Hairstyles for wavy short hair

playful curls

Girls with curly hair can be called special. Their playful romantic curls give the image of spontaneity and ease. Hairstyles from curly hair are very simple in execution and therefore won a large number of sympathies with curly young ladies. Hairstyles for curly hair can be created absolutely from any length of hair - short, medium or long. Sometimes you can even just put mousse or gel on a wet wavy hair, dry it with a hairdryer and you will look irresistible.

Girls with wavy hair can safely conduct experiments to create hairstyles for curly hair. To do this, you just need to arm yourself with a modest set of tools and high-quality styling tools.

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Beautiful hairstyles for owners of short curls

Girls with short curly hair can be called bold natures. This is explained by the fact that short curls require a lot of attention and care. It is often necessary to carry out the correction, cutting off the regrown tips from the hairdresser. Short hair with curls are considered the easiest base to create beautiful hairstyles.

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Retro style

Individuals with wavy short hair can choose curly hairstyles in retro style. It will look quite original styling, which uses elegant accessories of the 20s - 60s, for example, bezel or lace tape. To create retro waves, you need a good styling tool with a light fixation, a hairbrush to separate the parting, curling tongs (if you have slightly wavy curls) and hairdressing clips. Let's take a look at 2 variations on how to create retro waves on short hair.

Option number 1. For girls with light curls

If you have a little wavy hair by nature, but you want to decorate your head with a hairstyle like retro-style waves, you will need to resort to the hot styling method. It is better to create such hairstyles for curly hair when your hair has just been washed.

curly blonde

  1. Decide on the parting. It can be side or classical, which divides the head into 2 zones.
  2. Using a thin comb, separate one strand and apply a styling agent on it with a slight degree of fixation.
  3. With a heated styler, lock the strand so that the heating element is located under the strand. Such a reception will make a light upper wave.
  4. On the remaining part of the hair, it will be necessary to make the next wave, but already the heating element will be located at the bottom. As a result, you will get the lower wave. This technique alternates as long as the length of the hair allows. The size of the waves can be different, depending on what diameter styler you use.
  5. When the curls will cover the entire surface of the head, lightly spray the hair with lacquer to fix the result of the styling on curly hair.

Option number 2. For girls with large curls

Hairstyle waves on short hair girls who have strong enough curls, performed in a cold technique. For this technique, you will need a decent amount of metal barber clips. These barrettes usually pinned strands so that they do not interfere with the haircut. Also, you will need to stock up on a gel of light fixation and patience. Your natural large curls do not require hot curling, so this hairstyle with curls can be called more gentle.


  1. Apply a little fixative gel to clean, washed hair.
  2. Using a thin comb, separate 1 strand (it is better to start from the forehead area).
  3. Arm yourself with a metal clip and attach it tightly enough to the root zone. After that, step back a little lower, pass a finger under the strand, as if you are making a wave rising upwards.
  4. Behind the line of the edge of the finger reattach the metal clip. After this, it is necessary to make another reception for the formation of a wave, and so on, until the length of the strands ends.
  5. After the curls will cover the entire head, take a lacquer medium fixation and walk them over the entire surface of the head to fix their hair.
  6. It is better to leave the clips for an hour and a half, so that the hairstyle on curly hair in retro style is well fixed on your short head of hair.

Playful curls

Beautiful curls at home on a short head of hair to create quite simple, but it is necessary to know a few nuances. Many beauties are sure that if they put a little mousse on their wet curls, then they dry it carelessly with a hairdryer, they will look irresistible. Nothing like this! In the end, your head of hair will resemble a mad Afro or a nest of some exotic bird. All this can be easily avoided by using such a beautiful hair dryer nozzle as a diffuser, you will have an interesting hairstyle with curls.

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  1. Wash your head and apply a strong hold mousse to clean slightly damp curls.
  2. Use your fingers to slightly tuck your curls in the direction from the tips to the roots. With this trick you make beautiful curls.
  3. Put the diffuser on the hair dryer and start drying the hair. Drying your hair is recommended so that your direction is from the tips to the roots.
  4. After drying, lightly spray your curls with lacquer to better fix the hairstyle.

Such hairstyles for curly hair can be safely used for every day, but also they will look good on the evening appearance.

Kinky Mohawk

This hairstyle on curly hair is suitable for girls who wear a bob or bob haircut. It is worth noting that this type of styling on curly hair can allow individuals who do not have complexes and are not shy to express themselves. Let's step by step analyze the creation of hairstyles with curls called Iroquois.

Mohawk of curly hair

  1. Comb your hair well upwards from the right and left side of the head. It is necessary to comb the hair so that it fits perfectly to the head.
  2. After that, arm yourself with a strong hold varnish and sprinkle these two smooth sides on them.
  3. With the help of invisible women, fix the hair on top As a result, you should have a curly mohawk.
  4. Mohawk hair is not yet ready for curly hair. You will need to cover up all the invisible beings that remain visible. To do this, lay your curls so that they are well covered barrettes. Helpers in this manipulation can be small studs. Pin them all the places where you hid the invisible.
  5. When all the orders are laid, the mohawk will be ready. Add only the last stroke - spray hair with varnish.

Mohawk of small curls

Hollywood curls

This type of hairstyle for curly hair is very effective on a short head of hair. Hollywood curls on short hair suitable for various evening events. This hairstyle for every day is not worth doing, as it looks very festive and pompous.

hollywood curls

  1. Wash your head. Then dry the clean hair with a towel. Your curls should be slightly wet.
  2. After that, apply mousse with an average degree of fixation, as well as hair curlers with a large diameter.
  3. It is necessary to twist hair from tips to roots. Twisting all the curlers on the head, leave them to dry. Drying is not required here.
  4. When the curls are dry, divide them into smaller strands and spray varnish. Your hair with curls ready!

Video: the rules of styling curly hair

We introduced you to only a few options on how to make interesting hairstyles with curls on short hair. The rest is in your hands, show your imagination and be original, because to create hairstyles for wavy hair, even a small length is not so difficult, you just need to get it.

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