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How to make a nest hairstyle and what is this hair styling option? This is exactly the case when the name speaks for itself. The hairstyle resembles with its appearance a bird nest. However, there are several variations of the creation of this masterpiece. Consider some of them.

The most beautiful styling variations "Nest"

Before proceeding to the instructions, let us give ourselves some simple tips. Of course, this hairstyle will work best on long hair. The optimal variant of their length is up to the blades. By the way, if you're going to make a nest to go to work, get up early. Creating it you notice some time, especially if you do it for the first time.

Nicole's Nest

Hairstyle nest, twisted using weaving, flaunted on the head of Nicole Kidman at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. You can create it with your own hands at home. For your convenience, we will try to give detailed step by step instructions.

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  1. Any hairstyle should begin with a simple and mandatory stage. Need to comb your hair well.
  2. Then you need to separate the strand of hair behind the ear, and, dividing it into 3 parts, start to weave a braid.
  3. If you weave a braid with your right hand, then the strand should be added only with the left, that is, from the side of the forehead.
  4. They should be woven each time, putting a strand of hair in the center. The result should be a neat arc along the forehead. This arc will descend to the other ear, forming a beautiful bezel on the head.
  5. Then the hair will need to be added to the side and the next step from the bottom, so that the circle will gradually turn out.
  6. When he hesitates, an ordinary pigtail should be weaved from the remaining hair.
  7. And then, finishing the bird's nest on the head, lay the pigtail with the inner ring and secure it with pins.

With this simple pattern, you can create an elegant look. Hairstyle nest on the head will look even more attractive if you decorate it with hairpins or flowers.

two models

Hive or crow nest

The hairstyle of a crow's nest is also called the beehive, in any case it is the version that we want to tell you about. It is quite possible to do it yourself without any help. To make it clear how to do this, we will describe the whole process in stages.

To create it will need some inventory. But do not worry, everything can be created from scrap materials. So, the nest hairstyle requires a little drop of patience, as well as a small washcloth, a piece of cloth of the same color as your hair, invisible hair and hairspray. Hairstyle nest on the head will look very good if you decorate it with a rim or lace ribbon.

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  1. The washcloth should be wrapped with a prepared cloth so as to completely hide it. The size of the future nest can be adjusted by squeezing a sponge to the volumes you need.
  2. For starters, you need to separate a small strand along the head from ear to ear.
  3. Further, it is necessary to fill it with varnish and make bouffant.
  4. Take similar steps step by step with three or four strands in a row.
  5. Then, fasten the sponge at the desired level and hide it with the prepared strands. That is, the hair should cover the loofah from above, hiding it from prying eyes.
  6. Fasten the hair at the bottom of the resulting bumps invisible, but arrange them in such a way that the side near the ears are two loose strands.
  7. Remaining free hair at the bottom of the nest, you can fix at its base or even leave it loose. The side strands are designed to hide all the hairpins, so they need to carefully lay around the nest and secure stealth.

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It is possible to emphasize the volume of laying with open lace, placing it in the form of a rim. Original and beautiful hairstyle nest ready!

Video: creating hairstyle nest

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