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Every mother who is preparing for important events in the life of her daughter with responsibility will definitely pay due attention to the choice of hairstyle for graduation in kindergarten. What could be more beautiful than fresh flowers? We suggest you follow the advice of stylists and use fresh flowers as a decoration for your graduation hairstyle in the garden for your little daughter. Our article will help you to feel like a real florist, we will show you a lot of inspiring photos, tell important details when working with flowers and you will easily create the most unusual styling with your own hands.

What mom needs to know about laying for the garden prom

This holiday will be remembered for a long time both by you and your young princess, if the image of the little beauty is complete and memorable, and styling will play an important role in this. If you are looking for ideas, believe me, fresh flowers in your hair will not disregard the head of your young graduate.

wreaths on the head of young ladies

To do everything yourself is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. First of all, you need to decide what requirements should meet the hairstyle for graduation in kindergarten:

  • One of the main criteria is harmony. Selecting graduation hairstyles in the garden, first it is better to decide on the dress, and starting from its style, style, color, select the styling.
  • When choosing a hairstyle for a graduation day in the garden, it is necessary to take into account the mobility of the child - the styling should "resistant" and not bulky. Your daughter should be comfortable.
  • Forget about the many gum and barrettes. Today, no one will be surprised. We will select the most stylish options.
  • Remember the balance, it must be present in everything: the more complicated the installation itself, the less decoration you need to use.
  • Every girl wants to be like a princess. The whole solemn image should be aimed at the realization of this dream. We will select the most fabulous children's hairstyles for graduation in kindergarten.

wreath of flowers

Hairstyles for graduation in the garden, girls can have a wide variety, and perhaps everyone will be just the same type and even made by one master in the salon of your area. To make your princess unique, we recommend that you take this responsible matter in your own hands, and we will help you!

beautiful girls

Become a florist, life hacking for mom princesses

To create a real masterpiece on the head of your young lady, you will need:

  • About 3 hours time.
  • Natural flowers. We will tell you how to pick them up.
  • Invisible hairpin hair color of your beautiful.
  • Teip tape floristic. You can buy it in the shop for florists or order in the online store. The cost of tape tapes is about 100 rubles. It is better to buy a tape of green color, it is designed specifically for live flowers. But if you can find only white, that's okay, just green will be less noticeable on the stalk.
  • The floristic wire, it can be replaced with any thin and flexible, but strong, well holding form.
  • Hair spray.
  • Thin gum.
  • A little patience and perseverance, as well as a great desire to make your baby the most beautiful.

Floristry in styling

Choosing flowers for laying at the prom

Let's start with the choice of colors that will decorate any prom hairstyles in the garden. You can choose them to your taste, they must be in harmony with your princess's dress. Flowers do not have to be bought, maybe you grow them in the front garden, this is even better, they will be freshly cut! Basic requirements for the selection of a flower:

  • Hard stem. He should not bend and break during further work with him.
  • Moderately large bud. If you choose a large flower, it should be on your head alone. For a young lady it is better to pick a lot of small buds, they will emphasize the young beauty like nothing better.
  • Freshness. Flowers must be fresh, otherwise all the work go down the drain.

gypsophila in curls

Best for a hairstyle at the prom in the garden for a young beauty fit:

  • Spray roses, spray-carnations, alstroemeria, freesia look in the hair simply irresistible.
  • Bush chrysanthemums with miniature buds have a wide color palette, you can choose them for any dress.
  • If you like wildflowers, chamomile field and cornflowers are perfect for decorating hair.
  • Gypsophila is the most successful flower for our task. The stems do not even need to be processed, gypsophila will be fresh until the end of the holiday and even longer. It is easy to weave wreaths from it, and single bunches are easy to insert into the styling.

gypsophila wreath

Processing colors for young graduate's hair

To make the flowers last as soon as they are cut to the end of the event, follow the simple instructions:

  1. Cut the stems of flowers at an angle with a sharp shear or scissors to make the cut sharp.
  2. Put the flowers in cold clean water, leave the vase in a dark, cool place for at least 1.5 hours, preferably 2.
  3. Time passed, we got flowers, they took enough water, it remained to hold it in a stalk. To do this, cut the flower must be tightly closed, wrapped in tape. The tape is quite flexible and stretches easily. "hugs" small stalks. Just cut the end of the ribbon and wrap it around the stem, press lightly, it will not unwind, do not worry.

bud preparation

How to fix flowers in styling

Now we will tell 2 ways to fix flowers on the head:

  • We fix flowers on the hairpin. Take a small hairpin, on one end of which wind the flower stalk with a piece of tape tape.

buds with taped heels

  • Making a wreath. Take the wire, make a wreath base of it, wrap it with tape. Alternately apply a flower for a flower to the base of the wreath and with a thin wire securely fix them, moving in a circle. When the wreath is ready, the back can be tied with a thin satin ribbon bow.

how to make a wreath scheme

Create a styling for a young graduate of the garden

You can begin to create hairstyles for graduation in the garden. We will select the most successful models that are easiest to perform on their own, even for the most experienced moms in hair issues.

Hairstyles for prom for long hair

Of course, the most diverse hairstyles for prom for long hair, here the result depends only on your imagination and skills.

long curls

Loose curls and wreath

All girls love loose curls, why not let them have such joy on this solemn day ?!

  • Apply a little styling mousse to your hair.
  • Curl curls can be on curling iron or heated hair rollers.
  • A little hairspray will ensure the reliability of this hairstyle at the prom for long hair.
  • Put a wreath of flowers on your princess's head, it will be incredibly beautiful!

curls and wreath

In order to complicate this arrangement a little, you can collect all the curls on one side and fix it with stealth, and instead of a wreath, distribute flowers on the heels all over the head of hair.

Openwork braids with fresh flowers

Weaving today is kept in hairdressing trends, and therefore such a hairstyle at the graduation day in the garden with your own hands will look not only beautiful, but also relevant. The scheme in stages looks like this:

  1. Split the hair on the center part.
  2. Braid 2 pigtails on the sides in the technique "fish tail". It can be ordinary braids of 3 strands, which are under the power of each mommy.
  3. Alternately pull the curls of the pigtails, starting from its base and moving towards the tip to make it bulky and tracery.
  4. Put a wreath on your head or insert flowers between the curls of the braids.

openwork braids

Hairstyles for prom on medium hair

As a hairstyle for graduation for medium hair, we offer you a simple but effective wisp. Step-by-step layout creation scheme is as follows:

  1. Gather the curls in a ponytail high on the crown, tie a rubber band.
  2. Take the cover-donut, put it on the base of the tail.
  3. Wrap the hair around the donut to close the lining.
  4. Wrap the loose ends of the strands around the base of the beam and secure with hairpins or stealth.
  5. Now decorate the styling with flowers: fasten hairpins with buds around the base of the beam. How simple and unusual, isn't it?

Medium Length

Hairstyles for prom for short hair

Of course, hairstyles for prom for short hair do not allow to experiment with complex weaving and will not even allow you to collect a bunch. But you can wind cute curls even with a bob haircut.

cute girls with short hair

And even if your young princess has very short hair, a wreath of fresh flowers on her head will provide her with the most original and gentle hairstyle.

short hair girl

We hope that our ideas and photos inspired you to create hairstyles for girls at graduation in kindergarten with their own hands. Believe me, children's hairstyles for girls at graduation in kindergarten, created by mother’s caring hands, daughters remember as something special, and you will get a lot of pleasure from the process! Good luck to you!

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