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Every prom girl wants to look stunning. Although all classmates and classmates have known each other for many years, but graduation photos will remain forever. Photos from such significant events are often printed and framed, so the main points, and especially the hairstyle and dress of the girl, remain in memory.

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Graduation school ball, as they often say, is a farewell to childhood. Many stylists in 2014 advise girls to choose a romantic and natural look. Hair in this plays an important role. Some girls think that their short hair is difficult to put in beautiful hairstyles, so leave the solution to this issue on the last day. And, having come to a hairdressing salon, they ask only to give hair volume. This approach is wrong. In the image of a graduate at graduation hairstyles are important. You can create beautiful hairstyles for prom for short hair, putting a little effort and imagination to this lesson. Add a variety of styling will always help accessories: rims, ribbons, bows and others.

Face shape and wishes for hairstyle for short hair

The closest to the ideal shape of the face is oval. To her you can safely pick up any styling and strands around the face. When the oval is broken by wide cheekbones, it is desirable to close them with straight strands near the face. You can also hide a heavy lower part of the face by harmonizing the proportions of the head, that is, creating a pile on the top of the head. Square face shape will help oblique partitions and asymmetrical styling. The elongated oval of the face is best hidden lush curls.

Riana with a different color of hair

Laying on the final of the bob haircut

The undoubted advantage of hairstyle for prom on short hair is that it takes much less time to create it than on styling curls of medium length. Another advantage of the hairstyle for a short hair outlet is that it will stay the same evening without changes, since the short strands do not fall apart under their own weight, as medium or long.

wavy square

Sometimes the haircut itself tells the master how to style the hair so that it looks more impressive. Such haircuts include square. Beautiful hairstyles for prom are obtained if the hair is curled on large curlers or just give them volume with the help of a full-fledged comb. Often styling is complemented by accessories.

Hairstyle for graduation for girls is so important that they create it step by step, that is, first make the hair painting, and only then do the styling for short hair. This approach allows you to create the most thoughtful and complete image.

Retro hairstyle for prom

A return to the style of the middle of the last century has been relevant for several seasons already; 2014 was no exception. The waves of various directions and heights as if specially created as hairstyles for graduates. Such styling is easier to create on short strands than on a long-haired head. Hairdressers believe that it is waves that occupy a central place among the variants of hairstyles for short hair.

retro style

To make the waves beautiful, it is desirable to hold a rehearsal of their creation a few days before the gala evening. In this case, it will be possible to experiment the waves of which length and height would be better suited to the girl, and also find out what means for styling with medium or strong fixation will allow the styling to stay all evening.

beautiful women with light hair

You can add volume to retro hairstyles for graduates with the help of chignons and overhead strands. This technique will also allow step-by-step to change the length of the hair, making it, for example, medium.

retro styling

In order to create a complete image of a girl from the 60s, it is desirable to add a flower or some feathers to the beautiful waves. To such an image, of course, an appropriate dress of medium length is required.

The most common techniques used in hairstyles for short hair

rock style

Hairstyles for prom for short hair should not be too bulky and complex. The effect of wet hair is a favorite method of many stylists, not losing its popularity for more than one season. Such styling is easily performed on short curls. When performing on a head of hair of medium length, a hair dryer with a special nozzle is needed, which complicates the process. For creating "wet hair" you need only a modeling gel or foam with the desired effect. On wet strands enough to make the desired parting and apply the gel. After drying, the hairstyle for the prom is ready.

Charlize Terron with a haircut

Haircut in style "elf" allows you to conduct experiments with the shape of the hair. Beautiful curls in this case are obtained by using wax or modeling gel.

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Does not lose relevance in 2014 and simple hair straightening with the help of an ironing. If the curls are thick, then this option will be very suitable for them.

Bang in hairstyles for prom

An important element in the hairstyle of 2014 is bangs. She can change the image beyond recognition. Therefore, when a girl is going to graduation, hairstyles should take into account the presence or absence of bangs.

Ann Hathaway and another girl

For asymmetrical styling fit oblique bangs, laid on one side. Smooth smooth bangs can make hairstyles for prom for short hair both romantic and strict. It all depends on the selected accessories.

disheveled bangs

Short bangs, no longer than 2.5 cm in length, are able to create the entire mood of a hairstyle for prom for short hair. Beautiful styling is obtained if you straighten the bangs, and give the rest of the strands volume, taking them back.

bangs raised up

It is important to remember that short-length hair can be easily styled only if the gels, lacquers and foams are properly selected for the type of hair.

Accessories for graduation hairstyles in 2014

Headbands are the most common hairstyle accessories. They can perform supporting or decorative functions. For sensual images, the bezel becomes an indispensable styling element.

flowers on the head

When the bezel visually makes laying heavy, you can use colored ribbons of different lengths and widths instead. They can be of several colors, that is, they can be applied simultaneously to the dress and shoes.

interesting styling variations

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