Hairstyles from a haircut cascade

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Hair cascade has become one of the most popular in our time. Initially, cascading hairstyles appeared quite a long time, several decades ago, but this did not make them worse and did not become a bit outdated and did not become boring. More and more women are trying to make cascading hairstyles and bring something new into their image, thus emphasizing their merits.At home, of course, you will not be able to make yourself a similar haircut without having the skills of hairdressing. But having once made a cascade in the salon, in the future you can do a wide variety of hairstyles to cascade your hair with your own hands. Hair cascade has many advantages.

  • The undoubted advantage is the beauty of hair on the cascading haircut.
  • Hair, lying strands located on each other, seem more voluminous and thick, creates a visual increase in the number of hairs.
  • Pretty simple styling hairstyles for cascading haircuts, take away a minimum of time and effort.
  • This haircut fits almost everything, it looks equally well on short and long hair.
  • Also different structures of hair will look good, both curly and straight, both thick and thin.

Cascading hairstyles for long hair

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Of course, long hair is very beautiful and feminine, however, they require careful care and care, as well as proper styling and timely visits to a hairdresser. Otherwise, luxurious long curls will become untidy and dull. In this case, for the minimum amount of time, effort and money, the ladder is cut. Hairstyles for a long cascade are very diverse and light. Once you have seen in the salon, as the master gradually creates a masterpiece from a hairstyle to a haircut cascade, you can easily step through all the steps yourself and get the desired result.

Long curls

A fairly common hairstyle on the cascade haircut became curls.

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  1. In order to achieve the desired effect and get beautiful flowing curls, you need to thoroughly wash your hair, dry the hair with a towel and apply a styling agent to create curls. It may be a foam or gel.
  2. When creating such a styling, you will definitely need curlers or harnesses, it all depends on what curls you want to receive. For large waves it is necessary to use large curlers, and to create small spirals, use of harnesses is preferable.
  3. Screw the curler-treated hairs on the curlers and dry them with a stream of warm air.
  4. Before removing the device for curling hair, you should make sure that the curls are dried qualitatively, otherwise the future styling will simply disintegrate. Remove hair curlers should be very careful not to damage the curl.
  5. Beat the received curls with your fingers, trying not to damage the hairstyle, and finally sprinkle with varnish for styling.

Such hairstyles for a long cascade are ideal for everyday use, and for the evening you can add it with a small accessory in the form of a luxurious hair clip or rim.

Cascade Spit

cascade haircut

The “cascade braid” hairstyle is quite simple, but at the same time it does not look like a braid on an even hair length. Due to unevenly trimmed strands, weaving is smooth and neat. Now the most common so-called reverse weaving. It differs from the standard in that the strands are woven into the braid not from above, but “below”. Having finished weaving such a braid, you should fix it with lacquer to fix it. The decoration is selected depending on the reason for the creation of styling. If this is a wedding hairstyle, then you can decorate the braid with various rhinestones and flowers. If this is just a solemn outing, you can tie a beautiful bandage around your head, suitable for your attire.

High tail from medium length hair

Hairstyles on the middle cascade are the most common option. The average length of hair is chosen by women, who believe that short hair is not quite feminine, and long hair takes a lot of time and effort to care and style. Hairstyles on the middle cascade are suitable for almost any type of person. Sometimes they can be complemented by bangs, if required by the shape of the face. Hairstyles for a haircut cascade of medium length can be made using hairpins and elastics.

  1. Wash the hair and blow-dry, head down. This will give your hair volume from the roots.
  2. If the resulting pomp is not enough, you can slightly comb the hair on the top of the head, closer to the forehead.
  3. Leaving the bouffant pile noticeably raised, gather the hair on the back of the head and fix the tail with an elastic band. Flowing strands coming out of the tail, will look beautiful and volume.
  4. With insufficient volume, you can also make a small bouffant on the tail.

Jessica Alba with cascade haircut tail

This hairstyle looks pretty feminine, stylish and extravagant. For the evening version, you can quickly transform the daily styling, with a few invisible men.

  1. Twist the flowing strands into small bundles.
  2. Wrap around the rubber band and secure with stealth.
  3. A pin with rhinestones, inserted into the base of the tail, will help to complement this hairstyle.

Such haircuts on the hair cascade will not take away a lot of time and effort from you, and you will look as if you just came out of the salon.

Short cascade hairstyle "Cheeky hedgehog"

Hairstyles for a short cascade - one of the easiest to create.

  1. To get a daring hedgehog, as in previous cases, you must carefully wash the hair and blot it with a towel.
  2. After that it is worth putting laying means. Preference is given to gels with very strong fixation and mousses. Try not to apply the agent to the roots, so as not to make the hair "greasy."
  3. Tousle the hair with your hands to give styling a casual look. Hairdryer to use when creating such an image is not recommended.

brash hedgehog from short cascading haircut

Particularly interesting will look hairstyles for a short cascade for owners of melirovannyh or colored hair.

From the above, we can conclude that the cascading haircut has long won the love and trust of women and came into fashion as a classic. At the end of 2014, we can say that the step and multi-layered haircuts came out on top and pushed everyone's favorite “bob” and bob haircut. Even on the catwalks, among the famous models and among the stars of TV screens, you can find quite a lot of women and girls who prefer such a haircut.

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