Hairstyles for short hair - 8 best options

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Women are always prone to improvisation and experimentation, especially with their own way. The easiest way to update is to change haircuts and hairstyles. Such changes are always reflected in the inner state of a woman and, accordingly, in her mood.

Face shape and short hairstyle

A short hairstyle will help you dramatically change your look. At first glance it may seem that short hair does not go to everyone. But it is not. The main thing to choose the right hairstyle and length of the strands. Here it is easiest to proceed from the shape of the face.

  • An oval face can be called universal, any hairstyles for short hair, even very bold and voluminous, are suitable for it.
  • For chubby girls, it is better to choose short hairstyles, in which additional volume is created on the top of the head, and elongated strands run along the face. This technique visually brings the shape of the face to the ideal oval.
  • Short hairstyle is very suitable for girls and women with an elongated face shape. An elongated forehead will help hide bangs, and curly strands on the sides will add styling to playfulness.
  • Pear-shaped face is less common than others. In this case, the hairstyle for short hair should have a voluminous top to make the upper and lower regions of the head more harmonious.
  • The prominent long chin can be hidden by a long bang, combed to the side.

Charlize Terron and Reese Witherspoon

General rules and techniques for creating hairstyles for short hair

Many unduly believe that a short hairstyle does not leave the possibility of experiments and changes in the image. Simple and fast hairstyles for short hair can be done every day and they will always be different.

red hair

  1. The creation of any hairstyle on the hair of a small length needs to start with washing your head. Since only clean and slightly wet strands can be given the necessary direction and volume.
  2. During styling, it is important to use not only varnish, but also styling products of stronger fixation.
  3. Volumetric styling will help create a large-diameter brushing, while the movement of a stream of air from a hairdryer should go from the roots to the ends of the hair.
  4. In cases where the hairstyle for short hair does not require too defiant volume, it is enough to use brushing of average diameter.
  5. Negligence in fashionable hairstyles can add head tilts in different directions while drying it with a hair dryer, you can also pull out individual strands, lifting them from the roots.

Asymmetric haircut

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For asymmetrical haircuts there are plenty of options for creating styling. The simplest ones are reduced to stretching the strands around the face and creating a pile on the top of the head. A beautiful hairstyle for short hair is obtained if you fix the fleece with varnish and, while the hair is a little wet, split the ends into strands. Similarly, you can do with bangs, laying it on its side with separate elements.

long haircuts

Curly curls

From curly on the nature of the curls turn out beautiful hairstyles for short hair. Simple nozzles-diffusers for hair dryers can at home create very effective styling with waves. Some girls have difficulties with these nozzles, but the secret of success is simple:

girls with dark hair

  • It is necessary to evenly and gently distribute the curls "plate" diffuser.
  • After distribution, dry them thoroughly.
  • After fixing the wax with a structuring property, the hairstyle for short hair is ready.

nice blond curls

Short haircuts with bangs

Female short haircuts often have bangs. She, when creating hairstyles for short hair, you need to pay special attention. The most important thing that fashionable bangs do not tolerate is the use of large-diameter brashes for their styling. It automatically discards all styling in the 80s of the last century.

long bangs in a haircut

  • In order to give the bangs a laid-up look, it is enough every day to twist it with a brush of small diameter.
  • When drying with a hair dryer, it is necessary to follow the general rule, that is, to dry it with a stream of air from the roots to the tips. At this time, you need to pull the bang straight down.
  • To give a smooth head of hair, it can be further pulled with forceps.
  • It is important to remember that hairstyles for short hair look complete if the bang is in harmony with the rest of the styling.

Bob and bob haircuts

Haircuts bob and square make great hairstyles for short hair for every day. Laying is carried out in stages. Only in this way, by dividing complicated styling into simple elements, can one achieve its ideal look.

brunette and blonde

  • Before laying, the hair should be divided into zones and, starting from the back of the head, to dry them with a brush of medium diameter.
  • It is necessary to lead the brush slowly, scrolling it several times at the roots and at the ends.
  • Reaching the top, you should change the direction of laying, now the comb will twist the strands up from the temples.
  • After drying all the curls in this way, they become larger.
  • If the ends are over dried and fired, they can be pulled out with forceps.

This method is suitable not only for a short-length head of hair, but also for shoulder-strand strands.

Complicated female hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for short hair can be done both at home and in the salon. Despite the fact that the hair is easy enough to lay, there are elements that are only for professionals. In numerous magazines there are pictures of complex weaves and harnesses. Sometimes for medium and long hair, such elements are easier to perform than for short lengths.


flagella on the head

Making harnesses is a great hairstyle for short hair when you want to collect them.

  • At first it’s tedious to divide the whole head into zones, each of which will become a flagellum in the future.
  • Each strand must be fixed with a rubber band or a clip.
  • In turn, starting from the occipital zone, it is necessary to twist the strands into bundles, directing their ends to the back of the head.
  • To fix the hair you need to find stealth in color.
  • Laying the harness on the face should be given more time. It is important that they look symmetrical on both sides.
  • To give a holiday styling, you can make volumetric bases of flagella, before laying, combing them.

Rock and Roll Style

Rock-n-roll hairstyle is not suitable for every day, it can be done only in special cases, for example, for going to a party. During its creation, the strands on the temples are smoothly combed back. Before performing the curl, the strands need to curl into large curlers, then they will turn out more voluminous. When forming a curl, you should use a special wax for hair, and all styling should be fixed with ordinary varnish.

rock n roll

Creative chaos

Hairstyles for short hair will always attract attention if there is a small creative mess in them. For girls who have long worn short hair, the creation of such styling is easy and the result looks like from the picture. This hairstyle for short hair is created while drying it with a hair dryer. A mousse is applied to the raw strands, then the head leans forward and the strands are drawn out by the comb from the roots to the ends, the direction of the air stream coincides with the movement of the comb. Such hairstyles for short hair are fixed only with a strong hold varnish.

creative chaos

Retro style

Retro style offers probably the most beautiful hairstyle for short hair. Women's styling in the style of the 60s is often complemented by rims, which makes them even more romantic and fashionable.

retro styling

Thus, hairstyles for short hair are not only standard styling, but also various elements, such as plaits and weaves.

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