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Each girl subconsciously aspires to beauty from a very young age, her mother instills in her such a desire, even trying to create an image of a princess at home. One of the most important parameters of tidiness and beautiful appearance of the girl is the hairdress. Children's hairstyles for girls every day should be as comfortable as possible and, at the same time, their owners should like them.. It is also desirable that not much time was spent for their creation and there was no need to delay the little fidget for a long time.

Hairstyles for short hair

girls with hairpin and rim

It is easiest for small owners of short hair to style them, however, it’s quite difficult to create beautiful hairstyles for girls on such a head of hair.

  • In this case, it will not be possible to braid the braid or to collect strands in tails, but you can make an original hairstyle with the help of accessories. To do this, gently comb the hair, putting it, and then decorate the hair with a bright ribbon, tied it in the form of a rim with a bow. In addition to the tape, creating a variety of daily hairstyles for children, you can use rims and hairpins. When choosing them, it is important to pay attention to the materials, it is important that they are soft and without coarse elements. Among barrettes it is better to give preference to plastic ones, since they put less pressure on the child’s head.
  • On short hair, you can collect and small tails. They not only look cute, but also give a cheerful mood to a child. Even if the strands are of very small length, you can make two small tails on the sides just for the view, decorating them with bright elastics or one tail on the top of the head with a tiny bow.
  • In cases where the length of the curls does not allow you to do any hairstyle or at least styling, you can use a children's hair accessory according to the type of dressing. The bandage-band is made of fabric and is easy to put on the girl's head, while she can be decorated with a bow, rhinestones or sequins, which will lift the girl's mood and decorate the styling.

Options for hairstyles for hair of medium length

The average length of the hair in children easily fit and allow you to do a variety of hairstyles every day. They can be made with elements of weaving, and in the form of laying.


An excellent option for girls hairstyles for every day is a braid, braided in the form of a basket.

  1. To do this, comb the hair and start to weave the usual braid of three thin strands in a circle, gradually adding new strands. Thus, the curls are selected and create a neat silhouette.
  2. Having finished weaving a braid, it can be fixed with an elastic band, a clip or decorated with a bright ribbon.
  3. If the length of hair does not allow braid circular basket, you can braid braid semicircle.

Girl with hairpins on her head

Flagella and Roses

On medium hair, it is easy to create such everyday hairstyles for little girls as flagella or roses.

  1. To do this, the hair should be divided into several identical strands (from 5 to 10, depending on the degree of density of the hair).
  2. Then each strand should be twisted in a rose or flagellum and tied with a rubber band for hair, while you can use multi-colored rubber bands.
  3. According to this principle, you can quickly and easily create everyday styling for little girls, alternating rosettes with pigtails and tails.

Intertwining tails

Also, the average length of the hair can be styled using intertwining tails.

  1. To do this, you need to braid a small tail at the top and gradually weave it into the tails below or at the sides. So you can at home create beautiful daily hairstyles for children of the same type, but different in performance.
  2. If the length of the strands allows, braids can also be woven into each other, starting from the top of the head. When the main hair length needs to be left uncool, you can braid the braid on the bangs, if there is one, or you can make two braids braided to the head on the sides. So the hair of medium length will not interfere with the child, but remain free, while the main part of the loose strands can be screwed.

Variations of hairstyles for long hair

If a little fashionista has long hair, then hairstyles for girls for every day can be very diverse. And at home they are not difficult to create.

braid rim

High tail

The simplest option is a high tail, which owners of short hair cannot afford.

  1. To do this, you should carefully comb the hair, gather it in the tail, securing it with a rubber band, but not too tight so as not to tighten the head of the child.
  2. Since the hairstyle is childish, then in the tail you can choose several strands, from which it is easy to braid thin braids. So simple hairstyle for every day will sparkle with originality and bright notes.


For long hair are suitable for all kinds of weaves.

  • At all times, girls braided braids, most often two braids, which were woven into bows for festive events, or simply fixed with rubber bands for the hairstyle for every day. To make such a set, you must first make a parting over the entire head, which can be both straight and zigzag. You can then braid either regular pigtails or spikelets (consisting of five interlaced strands).
  • Of the braids, you can simulate other children's hairstyles for girls every day, weaving them alternately into each other or making African-style hairstyles with several braids all over your head.
  • You can create a neat hairstyle by making one braid and twisting it into a strong knob, wrapping it with a bow or an elastic band. Unlike the traditional nipples of loose hair, this option will last longer and is great for active girls.
  • And if the child is assiduous, then you can braid pigtails like a whole basket or semicircle. If you want to quickly make a beautiful hairstyle for long hair, then you can braid the braid on the contrary, throwing back strands under each other, as well as braid the braid from behind obliquely.
  • Beautiful hairstyles for every day can be done with the help of hairpins, fixing the curls in dense flagella or bump on which you can then put on decorative hair nets. Also hairpins can create various rollers and hairstyles like "shell". However, these options are suitable for girls not younger than school age, and special small children's studs should be used.
  • If the long hair is not too thick, then you can give it volume by twisting. Unlike adults, children should be worn curls carefully, without using heat treatment, curlers, curling irons and chemical curlers. The easiest option for winding curls for every day are pigtails. To do this, you need to braid two or more pigtails for the night, and in the morning to dissolve the girl's hair and comb them. This styling can be decorated with a bright rim or beautiful rubber bands.

interesting version of the tail

Children create beautiful daily hairstyles quite simply. For this it is necessary to apply fantasy, to have perseverance and not to be afraid of experiments. Even if there are no weaving skills or the length of a child’s hair does not allow creating beautiful braids, you can create hairstyles for every day using a variety of accessories, which are numerous for children. With beautiful hairstyles, each girl will be able to feel like a real princess and at the same time she will begin to form her own sense of taste.

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