Hairstyles for 5 minutes with your own hands

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Every girl wants to see different hairstyles on her hair every day. But to visit so often a beauty salon is very difficult, so you need to learn how to create beautiful and diverse hairstyles in a hurry at home. Given the busyness of modern girls, this should be a hairstyle in 5 minutes with their own hands, as there may not be more time for this part of the image.

Fast hairstyles with braids and braids

Braids have always been used in women's styling for long and medium hair. Today there are many options for their weaving. The simplest can be called the French braid, braided inside or outside. Weaving braids requires certain skills, which are formed for some time. But when a girl learns to weave braids to herself, she will spend no more than 5 minutes a day on her hair.

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Applying a little imagination, you can include buns in the hair with braids, which will be an excellent complement and hide the protruding tips from your eyes. How to make a haircut? To create such hairstyles in a hurry, you need to braid a braid over the entire head, starting from the line of the forehead, then lay the resulting hair in a round bun. Skillful women's hands are able to hook the resulting styling with just one barrette, but for the first time you can use the studs.

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Fast simple hairstyles for every day do it yourself often include loose hair. Many girls, especially students, go to study with loose curls, and in front of pairs they make simple horse tails to make it easier to practice. Thus, it turns out that they have the same boring styling every day.

how to braid a wreath of braids with a beam

Loose hair enough to create a bezel, and they will play a new way. How to make the hair itself, described below.

  • From the frontal hairline, you need to separate the strands in the form of a rim 5 cm wide, then separate them with the parting in the right place.
  • Next, braid the French braids from the parting to the temples in two directions.
  • You can make unusual braids with strands on both sides, and more original ones, with weaving on one side. In this case, the free side of the pigtail rises, creating a natural bezel.
  • From the temples to the neck, strands are woven into ordinary braids and held together with a beautiful hairpin in color to the clothes. This hairstyle with your own hands will help the girl every day to look different, while not taking hair in the tails or bunches. You can diversify this style for medium and long hair by changing the parting position and the way weave the braids.

bundle with weaving

In creating a sensual image will help a romantic beautiful light hairstyle for every day of braids. It is a braid, braided diagonally from the crown.

  • In order to quickly make a hairstyle, you need to separate the front short hair and stab it with two invisible hair at the top, creating a slight rise.
  • On the side of the resulting elevation, three strands should be separated and the netted French braid should be braided.
  • Fast hairstyles of this type often have one problem area at the temporal part of the free edge of the braid. Hide the lack of hair closing the ear, help hairpins with flowers or large invisible.

high beam

Hairstyles for 5 minutes with their own hands with wrapping strands and bunches

The elements that have gained great popularity lately, the Greek hairstyles, find their application in quick fixes. Beautiful wrapping can be done on short, medium and long hair. To perform it, most often you need a special bezel in the form of an elastic band. How to make the hair itself, you need to tell in detail.

pin-up girls

  • Performing such a quick-hairstyle at home begins with the separation of a wide and narrow strand along the hairline near the face.
  • The resulting strand must be secured with rubber bands so that it does not interfere.
  • Next, make a gum under the head of hair so that it separates the strand from the rest of the hair in the frontal part.
  • The execution of laying is reduced to the alternate institution of the front strand under the gum.
  • After the first turn, you need to attach a small part of the loose hair to the front strand. Thus, with each turn around the gum strand will become more voluminous. Naturally will look like a hairstyle, in which all the gum is covered with hair.


In some cases, this simple hairstyle may look unsuccessful due to the fact that short hairs stick out from under the elastic band. Eliminate these shortcomings can be with the help of a spray of light fixation, applied before performing this hairstyle in a hurry at home.

an interesting option for laying side

Simple beautiful buns are added to fast hairstyles with wrapping.

  • In this fast-laying, the first thing to do is to assemble a regular tail and fix it with a thin elastic band in the color of the hair.
  • Then the gum descends a little, leaving the tail free, and the hair from head to gum is divided into two parts.
  • The tail is passed between these parts. As a result, you should get beautiful hair picked up.
  • The next step is a simple curl on the finger of the hair, thereby creating the basis for the future beam.
  • When all the curls are twisted, they themselves should gather in a bun, the girl can only align it and secure with studs. Finished beautiful hair at home looks like a bun with a small addition. That is what makes it original. To create such a styling an experienced girl will take no more than two or three minutes.

beam with a scythe on the nape

It is safe to say that the original and beautiful styling does not necessarily require a lot of time, in most cases it takes just five minutes to create them.

beautiful tail

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