Hairstyles for new year 2017

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New Year's Eve is a long-awaited magical event, in preparation for which you should think over your image to the smallest detail. Careful preparation requires outfit, New Year's makeup, manicure and, of course, styling. Stylists advise to choose hairstyles for the New Year 2017 from the best examples of past seasons, interpreted as modern fashion trends. What hairstyle should you choose to meet the Year of the Rooster?

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General rules for creating fashionable hairstyles for 2017

Fashion trends dictate their own rules for creating hair styling for hair of different lengths. New Year's hairstyles 2017 are created according to such principles.

smart look

  • A festive head of hair, whatever it may be, makes its owner much older. And the more elaborate the styling, the older the woman will look. However, there is an opposite rule for women of balsac age. With the help of a properly selected image, a lady can throw off several years.
  • It is only after the outfit and shoes, in which you are going to meet the Year of the Fire Rooster, will be invented which style will suit you best.

unusual styling

  • When planning your hair, mark all your strengths appearance. Young ladies with a beautiful neck and shoulder line should dwell on the variant with raised curls, and if you have problems with the skin condition, then look at the option with wolves covering the back and face. So you create the desired image, and not lose confidence in their own irresistible.
  • Pay special attention to the tools that fix the masterpiece of curls. Remember that coming to the New Year corporate party, you should feel relaxed, and not scratching your head with the desire to immediately wash your hair.
  • The specificity of the holiday provides for dances, games, contests, so do not overload your scalp with tight curls and bunches, because the constant tension will overwork you and cause headaches.


Christmas hairstyles for long hair

Hairstyles for the New 2017 for long hair have many modifications. A wide range of choices gives ladies freedom of expression. Long-haired young ladies are in a more advantageous position than their short-haired friends. For long hair, hairdressers offer a kaleidoscope of festive variations.

winter style

  • Glam twist. To look no worse than Hollywood beauties, simply divide the hair into the side parting, twist a thick strand on the right side with two fingers, then carefully remove them, and beautifully place the ring of hair on your head and fix it with an invisible one. Do the same with the rest of your hair. Divide them into strands, twist with your fingers and fasten to each other and to the head. Spray rolls with a strong lacquer on top of the ring.


  • Low bulk bundle. For long-haired beauties, the question of what hairstyle to make for the New Year becomes relevant long before the holiday. Many of the variety of options favor the low beam. The principle of its creation is to collect all the head of hair in a low beam, wrap on curlers at will. You can decorate this simple version with the help of hairpins with stones, tiaras, flowers and feathers.

low beam

  • Dutch braid with a tail. Ideal solution for romantic ladies. The principle of creation is to divide the headband into the side parting, after which the left part of the hair is gathered into the tail, and from the right side, in free fall, weave a Dutch braid from the forehead to the back of the head. After completing the weaving, dissolve the tail on the left side and assemble it together with the scythe. You can decorate the masterpiece with the help of screw-in pins with stones, ribbons and feathers.

Dutch Spit

Rose of hair for the New Year

To create a spectacular styling at home you will need:

  • clips, hairpins;
  • gum for fixation;
  • hairbrush;
  • lacquer strong fixation;
  • studs;
  • decorative ornaments.

the Rose

The masterpiece of the mane is created with its own hands as follows:

  1. Comb the hair, tie it to the tail just above the head with a tight elastic band. At the top of the tail, separate the strand, peg it at the base, sprinkle with varnish and comb.
  2. Wrap the bottom of the strand in a neat curl. This will be the center of the rosebud. Attach the curl hairpin zigzag movement to the center of the tail.
  3. Continue to beautifully lay out the curl, wrapping and periodically sprinkling varnish around the center of the styling. Fix the end of the strand with a pin.
  4. After that, exactly half of the tail, dividing into strands, wrap in beautiful curls around the center from left to right.
  5. In the same way, wrap the remaining half of the tail in rose petals, but right to left.
  6. Hide the tips of the strands in the depth of the hair and decorate the rosette with decorative ornaments to your taste.


Beautiful rose for the New Year's photo shoot and party is ready.

Ideas new year hairstyles for hair of medium length

For medium hair, we offer beautiful and low-haul styling options.

  • Loud 20s. Stylish styling in retro style. Make a side parting. Strands on both sides of it sprinkle with varnish and lay zigzags. Screw the rest of the cone and revive the mousse with the effect of "wet hair".

20s style

  • Pin-up Laying in the style of school parties perfectly suit fans stylized retro. Directly divide the cap. Wrap large strands on both sides into beautiful harnesses and lift them up, securing them with studs. The remaining twist inward, and secure with studs. Sprinkle all varnish. For decorating as desired, use a wide ribbon.

pin up

  • Greek styling. Looking at the photos of models in the Greek style, many ladies believe that it is difficult to create such a set with their own hands. This is not true. Straighten the curls with an iron and put on a bandage, then alternately twist the strands into flagella and fill them under the bandage, from the ear to the back of the head. Remaining roll up into a roller and right under the dressing. Decorate your hair with decorative hairpins or flowers.

Greek style

Christmas hairstyles for short hair

Short haircuts for the New Year 2017 do not lose their relevance. For short hair, hairdressers offer these options for New Year hairstyles.

  • Artistic mess. A short hairstyle is created by twisting all the strands to achieve a strong volume. Whisk the temporal locks separately, and together with the bangs, comb everything up. Spray all varnish with sparkles.

artistic mess

  • Garson. If you are a happy owner of ultra-short haircuts, then the festive effect can be achieved by dividing "mane" three zones - two temporal and central. Temporal smear with mousse and dress up behind the ears, and center-lubricate with the same mousse and ruffle. If desired, decorate the tips with colored mascara. Bulk earrings will add solemnity to the image.


  • Alien. This styling is suitable for any haircut for short hair. Paint the strands with pastels for hair of different tones, smoothly dragging the border of color. For the campaign on the New Year corporate party the colors can be the most extreme: green, blue, pink, turquoise, red.


Christmas hairstyles for little Snow Maidens

Hairstyles for girls for the New Year have long since moved away from traditional braids and tails. At the matinee girl, any mother tries to create a real masterpiece of curls, regardless of the child’s age and length "manes". Your attention to the general requirements for children's New Year hairstyle.


  • Pre-comb your hair carefully, untangling all the nodules.
  • Treat them with protective agents if you want to use a curling iron or iron.
  • Watch a hairstyle video lesson explaining your course of action step by step.
  • Try to use invisibility as little as possible to eliminate the emergence of negative emotions in a child.
  • Be sure to practice before a responsible day, in order to avoid surprises or failure.
  • Do not scream, and do not scold the child. Try to act calmly and cause the little lady a minimum of inconvenience.

for little ladies

Snowflake: Children's Christmas hairstyle step by step

Christmas hairstyles for children are often a complement to their costume. For the image of the Snow Maiden or Snowflake, proceed as follows:


  1. All hair is divided into 5 partings. Each from the area of ​​the forehead, neck and temples to the crown.
  2. Braid dragons, tying their ends with rubber bands and ribbons, optionally weaving the latter into braids.
  3. When the netting is finished, and all the dragons are tied with ribbons, put a snowflake out of the ends. Fix its faces with studs with stones.
  4. In order to give the image a solemnity, pin a real openwork snowflake made of white felt or any other material into the center of the formed snowflake from the curls.
  5. Spray the masterpiece with fixing agent, and on top of it with varnish of glitter.


Any other hairstyle for little ladies can be turned into a holiday, using jewelry, rhinestones, crowns, stones and bright hoops.

Styling for the New Year 2017 is to choose with an eye on the features of the trendy New Year's makeup and outfit. Remember that romantic curls are perfectly combined with the Negative space manicure and make-up in bright colors, and creative mess harmoniously gets on in the New Year's Eve with the moon's variant of nail color and bright make-up. Experiment on yourself, Fire Rooster will not disregard your efforts.

Video: New Year's hairstyle from curls "the Rose" do it yourself

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