Hairstyles for medium hair for girls

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Any woman, regardless of the age of her child, will be useful to learn how to create beautiful hairstyles for children on their own. This skill is especially useful for mothers of girls, because little princesses enjoy diversity and they like to look different every day. Following the step-by-step guide, it is not difficult to understand the basic principles of working with various children's styling. The rest is a matter of experience and a question of the personal characteristics of your baby.

In many ways, the success in creating beautiful hairstyles for girls depends on the length of their hair. The larger it is, the harder it will be to lay hair straight and neat, because it can be very difficult for children to sit in one position for a long time. Another difficult point may be insufficient hair length. For one reason or another, the baby's hair is rare or slowly growing.

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This material will discuss hairstyles for girls with medium hair, which can be a basic idea for styling to any other length. With skillful and creative approach, beautiful hairstyles for girls can be created on very short or liquid hair. However, to do this, you must have a set of beautiful rubber bands, bows, hairpieces or interesting hats.

Simple hairstyles for every day

Hairstyles for medium hair for girls will be considered on the principle from simple to complex, so that anyone can step by step learn the skills of working with hair at home.

Funny rezinochki

Funny rezinochki

The easiest in the embodiment of children's hairstyles for medium hair are created on the basis of a regular tail using bright and beautiful elastic bands. Work on styling is very easy: first, the entire array of hair is combed to the top of the head and assembled into a ponytail, then five to ten centimeters recede from the base of the tail and the hair is intercepted by an elastic band again, this is how long the hair length allows.

Variant of the tail with the interception of elastic bands is great for every day, because these hairstyles for girls with medium hair are created in minutes.


2 tails

Interesting children's hairstyles for medium hair - does not mean intricate. A striking example of this statement is laying on the basis of a pair of the most common tails collected in the temporal parts of the head. If you decorate the hair with original hairpins or rubber bands, you can create an interesting holiday styling.

The main difficulty of this hairstyle is to divide the head in a vertical parting and fix the bases of the tails at the same vertical level and at an equal distance from the parting. Then you can show your imagination as you like, for example, tie knots of tails, twist them into bundles and stack them in a bun-shell, intercept the entire length of hair with rubber bands, as was considered in the previous version, braid pigtails from tails and leave them free to hang, braid pigtails and connect them together in a basket and so on. Options hairstyles for medium hair for girls on the basis of the two most common tails can be a great many.


The pattern of weaving just braids, probably, is known to all. For many moms, this kind of hairstyle for girls with medium hair may seem uninteresting and too simple and completely in vain. If the usual braid weave ribbons go artificial flowers, hair will receive many admiring reviews. In addition, the girl's funny hairstyles for medium hair are obtained from various variations based on the most ordinary braids. Let's give some examples.

Example 1

2 braids on the back of the head

  1. Divide the array of hair into two equal parts with a vertical parting and collect each part into a tail for convenience.
  2. The left part of the hair is also divided into two equal parts and from each braid pigtail.
  3. Perform similar actions on the right side. It is very important that all work be done in stages and without much haste.
  4. The next step will require a certain dexterity: the spit closest to the part from the left side of the head is connected to the rightmost pigtail, and the spit nearest to the parting on the right side of the head is connected to the leftmost one. Hair should be well stretched.
  5. Having connected locks, hair are fixed by an elastic band. Thus, in the crown part of the head a cross of braids is obtained.

They look like a girl's hairstyles on medium hair very effectively and in an original way, but in order to build them with your own hands you will not need much effort.

Example 2

2 different braids

This variant of hairstyle for children also requires step-by-step work and patience, but the result will be very impressive.

  1. Similar to the previous example, the hair is divided into two identical parts by a vertical parting, each of the parts is fixed by an elastic in the temporal parts.
  2. Since this styling option is perfect for a solemn occasion, it is recommended to treat the hair with a medium or strong fixing product so that the result lasts a long time and unruly strands are not knocked out.
  3. The tail, collected on the left side of the head, divided into three equal strands and braid each of them in a tight pigtail.
  4. All braids must be well fixed at the end of a thin rubber band to match the color of the hair.
  5. When all the strands are braided, the Pigtails are intercepted by rubber bands in a way that was considered at the very beginning of the material - in the example "funny rezinochki".
  6. Similar work is done on the right side of the head.

As can be seen from the above examples, hairstyles for girls for every day based on the pigtails, which are familiar to everyone, may not be so simple.

Festive hairstyles for girls

Festive hairstyles for little girls are different from everyday ones in that they require treatment with special cosmetics and, as a rule, are decorated with various decorative elements - bows, flowers, rhinestones, and so on. Accordingly, any of the above styling examples can be adapted to the solemn occasion by using hairpins, headbands, rubber bands or studs. In addition, more complex weaving elements can be applied, for example, French braids or two-strand braids. They also become an excellent basis for a variety of interesting styling.

French braid

2 French braids

Braids for girls of complex weaving look festive and elegant even without the use of additional decorations, however, in order to perform such a hairstyle correctly and carefully you will have to try. At the time of work on styling a child can be carried away watching a cartoon or other activity that requires concentration and perseverance.

  1. To separate part of the hair with horizontal partings from the temples to the crown part of the head.
  2. Divide the resulting tail into three equal parts and begin to weave the usual braid.
  3. As we move downward, thin strands of hair from the rest of the hair are woven into the braid, alternately right or left.
  4. Reaching the neck, you can collect the hair in the tail, a bun or continue weaving from three strands.


Girl with curls

Festive hairstyle for a girl may well borrow adult receptions. For example, if a girl’s hair is screwed onto large curlers and thus curls are created from them, there is no doubt that the styling will look very solemn, especially if you decorate it with an interesting hairpin, rim or tiara.

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