Hairstyles for graduation 2014 on medium hair

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Already very soon, in the middle of June, in many educational institutions graduates will receive their long-awaited certificates and diplomas. This pleasant procedure is always preceded by exams and final year defenses. Still, in the exam bustle, every girl still has to take the time to think through her graduation look in detail, choose a dress and sign up for a hairdresser. Most often in the head of a girl already long before buying a dress and creating a hairstyle, there are dreams and fantasies on this subject. Dresses and hairstyles for graduates should create a single whole, complement each other and, possibly, have the same accessories.

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It is to the prom girls are trying to grow beautiful long hair. But it does not work for everyone. Those whose curls have reached only medium length, do not despair, because for them the masters have developed hairstyles for graduation for such hair.

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In 2014, there are no specific requirements and restrictions for graduation hairstyle for medium hair. The main thing is that she harmonizes with all the image of the girl. When choosing a hairstyle for prom, you should also consider the style of the dress, the length of the hair and their thickness.

Hairstyles for medium hair with curls and curls

Beautiful curls look spectacular on the head of hair of any length, especially when they are structured. Curls are easily obtained when using hair curlers or forceps.

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  • The curlers are wound on the strands of the desired size, the thinner the strands, the more complex the styling will be, and vice versa, wide curled locks will only slightly lift the hair of medium length.
  • Each curl received from one papilotki can be divided into several smaller ones, using only their own fingers or the tail of a comb.
  • To give a more natural look, this hairstyle for a final hair dress for medium hair should not be overly fixed with varnish, since the curls will only become heavier and the curls under their own weight will very quickly dissolve.

Along with elastic curls for medium-length hair, lightweight, perhaps a little careless waves turn out to be a win-win. They are suited to the sensual, tender image of a 2014 graduate. It is easy to create waves on medium-length hair at home. To do this, it is enough to perform a few simple steps: wash your hair, slightly dry it with a hairdryer, comb your hair, braid it into braids from strands of the desired size, let it dry completely and spread it out. Before blooming, they can be dried with a hairdryer. Loose strands enough to comb a little fingers and fix the varnish.

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One more kind of curls turns out on hair curlers spirals. In this case, the volume of hair is increased several times, so this version of curling on medium hair looks bright and fits only self-confident girls. Hairstyles for graduates with the use of spiral curls can only be performed by professionals, as you need to wind the strands quickly enough, and even on thin hair of medium length they will turn out more than thirty.

If, nevertheless, the girl feels the strength in herself and knows that the hairstyle for the prom can be done on her own, then she will need instructions on how to do it step by step.

  • Beautiful curls are obtained when styling gel is applied to wet curls.
  • Then, after a little drying with a hair dryer, fine strands are wound on spirals.
  • After 10 minutes, they can be removed and, if necessary, a little twist fingers.
  • An additional volume of this bold styling will help give a light massage to the scalp.
  • To fix the hair should lacquer medium degree of fixation.

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It is rather problematic to create curls in retro style on your own as a hairstyle for graduation for medium-length hair. It is better to turn to professionals who will certainly advise you to complement the image with rims or ribbons to match the dress.

Braids and their varieties in hairstyles for graduation 2014

For all girls during gathering for graduation, hairstyles are one of the main points. Graduates with medium-length hair should not think that braids are the lot of long-haired beauties. Braids and their varieties can easily be used as a hairstyle for a graduation for medium-length hair.

Hairstyles for graduates who have medium-length hair often contain a fishtail braid. It can be braided both as the main element of installation, and as a supplement. Such a tail is laid in the form of a bundle, is braided diagonally across the entire head, or a few braids are made with original partings. Beautiful voluminous hairstyles for graduation in the style of phishing-style are relevant for several seasons already, and 2014 was no exception.

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From simple French braids to the final, styling is quite interesting. The recent weaving of the braid inside out will be appropriate at the solemn event. To prevent the hair from getting fluffed, just apply a moisturizing spray with light fixation. In addition, wet strands are easier to braid.

Festive hairstyle always gives the bouffant. Before weaving any braids on medium hair, you can make a radial pile, in which case the braid will become larger and more magnificent.

Bundles, babetty and plaits, as elements of hairstyles for prom

Smoothly picked up hair near the face and a high bunch remind girls the image of Bridget Bordeaux. By using a special lining roller, babette can also be made on medium-length hair. When using a lining, the volume of the beam will be no worse than that of owners of long hair.

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Braids are often included in the hairstyle with bunches and babette. On the head of medium length, this element can look very attractive. It will help to solve the problem with the fact that the girl wants to have a styling in the form of a beam, and her smoothly combed hair near her face does not fit. In this case, the harnesses are performed all over the head, starting from the hairline, in the direction of the crown, where they are bundled.

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Numerous ideas of hairdressers-professionals prove that in 2014 each girl will be able to choose a hairstyle for her graduation.

Video: an interesting version of the hairstyle at the prom for owners of medium-length hair

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