Hairstyles for girls for the new year 2015

girl near the Christmas tree

The dress is sewn, shoes are bought- New Year 2015 on the nose, and what to do with hair, how to make an original hairstyle with them? After all, every girl wants to have the most stylish and original hairstyle on New Year's Eve. Let's see what they are - stylish hairstyles for girls for the New Year ?!

Mastering New Year's hairstyles for teenage girls

Adolescence is the best time to try new, bold and stylish hairstyle solutions. In this young age, girls are allowed the most extraordinary hairstyles. But do not forget that any hairstyle for a teenager girl should be consistent with the image and character of your beauty.

Hairstyle for a girl for the New Year, what she is and how to do it yourself at home? Our simple answers to these difficult questions are:

  1. Hairstyles for girls on the New Year should be universal, modern and easy to use and naturally correspond to adolescence. Sometimes, adolescent beauties express a desire to look more mature and feminine than their true age allows, and you could see awkward New Year hairstyles on the heads of high school girls who are absolutely not suitable for young people.
  2. Hairstyle for girls for the New Year should be naughty, perky, flirty and personify lightness and youth. Therefore, for the new 2015, choose stylish and simple youth options.

straight hair and curls

Christmas hairstyle long and straight strands

Owners of long and straight hair can try a variety of hairstyles, but perfectly sleek, straight, shiny hair straightened by an iron will look quite stylish. It is possible to create such a masterpiece in a matter of minutes, and in order that the styling looks truly New Year's, cover the hair with a spray or varnish with glitter.

Luxurious girlish curls

New Year's Eve is an excellent reason to try on a new image. Therefore, if in a normal life your teenager girl prefers straight hair, then try curling curls or curls for a holiday. Long, flowing waves of hair always look fashionable, stylish and very feminine. To create a luxurious, large curls you need a forceps for hair with a large diameter and fixing varnish. If you want to create a more mischievous, with a curly hairstyle, you can use a curling iron of smaller diameter. Just do not need to comb your hair immediately after curling, just smooth it with your fingers, otherwise your efforts will turn your head into a dandelion. As decorations for the New Year hairstyle, you can use any unusual bezel, ribbon, or fasten a beautiful hairpin at the temple.


beautiful pigtails

A stylish solution for the New Year's Eve 2015 will be different variations of weaving. Create a unique image can braid, braided on one side. Just shift the hair on the shoulder, and braid the usual, tight classical braid, after that it is necessary to slightly relax her hands and the girl's haircut for the New Year 2015 is ready! Also, mini-braids, braided at the temples, are very popular among teenagers on the New Year. This hairstyle is very easy to perform and is not required for this special weaving skills and costs.

Light bundle and bunches "Goat horns"


A light, sloppy wisp is another version of the trendy New Year's hairstyle 2015 for a teenager, it is easy to create it a few minutes before the holiday. Gather your hair in a high bun and wrap it around the base, then gently tuck it all up with hairpins. By the way, if your girl wants to get a huge amount of attention to her person, you can add a little bit of playfulness to this New Year's setting. Since 2015 is the year of the Goat, your bundle can be turned into real horns. Instead of one bundle, make two, and to make the bundle look more like the horns of a goat, you will have to work a little. Now we will give you a simple instruction in which we will step by step describe all the steps for creating the styling. "Goat Horns":

  1. Take the simplest bezel that best fits your hair shade.
  2. Next, you will need two pieces of wire, wind one edge of the wire onto the bezel and you will have a carcass of the horns, do the same procedure with the second piece of wire, be careful because if you are in a hurry, your horns will stick out in different directions or your friend will be too removed from friend.
  3. Your frame is ready, wear it on your head so that it disguises itself under the weight and length of the hair.
  4. Begin to wrap the wire horns with hair, if at the end of the creation of the goat horn, strands will break out from you, pin them with pins, and sprinkle it over with varnish.

Cheeky hairstyle for short hair

The main hairdressing hit of the New Year's Eve 2015 is disheveled hair, styled with a gel and various tinted foams in a chaotic manner in the form of feathers. Try to create such a hairstyle to yourself on short hair and you will have a cool image of a bold persona.

cheeky styling for short hair
Remember !! Regardless of the length of hair and styling options, various hair accessories will help you to truly create a New Year's image. Use bright hairpins with rhinestones and stones, stylish headbands, rubber bands and decorative hairpins of the main New Year colors, and as we know this year 2015 - the year of the Goat or Sheep highlights such colors as: green, blue, brown. And of course do not forget that all this is in harmony with your New Year's costume and makeup.

Mastering New Year's hairstyles for little girls

Christmas hairstyle for a little girl also requires parents to show imagination and style, because all mothers want their favorite child to look beautiful and tidy. Consider all the options how to create your own children`s hairstyles for the New Year 2015.

baby with braids

High Christmas hairstyle for a little girl

The scheme of its creation is not complicated, but certain skills and certain objects will still be needed for this: varnish, curling iron, hairbrush, hairpin stealth and our instructions on how to properly use all these objects. Such a creation looks impressive and original.

  1. Curl hair step by step with a large curling hair one strand after another.
  2. Determine the temporal lobes, making the hairbrush part in two parts.
  3. We brush each received curls and fix them with varnish.
  4. We remove upward the lower strands, splashing pre-fixing means on them and fasten with a barrette.
  5. Medium curls, also give a beautiful shape and also fix all this varnish for styling.
  6. Side curls are subjected to the same procedure as the medium ones.
  7. With the help of studs on the center of the head set New Year's crown.

beautiful high styling

Christmas hairstyle for a girl of four braids

  1. We select a small part of the hair from the total mass of the hair, and divide it into four equal strands, and then weave an ordinary French braid from these strands.
  2. Then, each obtained pigtail gently transform into openwork weaving, simple pulling of the ringlets of weaving.
  3. When the openwork spit is ready fasten the clip to the crown.
  4. We do the same with the remaining three braids, after which we join the strands with a crab.

As a result, you get a beautiful hairstyle for a little girl for the New Year, which looks like an elegant braided steering wheel on the back of your head. Spray varnish with glitter over this styling and cover the connection of all the braids with a massive shiny hair clip or pin a beautiful bow.

three little girls

Weaving dragon for the New Year

  1. We divide the entire head of hair into 3 even partings, and then each of them is also divided into three parts: the occipital, the middle and the temporal one.
  2. From the middle part weave a round dragon with weaving into it strands of the temporal lobe.
  3. Weaving begin to lead from the right ear.
  4. From the rest of the hair you make two links of the French braid, weaving the occipital hairs into them.
  5. We connect the tips of the braids into a classic ordinary pigtail and fasten it with an elastic band.

The resulting little dragon is rolled up and pinned with a beautiful hairpin.

New Year's playful bun for girls

cute bun

Before you start creating this New Year's styling, wind your curly little curly baby, with such curls, this styling looks much more interesting and playful.

  1. Well-combed curls are tied to the tail.
  2. We put on him at the base of a wide elastic band.
  3. On top of the resulting donut, we distribute the hair evenly and fasten it with pins, so as to completely close the gum.
  4. Another gum we put on the resulting bundle and remove the studs.
  5. The remaining hair ends are crimped around the gum and again fix them invisible.
  6. We decorate the wheel with a beautiful, festive handkerchief, the colors of the kerchief should better match the favorite colors of the New Year symbol: blue, emerald, bronze, brown.

We hope that all of our options for children's New Year's hairstyles in 2015 will appeal to you, and you will choose the most suitable one for you from our short list of options. We wish all little princesses to look like in the New Year just charming!

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