Hairstyles for the last call

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The day that all schoolgirls are so eagerly waiting for is so close, and you have not yet decided what to do on the last call? You probably want to have a flawless appearance on this day and, reviewing the school album after a few years, do not be surprised at your choice, but rather, with pride to think that you already had good taste during school years. Let's consider together the most actual hairstyles for the last call and choose an option that will not only make you irresistible, but give you confidence and harmoniously complement a gentle, school image.

What could be the hairstyle for the last call?

Often schoolgirls jointly choose one version of the hairstyle, which will show off on the heads of all girls in the class. If there is no such tradition in your school and students independently look for their own styling options, we will try to help you in this matter.

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Choosing hairstyles for the line, you should not go too deep into the trends, aiming to slay everyone. Leave it for the next school holiday prom. There, you will be able to demonstrate both the elegance and the creativity of styling in full. And if you are not a high school student and you are still not saying goodbye to the school, all the more you should not choose too bright options, because they can be perceived by other students and teachers ambiguously.

Laying on the last call should not be "too": too outlandish, too complex, too intricate. Let them be as simple and natural as the whole image of a schoolgirl. Avoid complex wrapping and outdated bukley, a minimum of laying means will provide the most natural look.

Accessories for laying on a ruler

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  • Traditionally, the head of the schoolgirl is decorated with bows and ribbons. They can be different shades, not necessarily white, but try to still choose colors that blend harmoniously with your clothes.
  • Delicate decoration of your hair can be thin lace ribbons woven into braids or tied around your head.
  • Pay your attention to the hoops and headbands-gum, they can be gentle pastel colors or the same color as your curls. Choose thin rims, they will make your image complete and stylish, but at the same time delicate.
  • A delicate alternative to classic bows can be delicate textile flowers, for example, an air peony made of pastel-pink chiffon or guipure.

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We do the laying on the line yourself

Most often, the hairstyle for the last call is performed independently at home, only a few prefer to entrust this business to a professional. The line traditionally passes early in the morning and you will not have much time for styling, and even more so for visiting the beauty salon. Therefore, the ideal option is to perform simple hairstyles with your own hands on the last call, which will not take much time and hold on in its original form until the end of the line. Let's consider the best options.

We weave braids on line

braid weave pattern

Agree, one or two pigtails for the last call, it looks too easy and trite. And really, no need to go on the easiest way. After all, the braid itself braids on the last call, you can use a variety of techniques. If you have long hair, you can perform the French braid on the contrary, starting from the top of your head and putting the free edge to the side. The braid fishtail, falls from hair, openwork weaving does not lose relevance on heads of girls. The following scheme will tell you how to step-by-step perform styling with a 4-strand oblique, which does not look beaten and delicate:

  1. Comb the curls.
  2. Put a thin band on the hair over the hair, departing 2 cm from the hairline.
  3. Twist the front strands into tight bundles.
  4. From the free strands at the back, braid the braid from 4 strands and pull the curls a little to make it fluffy.
  5. Twist the curls, twisted into bundles, and lock them with stealth at the back.
  6. Fix the result with varnish. Your hairstyle is ready for the last call!

Stylish bunches for the last bell

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Girls with strands of medium length and long-haired female students can choose a variety of bunches and nodules. If you have thin hair, you can make a voluminous bunch with the help of a donut or a pile. Stylists consider 2015 as fashionable leaders as careless and asymmetrical beams, they approach a freer image, for example, if you decide to wear a Soviet-era schoolgirl uniform.

But if your image is rather strict, for example, a classic jacket and a black skirt, a neat bunch on the top or a “shell” would be appropriate. A bundle assembled from pre-curled strands will be universal. Instructions for performing such a laying on the ruler step by step looks like this:

  1. Separate the hair on the side parting.
  2. Put on clean strands of styling mousse.
  3. Scroll the curls with a large curling, retreating 3-4 cm from the roots.
  4. Slightly "whisk" curls with your fingers and collect them with a thin rubber band on the back of the back of your head in a bun. Do not tighten strands on top, they should lie in light waves.
  5. Loose tips sticking out of the beam, tuck stealth knots.
  6. A little hairspray and the owner of the perfect hairstyle on the line.

Loose curls for the last call

small curls

If you have long healthy hair, why not demonstrate all their beauty by choosing loose strands as the hairstyle for the last call. Smooth chic or gentle waves - you choose. Any of these options is relevant this season. Assistants in achieving perfect smoothness of the strands will be styler and fluid gloss. A gentle curls easy to create, having on hand curling for large curls and texturizing mousse. You can decorate the styling with a thin ribbon of light color that needs to be tied around your head. Ribbons can be not only satin, but also velvet, and guipure, as long as the material is combined with your outfit.

How about a haircut on a ruler?

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If you wear a model haircut, 3-5 days before an important event, you need to correct it. Why just a few days, and not the day before? There is always a chance that the haircut will not work out very well. In case of failure during these 5 days, the hair will fall correctly, and you will be able to practice styling the haircut on the last bell. If you have always worn the same hairstyle before, you should not go for drastic measures in the form of a haircut for a ruler. After all, there is always a chance that you may not like the result, and then there can be no talk of a wonderful mood at a holiday.

Do not delay the selection of styling for the last moment, your image for the ruler should be thought out to the smallest detail. You want to be the most beautiful? And whatever one may say, this is a kind of examination for the basics of style, a sense of aesthetics and knowledge of fashion trends, and it can never be failed!

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