Hairstyles for obese women

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Hairstyles for obese women are the easiest way to show their attractiveness and individuality, style and beauty, because with the help of elegant haircuts or original styling, you can divert attention from the magnificent figure. And modern women with overweight must be able to do it.

Types of female figures

Hairstyle for obese women, the more chosen independently, should take into account the features of a particular person, and also be simple enough to be repeated at home. The length of the curls while you can choose at will, as modern stylists offer many interesting options for both short and long hair. However, many still believe that short hairstyles are better for obese women. Often this is true, but it is worth experimenting, selecting a hair-like type.

Pear shape

650 Hairstyles for obese women

The owners of the pear-like figure are women with narrow shoulders and chest, small breasts, slender waists, turning into wide hips and sometimes full legs. In this case, the best fit hairstyles for obese women with long curly locks that attract attention. But short hairstyles for obese women with such outlines are categorically contraindicated, as they will make the figure even more disproportionate.

Apple shape

The owners "malic" The figures, as a rule, can boast a beautiful lush bust and slender legs, but the distressing fact of the presence of the abdomen, wide back and unexpressed waist make their own unpleasant changes. Hairstyles for overweight girls and women with such a figure are better to choose among semi-long voluminous ones, with a length that is slightly lower than the shoulders, but sufficient to close the back of the neck. In addition, air styling is great, which, by the way, can be done to oneself by waving large curls step by step and gently rolling them back.


Hourglass shape

It would seem that a magnificent bust, hip and waist size commensurate with it should delight the owners of an hourglass figure, but in reality everything turns out to be exactly the opposite. But such a figure is distinguished by feminine curves and many times praised by cinema. Nevertheless, located even in the right places, but those extra pounds are not encouraging and you can hide them by choosing the appropriate styling.

In this case, it is worth refusing the voluminous curls that make the figure even more magnificent. Also, short haircuts, buns and round hairstyles will not work. But the average multi-layered haircut with diagonal strands and oblique bangs is ideal. This hairstyle for obese women will add an image of femininity and attractiveness.

Athletic forms

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Despite the extra weight, in general, the figure may look athletic. Usually these are tall women with broad shoulders, a gorgeous bust and enviable hips. Hairstyles for overweight girls and women in the form of delicate semi-long curls will help make the image less monumental. But from the "ponytail" the owners of the athletic figure should be abandoned, as it coarsens the already sporty look.

The best styling for overweight ladies

Hairstyles with asymmetry

When choosing which hairstyles are suitable for full women, first of all you should pay attention to asymmetrical haircuts and styling. With their original, and sometimes non-standard appearance, they attract attention to the face, and this is exactly what is needed to distract him from the curvaceous body forms.

  • For example, to visually lengthen the silhouette, you can lay your hair in long straight strands or soft curls, dividing them at the crown with a side parting and throwing it on one side so that the other ear is open.
  • Young bbws can also braid a braid on one side and throw it forward. For such a laying is perfect scheme of the French spit, waterfall spit or fish tail.

Graduation haircuts

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Since the graduation visually lengthens the face, the graduated haircuts are perfect for “pyshechkam”, and the age and type of hair in this case are not important. It is best to do this haircut on medium hair. Such a “ladder” should have smooth transitions, side parting and rather long strands on the crown. By the way, such a laying is easy to lay with your own hands at home. In the salon with the help of the wizard, it will make a charming evening hairstyle.

General recommendations for choosing hairstyles

650 Hairstyles for obese women

  • So, shapeless haircuts, long hair ponytails, and shapeless strands hanging along the face are contraindicated for curvaceous ladies.
  • In addition, you should abandon smooth short haircuts without volume, haircuts with open temples - the head will seem disproportionately small against the background of a large body.
  • The selected package should not be too clearly symmetrical and have a direct parting.
  • It is highly recommended to make a volumetric bang, oblique, graded, thinned or curled with large forceps.

Short hairstyles

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For obese women do not suit short haircuts "under the boy", page, symmetrical square, etc. Perfect asymmetrical cascading haircuts, haircuts with a diagonal parting and asymmetrical bangs, haircuts with a fluffy top and temples, covered with thin strands. Of the variety of square, only a bob-square with a length slightly shorter than that of the chin and voluminous bangs is suitable. Step by step add a slight mess to the package and fix it with varnish.

Medium hairstyles

The instruction for selecting haircuts for medium hair with the subsequent creation of styling is the same as for short ones — preference for asymmetry, locks of different lengths, soft curls (but no volume in the ear area), lush oblique bangs.

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Long hairstyles

Healthy, well-groomed long hair is beautiful regardless of the shape. But owners of magnificent forms will have to pay special attention to their curls in order to always remain attractive. With the help of the length volumetric hairstyle you can visually balance the figure, but for this you must do the styling daily. Dirty, messy hair gathered in a ponytail - taboo! Irons, hair dryers, curling irons and a variety of styling products - all this should be at hand. Soft curls, volumetric styling, braids - the choice is huge.

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A lush figure is not a problem, but an occasion to choose a stylish hairstyle and create a feminine image. Experiment and love yourself for who you are.

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