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In the new year as a new stage of life you need to enter in all its glory, self-confident. To do this, you must be irresistible on a festive evening. And what, if not a haircut, does a woman create a unique image? To amaze everyone, and above all, with her beauty, now you should ask yourself: what hairstyle to make for the New 2016?

What should be the hairstyle for the New Year?

To choose your perfect hairstyle for the New Year's party, you need to follow a few simple rules.

  • The styling should fit your hair length. It is impossible to make braids for cutting a bob, or curls framing the face for long hair. Above the head can not jump.
  • Haircut should fit your face shape. Start from your personal external data, emphasizing strengths and hiding flaws.
  • The styling should be combined with the rest of your image. It is unlikely that with a leather jacket and torn jeans, it will look well woven into delicate curls of lilies.
  • The hairstyle for the holiday should be different from everyday styling. After all, it is on New Year's Eve that you can show yourself on the other hand, to show your bright and extraordinary nature. Do not be afraid to experiment!
  • Christmas hairstyle can be replete with various accessories. This will emphasize the solemnity of the situation and add the atmosphere of the New Year to your image.

snow maiden with a fashionable haircut

Hair Style Ideas for New 2016

Well, it's time to determine what hairstyle for the New Year will decorate your look. As mentioned earlier, it is important to choose a styling that fits your data. The following are the hairstyles for New 2016 for different hair lengths.

Hairstyles for the New Year for long hair

For owners of curls that fall down to the loins, hairstyle ideas for New 2016 are almost unlimited. Long hair will allow you to give free rein to the fantasy, twisting the most intricate compositions.

curls on the side

  • You can curl curls and throw them on one side. The most banal, seemingly hairstyle, is the most safe for girls with long hair. Curls will complement any image, making it feminine and sophisticated. And just throwing curls on one side, you can give the styling freshness and a certain audacity. In addition, this option hairstyles for the New Year for long hair is easy to create for yourself at home.
  • It will also look good sloppy romantic bundle. Perfectly even bunches with licked back hair have long gone out of fashion. Preference for today is to give a little disheveled styling, with which you emphasize your independence. Moreover, such bundles are more suitable for a holiday and do not create the impression that you are going to the office.

careless bundles

But nevertheless we offer the choice on spit. They will never become obsolete. At the same time, you should not think that two braids are meant by braids, which were worn by girls at school desks. To date, according to the braid weaving scheme, you can create the most insane and unusual styling. You have the opportunity to choose yourself any depending on the dress and image in general. Below is a photo with step-by-step instructions for creating a hairstyle from braids, which will be a real gift for the holiday.

Step-by-step technology of creation:

  1. Collect the hair in a small tail at the top. Now twist it and pin it on the right side, to the ear itself.
  2. Now, just above the place where you pinned the first tail, collect the second one, just twist and throw it in the opposite direction, so that they overlap each other. Also pinned.
  3. Repeat this procedure, pinning the twisted strands in opposite directions, until approximately 1/3 of the length of the hair remains.
  4. When you come to the end, divide the remaining hair into two parts and wind one half around the other. Tie a rubber band.
  5. Now give the "pigtail" volume ", slightly letting out twisted strands.
  6. Secure the result with varnish.


Hairstyles for New Year on medium hair

Girls with medium-length hair are also not too limited in choosing hairstyles for the New 2016. You can just slightly change the proposed styling for owners of long curls, and you can consider new styling options that are suitable directly for cutting medium hair.

retro styling

  • Retro chic. New is well forgotten old. You can surprise your guests by making your hair in the seventies style. All kinds of backdrops, high bunches, wide ribbons, curls with rings ... Opportunities are limited only by your imagination. Especially since it is on the hair of medium length, such styling looks especially good. They are made easily independently.
  • Fringing face waves. Unlike curls on long hair, a medium length haircut allows curled curls to frame your face. On this and need to bet! Make yourself curls, while paying great attention to the tips and edges of the face. Twist them especially tightly inside. Then your curls will create a kind of frame.
  • Spit waterfall. A wonderful variant combining the magic of wavy curls and the charm of braids. This hairstyle for the new year will ideally look exactly at the average length, because on a long head of hair the effect of harmony between braids and curls will not be so pronounced. Step-by-step technology of creation is shown in the photo and in step-by-step instructions.

weaving braids waterfall

Instructions for creating:

  1. Create wavy curls with a special hair mousse and curling irons.
  2. From the parting start to weave sideways pigtail the same technique as the "spike".
  3. In the process of braiding pigtails take one lock from the top and, as it were, skip it between the woven strands.
  4. Continue to work in this way until you reach the opposite side of the head. Pin the resulting pigtail barrettes.
  5. Secure the result with hair spray.

ready spit waterfall

Hairstyles for New Year on short hair

Of course, New Year's styling for owners of short hair will differ from the styling options for long and medium hair, but this does not mean at all that the hairstyle will be worse! Hairstyles for the New Year on short hair are distinguished by their highlights.

colorful accessories

  • Short hairstyles with accessories. None of the lengths of hair ornaments do not look so advantageous as the short. Accessories will help to complement just beautifully styled hair, so that they become more suitable for the New Year's party. Use different headbands, tressure, flowers. Pay special attention to the red decoration, since this color is the patron of the new 2016.
  • Hooligan ripple. Elementary hairstyle for creativity at home. For this you need only special tongs corrugation. Clamp the strands covered with these tongs for 2-3 minutes. Your brave and naughty image is ready!
  • Curls laid back. Curls in the usual way can look a bit strange. But if you remove them a little back, you get a great fashionable New Year hairstyle 2016.

To create curls laid back, you need:

  1. Mousse-treated strands.
  2. Curl them with forceps, directing them to the outside, back.
  3. After that, you should hold the resulting wavy strand behind and fix varnish.
  4. The same procedure to do with the remaining hair along the entire length and varnish.

bumps and curls back

Remember that no matter what hair you have, you are beautiful! Try, change, but do not forget to love yourself. Be irresistible. Happy New Year!

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