Hairstyles for new year's party

new year hairstyles 2014

Every girl with great trepidation awaits a wonderful New Year holiday. Preparation for it begins in a few months, the beauties begin to wrestle in search of the perfect New Year's image. Like crazy, they run from the boutique to the boutique, try on dresses, shoes, accessories, try to enroll to all the beauty masters, beautician, makeup artist, nail art master, as well as the stylist-hairdresser. Care is going to a very impressive amount! After all, on this fabulous New Year's holiday you need to be at your best and nothing else. Gradually, the girls cope with all the tasks, the dress and shoes are chosen, the accessories are chosen, the makeup and manicure are thought out, only the hairdo remains. And what is the fashionable hairstyle for New 2014?

hairstyle for New Year's Eve
So let's start with the latest hairstyles for New Year's Eve. First of all, they should be combined with your outfit and makeup, and this is not an easy task at all! Since the New Year is a fairly eventful holiday, you should clearly understand that the wind-dancing, fun throughout the night can change the look of your hairstyle. Therefore, it is better to abandon the heavy pile of curls, bouffant, intricately picked up strands.

Choose lighter variations of styling and haircuts, as well as select good products for a stable fixation. In addition to all these tasks, you should not forget about the main symbol of 2014, the Blue Wooden Horse. Your hairstyle should please this sign, so that the whole following year, for you, will be filled with maximum positive emotions. And of course, remember all the latest fashion trends!

Hairstyles for owners of short hair

hairstyle for short hair
Girls with short hair are much more susceptible to panic when choosing the perfect hairstyle for New Year's Eve. But this panic is superfluous, yes, you don’t have as many variations as those of long-haired beauties and owners of medium-sized long hair. But you can still make your look amazing!

Retro style

To create retro hairstyles of the 60s, you will need hair gel, well, or mousse. Apply it all over the head and comb the hair back at the temporal line, and lay the bangs to the side, you can make it both straight and wavy, over the top pin beautiful elegant clips with some kind of print.

Boho style

styling on short hair
For boho hairstyle is characterized by easy carelessness and randomness. Wash your head and dry your hair, trying not to style them, they should be carelessly disheveled, if you have a square, apply mousse on your head, shake strands and put an interesting bandage on your head, the bandage can be from lace, different laces, ribbons, beads, coins In general, give free rein to fantasy, if you have a similarity to a boyish haircut, then you should apply gel or wax to the washed and carelessly dried hair for fixation, choose small strands and carry it over with fixing means, then casually arrange them in different directions enii.

Hairstyles with bangs

short hair with wavy bangs
Girls, if you have a long fringe cropped, stretching to the side, then you can put it behind your ear, straighten it beforehand, and comb the rest of your hair or wind it and spray it on top with varnish and sparkles. Another option, on the contrary, you make the bulk of your hair smooth, and you will comb or stretch the elongated bangs with waves, giving it a playful look. Spray varnish with sparkles over your hair. To decorate short hair, use beautiful ribbons, clips of rims, hoops, hairpins, scarves, and you can toned individual strands in a beautiful and unusual color.

Hairstyles for owners of medium-length hair

Medium length hair is good "canvas" for work. You can safely experiment with the image, starting from the low tail, ending with different weaving.

Sexy curls

curls on medium hair
To create fluffy flowing curls, you need to wash your hair, slightly dry and apply mousse over the entire length of the hair to give volume. After that, take the styler, the nozzle with the size of the curls you choose yourself, based on your intended image. If you do not have bangs, then you can decorate your curls by putting a bezel on them, the design of this bezel can be completely different. You can not use additional accessories, but simply leave the beautiful curls intact. On top of the curl, apply a lacquer to fix with glitter.


Girls who choose the image of an elegant lady, with a long evening dress can make the hair in the form of an elegant shells, the shell can be both low and high. In order to make it comb your washed and dried hair, spray it with varnish with a light fixation and start collecting it in a bun, after the bundle has been assembled, start spinning it inwards, towards the head, you should have a harness with tips at the top, wrap the tail ends left under the rope and pin all the pins, then splash on the hair with a shimmering varnish with sparkles.

elegant beam

Smooth bunch

smooth beam

You can make a hairstyle in the form of a bun in various variations, a smooth bun, sloppy or a bun with braids. This hairstyle is elegant, playful and easy to perform. To make a smooth beam, you need to wash and dry the hair, then apply a heat spray over the entire length of the hair and straighten them with a flat iron. Tie straightened hair into a low or high tail, and then begin to gently twist the hair around the elastic band. When the bundle is ready you can decorate it with a cute ribbon, a bow or any other decoration.

Sloppy bunch

interesting ideas hairstyles for the new year
A careless bundle is performed slightly differently, wash your hair, apply mousse on them, and then dry without using a comb. You will get a slightly tattered mop of hair, intercept it with a rubber band and begin to form a sloppy bunch. After that, you can wear an elegant headband on your head, and decorate the bun with a delicate accessory.


If you choose this option, then you can make both a careless bundle and a smooth one, and then attach an invoice braid to it.

easy and elegant hairstyle

Hairstyle with a tail

sloppy tail
Not less interesting option for the New Year's image is a braided tail, low, high, located from the side. This is a very easy, but very nice hairstyle, it can be performed by a girl who does not own any hairdressing skills at all.

"Horse" tail

To make such a tail, you must have straight, smooth hair, so you must wash your hair, apply a heat-shielding agent, blow-dry and then straighten your hair with a flat iron. Straighten hair, comb it well and collect it in a high tail. As for the hair tie, it can be different in design, strict, playful.

Side tail

This variation of hair with a tail can be made on any type of hair, smooth or wavy. Assemble the tail in the area of ​​the right or left ear. Then you can wind the tail, collect it with small elastics in several levels, or comb it.

Christmas hairstyle with retro waves

soft waves
Heavy or light waves will make your New Year's image elegant, feminine, you'll look like a gangster girlfriend of the 20s and 40s.

This is naturally not all variations of New Year hairstyles for medium hair length, you can braid various braids, make easy styling, New Year's Eve gives a great opportunity to try out many interesting and unusual for you images!

Hairstyles for owners of long hair

beautiful braids
Long hair is perfect "base" to create gorgeous, stunning imagination hairstyles. Variations of hairstyles for girls with long hair are great. From simply straightened smooth hair, to incredibly complex weaving. Naturally, some types of hairstyles are impossible to self-mastering at home, and if you have chosen just such a variation of the New Year hairstyle, then it is better to contact an experienced hair stylist.

Christmas images

You can braid fashionable recently braids, they can be openwork, careless, tight (in the form of "fish tail"), braided from four or five strands, in the form of a French waterfall, or collected in a gorgeous Greek hairstyle. Jewelry for braids can be completely different, hairpins, rhinestones, ribbons, beads, feathers, lace or satin ribbons.

flirty bow of hair for the New Year's Eve
From long hair it will turn out to tie the perfect ponytail, which will fully reflect the essence of the New Year's emblem, namely the Blue Wooden Horse.

On long hair will look perfectly curls, curls, bunches, shells and different types of styling.

Bold hair colors for New Year's party 2014

extreme staining
As we already know, the favorite colors of the New Year symbol are all shades of blue, green, and violet. If you are a girl who is not afraid to experiment with her appearance, which can safely change her hair color, then you can recolour your hair in an extravagant color, for example, blue or purple. Girls loving experiments, but not ready for crazy coloring in ultra bright colors, can paint or toned a few strands or make a fashionable color Ombre in the 2014 New Year's gamut. For girls who are absolutely not ready for dyeing, there is a way to quickly change the hair color - this is naturally a wig or overhead strands of different colors!

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Dear ladies, on whatever version of the New Year hairstyle you do not stop, be original, bright, bold, do not be afraid of experiments. New Year's Eve is an amazing, fabulous time in which you must be simply stunning!

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