Hairstyle basket-wicker beauty for stylish persons

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It is not the first season in the hairstyles of celebrities and models you can see braids and their elements. Business ladies and students choose a variety of ways to weave hair. One of the most popular hairstyles using braids is a basket of hair. The basket looks original and fresh and does not require special skills in braiding, it can be done by any girl after several trainings on her own.

Who is suitable hairstyle basket

The basket fits almost all girls and girls. The only exceptions are chubby beauties, as they don’t have hair styled with their hair pulled back. But for them you can find a suitable version of this hairstyle with weak weaving, which will not tighten the hair around the face.

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The hairstyle of the basket is distinguished by its appearance for girls and girls. Girls often weave tight braids of one kind so that their hair does not interfere during their studies. Girls can afford both tight and loose weaving of various kinds. Convenience and practicality hairstyle is already in the background, in the first place comes femininity and smooth lines. Braid basket is used by some hairdressers as a wedding hairstyle. In this case, it is decorated with flowers and other attributes.

Basket Varieties

The hairstyle basket is the collective name of a braid laid around the head. The weaving itself can be different, most often it is an ordinary French braid.

A braid basket can be laid evenly over the entire head or be just a bezel. It also sometimes resembles a wicker basket, when the braid comes in the form of a rim, and from behind it collects into a wicker bundle.

Step-by-step instructions for weaving basket hairstyles

The technique of basket weaving may vary depending on the type of hairstyle. But in any case it is better to prepare a comb, hairpins, stealth, hairspray and gum in advance. At the request of the basket can be supplemented with flowers and other decorations.

dark model

In the case when the braid surrounds the head only in one layer:

  1. First of all, you need to slightly moisten the strands with a light fixation spray, comb and separate them with vertical parting into two equal parts. In some cases, the right side can be done a little more.
  2. Then it is necessary to separate the three equal strands from the working side of the hair, that is, the one with which the braid begins, and to begin to weave the braid. A pigtail basket can be either a regular or an inverted weave. How to weave the French braids need to read extra.
  3. Braid basket should go along the hairline from the back of the head to the frontal part of the head. After reaching the line of the middle of the forehead, one should begin to take curls for weaving on the left side of the head.
  4. When the entire hair is collected, the free edge of the braid is carefully laid along the braided hair and fastened with hairpins. The finished basket is a wide strip of hair braided around the entire circumference of the head.

Actress Scarlett Johanson

Weaving a braid basket can be made in another way. Instructions on how to weave this type of hair is very simple.

  1. On the top you need to separate three equal strands and start from them in a circle to braid the French braid. We need to weave the braid so that even circles on the future basket are obtained on the head. On thick and long curls you can end up with up to six rounds of weaving.
  2. The free edge of the braid is laid under the already braided hair, similar to the previous method.

Diana Agron

A basket of hair can also be made of two braids.

  1. Before beginning to weave, the head of hair should be divided into two parts by direct parting and braid two loose French braids.
  2. Then put the right braid around the head over the left, fasten the result with pins. Tip hair hide.
  3. From the left oblique do likewise. The result will be a volumetric pigtail basket. With the qualitative performance of work at a glance, it will be difficult to determine exactly where each spit passes.

braided actress

Another option hairstyle basket, also consisting of two braids, provides for fixing the back in the form of an elongated cushion. If the hair is thick, then the basket of hair turns out quite bulky. In this case, you can combine two types of hair and put one braid around your head, and make a roller from the other. A large amount of hair should be fixed only with long hairpins, in this case the basket will not disintegrate even after the most incendiary dances at the party.

three models

Modern interpretations of the hairstyle of the basket provide for not only weaving French braids, but also creating headbands from the fish tail. In this case, the tress of the basket looks very original. This basket is suitable not only for schoolgirls, but also for girls who want to impress the opposite sex in their feminine way. Thus, the hairstyle basket is a universal assistant for every girl and girl.

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