Hairstyle knot- learn to beautifully “tie” hair

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Each girl with long hair will be useful tips on how to make a knot hair. A variety of styling with bunches will allow you to choose the option that blends harmoniously with any wardrobe, whether it is a casual look or a cocktail outfit. The minimum amount of styling products and just a couple of minutes of time will create an ideal order and a unique image on your head.

Variations of hairstyles with knots and techniques of their creation

What is required to create a hairstyle with a knot?

different nodules

Hairstyle knot is created very simply with your own hands at home. You will need the following helpers:

  • styling mousse;
  • comb with a thin end, the usual comb for hair;
  • studs the color of your strands;
  • invisible of different sizes;
  • scrunchy.

The following schemes will help you choose the option of a stylish hairstyle with bunches.

Elegant side knot

beautiful styling

For girls with straight long strands, the next hairstyle knot will suit the side. It will complement any evening dress, from simple to the most elegant. If you have wavy curls, pre-align them with a flat iron. Then follow these steps step by step:

  1. Assemble the side of the hair with a rubber band.
  2. Next, you need to push her thumb and index finger just above the gum.
  3. Pull between the parts of the hair in the resulting hole the free end of the tail.
  4. Repeat step 3 again, wrapping the tail twice around the elastic.
  5. Attach the tip of the tail under the elastic stealth.
  6. Spread the bundle to make it more voluminous.
  7. Hairstyle nodule ready! Fix the result with hairspray and you are ready to delight everyone with your look.

French chic

styling french chic

Create "... a light charm, so characteristic of the French style, this chic without effort, without gloss ..." will help a simple French hairstyle. Create it on your hair to emphasize the natural beauty of your strands. Step-by-step styling is created like this:

  1. Apply a spray to a clean, dry hair to create a texture on the hair, for example, Loreal Professionel Tecni Art.
  2. Beat the strands with your fingers to give them a beach styling effect.
  3. Slightly strand the sides and on the crown.
  4. Collect all the strands in the tail, but do not tie them. Starting from the tips, twist them into the "shell".
  5. A little ruffle styling to make it look more natural.
  6. Secure the bundle with the studs.

Ideal hairstyle French knot or careless "shell" looks bleached hair, but brunettes will like the result.

Greek style knot

stylish bride

Hairstyle greek knot created on the wavy strands. If you have even hair, pre-wind it on large curlers to get natural waves. Then use the step-by-step instruction:

  1. Using a thin comb, divide the head of hair into 4 parts: along the horizontal parting from ear to ear and along the central parting in the middle.
  2. From the two parts of the hair near your face, braid 2 not French braids on 2 sides.
  3. Secure the ends with thin rubber bands.
  4. Collect loose curls from the back into a low bundle and secure with hairpins. The more careless it comes out, the better.
  5. Pigtails on each side lay around the head, and hide the tips of the pigtails under the beam and secure with stealth.

Hairstyle greek knot ready! It is very easy to do it yourself, try it!

Glamor knot

glamor styling

Hairstyle knot can look glamorous and spectacular. This styling is easy to do on your own, with only 1 rubber band on hand, a pair of stealth hooks, curling iron, mousse and hairspray. Hairstyle nodule step by step is performed as follows:

  1. Apply mousse to the clean, dry locks.
  2. Divide the strands into 2 zones on the horizontal parting from ear to ear.
  3. Collect the strands from the bottom to the tail on the side, and then twist it into a tight knot, fixing the invisible.
  4. Strand the top of the roots at the roots.
  5. Screw the tips of the upper strands on a large curling iron to make light spirals.
  6. Carefully evenly place the upper curls so that their tips lie on the side of the beam.
  7. Wrap the ends of the strands around the beam and secure them with stealth.
  8. Fix the result with varnish.

Hairstyles from knots can help you out in any life situation. Being able to collect such simple but beautiful knots, you will always be at your best.

Video: creating hairstyles "Cobra Knot"

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