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Hollywood beauty

One of the brightest celebrities in Hollywood - Megan Fox is always carefully watching their appearance. The actress manages to look very feminine and bold at the same time. Admire the hair of the star can be infinite. Megan almost never changed the long dark strands, so Megan Fox haircuts and hairstyles are luxurious chocolate waves collected or scattered over the shoulders.

Image of a hollywood star

Today Megan Fox is known as a gorgeous brunette with long curls. But at the dawn of her film career, the actress managed to try on many images. She was red and even blonde. There were experiments with length, but Megan Fox didn’t wear short haircuts. Today's image of beauty is the result of the work of professional stylists and image-makers. Her image is bright and memorable, it allows her to conquer millions of hearts of the audience, both male and female.

sexy hollywood actress

What haircuts and hairstyles does Megan prefer?

If we talk about haircuts Megan Fox, in this matter, the beauty loves stability. Only last year she decided to experiment a bit with the length, having made a haircut an elongated bob. The hue of the star's strands became slightly darker. All previous years she wore long hair, mostly without a bang, opening her forehead completely. Easy cascade with the shortest strand just below the chin - the choice of beauty Megan, who most successfully emphasizes the beauty of her hair.

two different styling

Light waves or even strands?

Megan Fox is not a fan of complicated frilly hairstyles. Most often, her head is decorated with soft natural waves or smooth smooth strands. With such styling, Megan appears on the red carpet and in everyday life. The main decoration of the hair of the actress is healthy and well-groomed hair. You will be able to repeat the laying of the star at home with your own hands.

Create soft waves like Megan Fox

soft waves

To create soft waves, you can use an iron, curling iron or heated hair rollers, but the most natural curls will be obtained if you use a brush-styler:

  1. Using a round nozzle with teeth, wind a thick strand.
  2. Hold for about 6-7 minutes and unwind it.
  3. Fix the result with varnish, slightly “beating” the strands with your fingers.

Smooth curls, the secrets of styling

To create sleek strands, like the Megan Fox, there are several secrets:

  • Before starting to dry hair, you can apply a smoothing cream on them, avoiding the root zone.
  • Straighten hair strands, use a brush with natural bristles. Pull the strands in stages according to the scheme: from the roots to the tips in one motion.
  • To prevent hair damage from high temperatures, use thermal protection agents, for example, Estel Professional Airex spray.
  • A gelatin mask with regular use can make your strands smooth.
  • Plates with ceramic plates affect the hair more carefully.

smooth star hair

Horsetail - a stylish choice

Often, Megan Fox prefers a stylish, but very simple hairstyle - tail. On the luxurious head of the actress, a fluffy tail with a tuft at the crown looks spectacular. And the ideal oval shape of the face of the actress allows her to wear a taut tail without a bang. If you have a face of the same shape, you can safely make this styling for yourself for your everyday look.


Variations of licked hair

Megan Fox's hairstyles licked their hairstyles look very feminine and emphasize the graceful figure of the beautiful woman. The actress prefers a variety of bunches in combination with smooth roots. In variations of licked hairstyles, the star most often has no parting, but sometimes you can see on the head of the beauty and even parting in the center this season. Fashionable last year, the "wet effect" at the roots, the hair of the actress was decorated in 2009, when the actress appeared on the MTV Movie Awards television show. This Hollywood diva feels very fashionable on hairstyles, ahead of the trends.

smooth beam

Retro waves Megan secrets of creation

Retro waves look spectacular on the dark strands of a Hollywood star. This styling will complement any evening dress, and this season it is as relevant as ever. If you like a hairstyle like Megan Fox and you want to repeat it yourself, you will need step-by-step instructions and a couple of secrets of successful styling:

  1. In this version of the retro hairstyle Megan Fox feature is the absence of basal volume. Repeating it with your own hands, do not touch the roots when winding strands.
  2. Before wrapping, apply a styling agent on the strands, for example, SYOSS Volume Lift. The mousse will make the strands bulky, and the result will last longer.
  3. It is possible to create retro-waves with the help of thermal rollers, and it is even easier to do this using a triple professional curling iron. Simply place a straight strand between the plates and hold for 2-3 seconds. Repeat until the tips of the hair.
  4. Slightly separate the curls with your fingers and fix the result with a strong lacquer.

retro star styling

Megan Fox Hair Color

The hue of the actress's strands varied from coal black to light chestnut at different times. Most often, the beauty can be seen with the color of hair - hot chocolate. As for coloring, the Hollywood diva prefers the traditional technique: all hair has the same even color, only some strands have the light effect of fading to the sun, which makes them even more alive.

ombre stained star

Megan Fox's haircut allows you to do different styling, even incredibly complex, because with such volume and length you can experiment endlessly. But Megan's hairstyle is always simple, restrained and at the same time stylish and feminine.

Video: Megan Fox styling

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