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Habitual haircut sometimes annoying, and I want something new. It is not necessary to solve the problem radically, dyeing the hair in flashy color or making a torn bang. You can simply draw a few strands of corrugation to give playfulness to the image and volume of hair. But how to make a hairstyle hair and what is it all about? We will understand.

Corrugated hair

Men love to speak maliciously about women's hairstyles. They believe that women have two types of styling: if the hair is curly, they must be straightened; and if straight - be sure to curl. Corrugation can not be called a perm, because the curls are more wavy than curled. Some people call the corrugated hairstyles “grooved”, because outwardly it really looks like that, others confuse them with wet chemistry.

The beauty of the corrugation lies in the fact that this technique can be used both independently, decorating with waves several strands, and making hairstyles of the most varied complexity on corrugated hair.

The iron for a corrugation

Almost all types of changes in the texture of hair are associated with any device with thermal effect. To get the hairstyle, the corrugation uses a special iron - the same as for straightening hair, but with grooved plates. It is thanks to them that the hair and get textured surface.

Some rectifiers are sold with additional nozzles just so that you can get corrugated hair. Corrugation can be small or large, depending on the desire. Also, many companies for the production of irons produce additional nozzles with simple corrugated drawings: hearts, butterflies, flowers.

hair crimping

Many irons have the function of protecting against overheating or ionization of the hair. These are positive bonuses, because the device will affect the hair with negative ions, maintaining its health, and automatically turn off when it is very hot.

Advantages and disadvantages

Probably, the girl's shirred hair adorns itself for a reason. Beautiful and unusual is yes, but there are still some advantages due to which the corrugation technique is so loved by the fair sex:

  • Hold on for a long time. Unlike curls, which are made by curling or obtained after a night on wet pigtails, the corrugation will not lose its appearance even without fixing with varnish. You can safely count on the day socks hairstyles with corrugation.
  • Gives volume. This factor makes buying up the flutes of the corrugations of all the girls who have not enough voluminous and not very thick hair.
  • Radically changing the image. Even a pair of corrugated strands will give the image zest, playfulness and originality.
  • Accessibility, the ability to crimp hair at home. Instructions for implementation are presented below.

Among the minuses there are two points:

  • Large time spent on the execution of hair corrugation. Although it all depends on the density of the hair and the chosen style of installation. When you plan to make waves all over your head, you'll have to puff. If it is two or three strands - it will take a couple of minutes.
  • Harm from thermal exposure.

Step by step diagram of the execution of the corrugation

Before you create any hairstyles from the corrugation, you need to understand the principle of obtaining these fervent waves. There is nothing complicated about it:

Christina Aguilera and Tyra Banks

  1. We connect the iron to the network and press the heating button, depending on the brand of the device, the button or toggle switch can be located anywhere;
  2. Take a strand of hair and place it between the plates;
  3. Clamp for a start for 10 seconds and see the result. Someone needs more time depending on the structure of the hair;
  4. Further, depending on the hairstyle, we make the corrugation similarly on other strands;

Corrugated hair ready!

It is important to perform all actions step by step, not in a hurry, because the included iron heats up quite strongly, which can lead to a burn. You should not let small children and animals into the room where the corrugation is made.

Nuances of shirring

Consider also the features of the execution of the technique of corrugation with their own hands:

  • Hair should be clean and dry. The last criterion is especially important because the effect of hot plates on wet hair has a negative effect on the structure.
  • Before you shirring hair, you must carefully comb them.
  • The smaller and thinner the strands that are planned to be crimped, the more magnificent the hairstyle will turn out. Conversely, the thicker the curls used for shirring, the styling will be more modest.
  • Before crimping your hair, apply a protective spray on them. Over it it is possible to put mousse for laying.
  • For maximum volume, grab the curl with a flat iron at the very roots.

Hairstyles with flute

You can decorate with corrugated waves a hair of any length. Consider all the options.

Long hair

corrugated styling

  1. Hair below the shoulders is the ideal soil for the work of any stylist, and below the shoulder blades is a dream. On long hair, you can try any hairstyles and styling, including the corrugation.
  2. You can simply finely grind the hair on the entire length. Get a hairstyle a la Angela Davis.
  3. A regular ponytail can be variegated with several corrugated strands. First, the tail is made, and then a few curls from it are corrugated with large nozzles.
  4. If you first ruffle long hair, and then braid openwork braids all over your head, then, firstly, they will hold better, and secondly, they will look more voluminous.
  5. Hair corrugation looks great in a staggered manner: when the waves are distributed over the entire length of the hair with squares touching the corners.

On medium hair

models with reflow styling

Average length is the hair to the shoulders. If you use for them a small corrugation, it will turn out very magnificently. Therefore, larger or medium caps are more suitable for them. Variants of hairstyles with corrugation on medium hair can be taken from the previous subsection, given that too many waves can impart unnecessary shaggy.

On short hair

If the curls can not be removed in the tail - they are considered short. A large corrugation will give a short look to a short hair, and a shallow one is better to use only with a very soft curl structure. And without that hard strands under the influence of the ironing will bristle even more, turning the hair in it is unclear what. Therefore, corrugate short hair should be with caution.

girls with interesting styling

Fashion for the people

The secret of the relevance of the corrugation is simple: with its help you can decorate any holiday hairstyle, add a bit of originality to the usual styling, or completely change the image. A corrugation will never go out of fashion, if only because the hairstyles on a corrugation hold on better than on a straight head of hair. And ease of implementation is always in priority.

Video: creating a hairstyle corrugated bow

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