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Style "Empire" - This is the image of the Roman and Greek Empresses, who received a second birth in the middle of the eighteenth century. French women who liked this style made many changes to it. Empire style hairstyles are a combination of several types of styling in one. The main elements are curls and braids. The latter must necessarily frame the shell of the hair at the crown. Curls can have a variety of forms: spiral, tubular, "shavings" or "corkscrews".

Modern Empire hairstyles

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Today, the laying of French women of fashion is acceptable for special occasions and receptions. This style is appropriate for going to the opera or theater. The hairstyle of the Empire style is already in itself a female adornment, therefore a modest dress with a waist under the breast is perfect for her. Feminine natures choose this look as a wedding.

Even an experienced master needs a lot of time to create an empire hairstyle. There is a wide variety of hairstyles and their forms, but the unifying elements of this style are: open forehead, even parting and comb. The latter has a very important role. To increase the amount of laying in her enclose special chignons.

Open neck is not a prerequisite of this style, so girls with long curls do not need to collect them in a bun.

  1. Ahead, you can keep the traditional look of hair, and behind the part of the hair to collect upstairs.
  2. The remaining curls simply curl and gather on one side. In long hair ribbons and beads look nice.

A large role in creating the image and the combination of styling with the dress is played by small parts and accessories. A string of pearls, included in the head of hair, looks appropriate and feminine. Any hair color is suitable for the Empire hair style.

How to make an empire hairstyle

Make hairstyles of the empire era with their own hands under the force of not every girl. In order for the laying to turn out, you need to have some skills and perform manipulations in stages. Execution scheme:

  1. Clean dry hair must be curled into curlers of the desired shape. It can be small spirals or large noble curls.
  2. Bend your head forward and begin to collect curls with thin strands on the back of your head. To obtain a larger beam, you can use a roller. Each strand must be secured with pins. If the hair is long, then you can collect part of the hair from the crown into a tight, well-combed bun, twist it around with several thin braids or a string of pearls.
  3. Part of the curls in front of you need to braid in the braids and twist them bundle.
  4. Leave a few locks on the face and curl them in the right direction once more, carefully laying the curls.
  5. An important place in creating a feminine image is played by accessories. For the empire hairstyle, girls most often choose tiaras, headbands and ribbons.

Decorations and additions should not be evident. It is better if they look natural and the main focus of the styling is on its shape.

Empire style wedding hair

Today is not so relevant lush wedding dresses. More and more brides adhere to the calm and modest empire style. For such dresses is characterized by high waistline and fluffy skirt.

This style is the best fit wedding hairstyle in the Empire style. To perform such a creation at home is very difficult, so it’s best to turn to a professional. When planning your wedding day, you need to bear in mind that the creation of styling for this era takes a lot of time.

When choosing a styling in a given era, you must take care of its accessories and consult with the master how to place the veil. Professionals do not recommend to change hair color drastically before the wedding. Unsuccessful staining can spoil the whole holiday. Empire wedding hairstyle will look great in any hair color.

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In favor of laying the empire as a wedding says the fact that it is well kept. That is, the bride will feel confident and not be afraid to dance with the guests.

Thus, in the modern interpretation, the styling of this style does not lose its popularity. This image is appropriate for feminine persons, gathering for a solemn event or a theater. This style is also perfect for the image of the bride.

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