Hairstyles for girls for short hair

Girl with square

All mothers want their daughters to look cutest and cute in any situation. That is why such a value acquired beautiful hairstyles for girls. We can safely say that today children's styling has become a separate fashion direction, which dictates its own trends and styles. Watching such a fashion is a pleasure for both little ladies and their relatives. However, not every child boasts a beautiful head of hair, giving the opportunity to repeat fashionable hairstyles. In some children, the hair grows very slowly, others in my mother's absence proudly grab scissors and work on their haircut themselves without any pity. This material will examine hairstyles for girls with short hair, which can be easily recreated at home.

Simple hairstyles for girls for short hair with a step by step guide


Curly girl

The idea that children's hair can be twisted on curlers can seem quite strange to many moms, but any doubts can be dispelled once you understand how nice and cute the result is. This hairstyle is created with its own hands in absolutely the same way as for adults, that is, all the locks are gradually wound on hair curlers of the smallest size. To reduce the time spent on styling, you can treat the child's hair over the entire length with a lacquer medium fixation, and dry your hair with a hair dryer. Of course, this option is not designed for every day, but it is perfect for special occasions. And if you decorate the ready styling with a large hairpin or a rim with flowers, then there is no doubt that your girl will be the most charming person on the holiday.


Many tails

Beautiful hairstyles for short hair for girls can be done quite simply. For example, if the basis to take such a simple hairstyle as a tail, you can create a lot of fun options. For example, you can place small tails over the entire head area and decorate them with multi-colored elastics at the base. If the hair is of very small length, you can somehow beat the partings, making them zigzag or dividing the area of ​​the scalp into geometric shapes.


Flower bezel

This option hairstyles for short hair for girls is probably the easiest and most obvious, but it is best suited to use it every day. Today in the shops you can find a huge variety of children's headbands, decorated with funny characters from cartoons, ribbons, flowers, crowns and so on. Maybe this hairstyle hit no one will succeed, but because of the short length of hair, no one will take your child to the boy.


Pigtails and tails

Is it possible to create children's hairstyles for short hair with elements of weaving? Of course, yes, but this is not an easy task. In order to put the short length of hair in a braid, the child must be seriously inspired by something, so that it does not turn and fidget. And the very hair needs to be processed with the sticking means of the strongest fixation. In addition, such hairstyles for girls with short hair will require the use of a considerable number of invisible hairpins. If the hair has a length of more than fifteen centimeters, then it is quite easy to braid it in the most ordinary, but thin braids scattered throughout the entire area of ​​the scalp. If the hair is shorter than fifteen centimeters, you can try to braid a few of them located in a row of French braids. It should be understood that this version of hairstyles for girls with short hair requires a lot of time to create and therefore does not suit every day.

  1. So, having decided to create a girl's hairstyle for short hair using weaving in French style, hair should be slightly wetted with water from a pulvellizer and treated with styling gel.
  2. Next, the head is divided into the desired number of equal parts, and from each of them it is braided step by step into a pigtail.
  3. After all the loose strands are woven, the pigtail is fixed with an elastic band.


Girls with two bunches on the head

This version of the hairstyle for girls is done quite easily for every day - the hair is divided into several equal parts in random order and an eyelet is made from each of them like a tail, the tip of which remains tucked.

Creative chaos

Shaggy girl

What could be more original than hairstyles for little girls with mohawk? Or just disheveled hair, standing upright? In fact, this option may be very gentle and touching. Especially if you combine it with an elegant lace dress and lush ornaments on your hair.

Original hats

Head bandage

This method is certainly not quite a girl’s hairstyle for short hair, but it is quite possible to diversify in such a way the daily look of a child. One option would be a wide bandage that would leave only the back of the head open.

Smooth styling

Smooth quads in girls

This version of the girl's smooth hairstyle for short hair is also created using a large amount of styling products. The entire array of hair is slightly moistened from the pulvellator, then it is treated with styling gel and smoothly combed. This option looks very glamorous and is perfect for holidays and celebrations.


Many flagella

Children's hairstyles for short hair can use such a simple but beautiful element as flagella. However, for their length should be at least fifteen centimeters. In the temporal part of the head, two strands are separated, a flagellum is formed from each of them, then both strands are collected at the crown and secured with an elastic band.

High tail

The girl with a tail on top

If you treat the entire array of hair with mousse, you can try to collect one high tail on the crown. This option is good and that removes the baby's hair from the face and they cease to climb into the eyes. A high tail is perfect for every day and does not require much time for its implementation.

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