into a spiral.
  3. This element can be fixed invisible.

perfectly smooth styling

You can create a hairstyle, knowing how to use only one such technique, and it will look very interesting. This type of weaving in hairstyles for little girls is especially popular.

Volumetric air flagellum

fluffy flagellum

The technique of weaving the most airy bulk harness is the same as described in the diagram above. Just do not need to tightly twist the strands tightly. And at the very end, you need to pull the tips of the hair, so that the strands stretch from it along the entire length, as if pulling the cord. You will have a volume element that you can use to create beautiful shapes. This type is now the most popular, because with it you can create careless romantic images, this option can be a hairstyle of braids and plaits.

Double harness

interesting bunch

The technique of creating a double bundle consists in twisting two flagella in one direction from the base downwards, and then interlacing them in the opposite direction so that they do not unwind. It turns out an unusual massive element that can be used in styling modeling. You can use three or more flagella, forming even more intricate elements.

Flagella "Karakul"

The harness Karakul is woven with thin strands, twisted very tightly so that the spirals coil themselves into small curls. This technique resembles astrakhan fur coat. But in recent years, this technique has lost its relevance.


After reviewing the performance techniques described above, try to make these elements according to the instructions on your curls. Arm yourself invisible, varnish for fixing the result, thin elastic bands, and you can create one of the hairstyles described below, twisting flagella.

Romantic hairstyle with voluminous harnesses

In this version of the hairstyle, the main element is a voluminous air band. This braid hairstyle looks very modern and stylish, and any beauty can step through it at home:

  1. Make a side parting.
  2. Divide your hair into 3 parts, separating one strand from the right temple.
  3. Make 2 tight tails, one down the center, and one slightly to the left, closer to the left ear. Twist off the tails of voluminous air bundles, securing their ends with rubber bands.
  4. Disassemble the strands with your fingers so that the resulting elements are careless and natural.
  5. Fix the received air elements with a strong lacquer.
  6. The flagellum, which turned out below in the center, should be laid horizontally on the back of the head, securing its end at the base of the second bulk tow.
  7. The strand that remained free is twisted into another volumetric flagellum and is laid slightly higher than the already fixed tow.
  8. The air element behind the left ear is not fixed, but leave free.

romantic person

It turns out a very gentle version of hair with plaits, which will look equally harmonious with the evening dress and with a light summer look.

Casual version with twisted elements and knot

For every day, suitable for the execution of hairstyles from harnesses and knots. They can be performed on hair of any structure and type, they will suit both brunettes and blondes, the main thing is that the length of the hair should be at least shoulder length. This hairstyle is useful technique of weaving a double harness. The scheme is as follows:

  1. Divide all hair into 2 parts diagonally at the back of the head.
  2. On one part, make the tail, gathering the hair with an elastic band, and then twist it with a tight bundle and twist it in a knot, fixing it with pins.
  3. Weave the second part into a double bundle, and then wrap it around an already formed knot and secure it with invisible marks.

everyday styling

This hairstyle looks unusual and will be a worthy alternative to ordinary bunches. And most importantly, it is quite securely held, so it will delight you throughout the day.

Flowers made of hair using twisted strands

Using volumetric flagella of medium thickness can make a very feminine evening styling at home. This option hairstyles with harnesses can even fit into a wedding image. But as a daily option it is better not to use it because of the abundance of elements. The main element is a flower of strands twisted into volumetric thin flagella. Next step by step:

  1. To create a flower, separate the strand on the head, collecting hair with a thin elastic band.
  2. Twist the strand and pull the individual hairs, making it voluminous.
  3. Wrap the strand several times around its base and fix it with an invisible wire near the elastic band, and decorate the center of the flower with a hairpin with a bead or a stone.

hair flowers

You can make such flowers in any quantity and any size, creating a variety of shapes. A variant of such a hairstyle from bundles can be a variety of colors from the hair, made along one horizontal line from the temple to the temple behind. If you use this hairstyle for a wedding look, you can very well fasten a veil under such a floral “wreath”. This holiday option is perfect for an evening look.

Video: beautiful hairstyle of the harness with his own hands

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