Hairstyles for very short hair

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The surest way to drive away the sadness and draw a smile on your face is to go to a beauty salon or a hairdresser. They will fulfill all your most cherished desires about your image, the main thing is to get into the hands of a really good master who loves his work. In our time, very short hairstyles are still one of the most popular and sought after.

Many people think that hairstyles for very short hair are created twice as fast, and much easier than for long ones. How wrong they are. Owners of short hair understand that, despite the small volume of hair, such hairstyles are very difficult to do at home, also independently, without any help. But what girls have to do when the salons lack neither money nor time in the morning.

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For this case, we offer you a scheme that will replace the morning salon. It will show what can be done with hair, and what is better not worth it, we suggest to find out what styles are in hairstyles, what remains relevant and what stylists are now investing in such a concept as very short hair styles.

Versatility of hairstyles

  • Still, hairstyles are a trend - there are many variations, there are long, short, with shaved temples, with bangs straight or oblique - your hairstyle depends on all this.
  • For a bob haircut, which is always relevant, the hairstyle can also be different, it looks great on short hair. You can comb your hair back, thus, doing something resembling a lightweight bouffant. You will create a stunning image with your own hands!
  • If you have very short hair, you can also brush the back or the effect of wet hair.
  • Ragged hairstyle is in special demand among young people, expressing to some extent the freedom of choice. Most often, those ladies who cut their hair are painted in flashy colors of red or black with a blue tint. Be fashionable and do not be afraid to choose ultrashort hairstyles. That's cool!

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Let's now analyze together what you can come up with interesting and unusual at home for you.

Easy styling for short hair

For this you will need:

  • hair gel (or foam);
  • varnish for styling;
  • curling iron (if you have drooping strands); round comb.

simple styling

So, let's start to do everything step by step.

  1. Wash the hair thoroughly under warm water and dry it a little. A very important point - when drying curls, fluff them in order to give them extra volume.
  2. Dry the hair is not completely, leaving it slightly moist.
  3. We take on the palm a little gel (mousse, foam) and apply to the strands, if any, and straighten them with curling iron. If desired, you can twist, make your strand slightly curly.
  4. If you have hair on the back of your head - you should definitely align or twist it with a round comb.
  5. We are convinced that you have achieved the volume and shape you need.
  6. Fix all varnish. You can use the varnish is not the strongest fixation, since such hairstyles on short hair will hold and with light fixation.

Striking bouffant

Let's take a step by step look at how to make a little fleece on short hair, thus creating the effect of a huge amount of hair! For combing you need: a lot of varnish, comb-comb, hair styling mousse.


  1. With our fingers, which should be a mousse for fixing, we comb the hair back, removing strands from the forehead.
  2. We make the following movements with a comb-comb: we start combing a strand of hair up and down, knocking the curls into a bun with teeth. This should be done very carefully, since it is very easy to confuse your hair in the comb.
  3. You can also make a pile on the side - left or right, comb the strands in the same way using mousse, gel or foam, fluffing them up to give the volume to the hair. And secure the result with lacquer strong fixation.

Mysterious curls

Hairstyles for very short hair can be made original. Very interesting look curls on short hair. You can make a chemical wishing in the salon, or on your own. This simple instruction will help you with this!

What you will need: curlers, curling iron or curling hair, mousse or foam, styling varnish.

You can use small curlers, or make curls curling. If the length of your hair allows curlers curlers - feel free to use this option.

Rihanna with curls

  1. Option one. On a wet hair wrap curlers and wait about an hour, half an hour. After that, carefully remove them. If desired, curls can be fluffed up and made fluffy, not by strict curls. Fix all varnish.
  2. Option two. Apply a little mousse to dry hair. With the help of forceps do curls on strands. Fix all varnish.

Bold, confident and fashionable girls choose very short hairstyles! If you consider yourself such a person - feel free to create an image of a woman of fashion who is not afraid of experiments!

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