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Knowing a few secrets to create the right hairstyle for a rectangular face, young ladies will be able to transform themselves beyond recognition in a matter of minutes. Visually smooth out the clear outline of the face and move the focus on the hair - the main task of styling for an elongated face. These techniques have long been used by beauties from around the world. Why don't you try it?

Principles of selection of hair for a rectangular face type

The rectangular face type is quite rare. Such beauties among models are very popular on the catwalks and their faces are often decorated with gloss covers. The strong and volitional traits of girls will not leave indifferent not only fashion designers and photographers, but also ordinary men. In order to properly submit these interesting and non-standard features, girls need to know the principles of selecting hairstyles for a rectangular face. Proper styling will make the lines softer, slightly lower the high forehead and smooth out the massive chin and cheekbones.

The main task hairstyles for elongated face

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A rectangular face is rather elongated vertically, so the main purpose of styling is to make the ratio of the length and width of the face as harmonious as possible. That is why it is better to abandon the free strands and curls for long-haired girls. Vertical lines in the hair is better to say no. Hairstyles for a rectangular face type should have as many horizontal lines as possible. This is a line of bangs and many levels of hair.

Main styling techniques for rectangular face shapes

Using these simple tips, you can independently model in your imagination an example of a perfect hairstyle for an elongated face:

  • use bangs;
  • Give hair volume and width;
  • round silhouette styling;
  • give up the volume at the crown;
  • exclude even parting;
  • No to smooth long strands.

The ideal length of the curls for styling is just below the cheekbones. In order to smooth out the visually angular contours of the face, you can make the hair “hat”, which will have a uniform volume along the entire length. The tips of the hair can be neatly smoothed or chaotically disheveled.

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Bangs - the best assistant girls with high forehead. For a rectangular face, it can be quite thick, lying almost on the very eyebrows, so you can visually reduce the forehead. To give bangs softness, you can use a flat bang with rounded corners, it looks quite original. Another advantage of bangs for girls whose face is a rectangle is that it covers a flat hairline on the forehead, thereby rounding the shape.

But the parting is better to refuse. If you are used to separate the strands on the top of the part, let it be oblique. Equal parting in the center will make the facial features even more contoured. These instructions will help you choose and create hairstyles for a rectangular face on your own at home.

Long-haired girls with a rectangular face

  • Long curls, flowing down, as mentioned above, is not the best option for girls with a rectangular face type. Such lines of curls will give an already elongated face even longer.
  • Long-haired beauties can consider styling options with collected hair up. In order to soften the angular features, you can release a few strands at the temples. It should look natural.
  • Avoid explicit symmetry of curls and tight spirals. You can collect the hair up above in a bun or just fix it with your own hands using invisible women in any order.

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Fast daily styling option for medium hair length

In order to make simple styling on the middle hair to itself at home, take a hairdryer, styling foam, a round brush, a few Invisibles and an elastic band.

  1. Apply on the clean and wet strands of foam.
  2. Using a brush, spin the ends of the hair inward to dry the strands.
  3. Underline the structure of the strands with wax.
  4. Wear a rubber band so that it goes just below the hairline on the forehead and goes behind the ears. You can fix the bezel stealth on the sides for reliability.
  5. Start step by step to fill the hair under the bezel according to this scheme: take a strand near the right ear, curl around the hoop and fix it invisible. So, step by step, go strand by strand to the back of your head. Now do the same from the left ear to the nape. Do not forget to fix the strands stealth.
  6. In the final hairstyle for a rectangular face type, gently release a few thin strands. This will add a little carelessness and lengthen the styling level to the ideal - just below the cheekbones.

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Girls with short hair

It should be noted that not all girls with a rectangular face type will have short hair, this is rather an exception to the rule.

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  • Hairstyles for short hair lengths are most often limited to giving them texture and "fluffiness."
  • The smoothness of the strands in this case is unacceptable.
  • The volume on the top is also better not to do.
  • If you have short hair, you should think about whether to let them go at least to the chin, because with such a long head of hair it will be much easier to choose hairstyles for a rectangular face.

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