Haircuts with long bangs

elongated locks on the forehead

Want to change the image, but do not decide on a haircut? If you want to be trendy in 2015, choose haircuts with long bangs. It will be the perfect complement to any hair length, refresh the image and help to adjust the shape of the face. About the most successful combinations of elongated bangs with models of haircuts and about who this trend of 2015 will suit you later in the article.

What is a long bang

Haircuts with long bangs are as varied as the bangs themselves. She may be:

  • Long, flat, falling below the eyebrow line. This option is perfect for girls with even hair. Especially it is worth paying attention to it to brunettes, - this option will skillfully emphasize the beauty of dark strands.
  • Long asymmetric. If you pick up short haircuts with long bangs, pay attention to the asymmetry. Models such as pixie or garson with asymmetric elongated bangs look fresh and creative.
  • Torn elongated. This model is best laid on 2 sides. The parting should not necessarily be in the center, you can make one part of it more voluminous. Most often, this option is combined with a cascade, then the most elongated strand of bangs becomes the shortest strand of the cascade.

straight strand cascade

Who will fit the elongated bangs

Everyone knows that bangs are able to steal a couple of years from their owner. If you want to look a little younger, a hairdresser can handle this task in 10 minutes.

short hair with asymmetry

Let's take a look at the photo and find out who's most suitable for women's haircuts with long bangs:

  • Long bangs will visually make the face shorter, and therefore this option is ideal for girls with an elongated face shape.
  • Elongated strands on the forehead with styling on two sides can make the face a bit narrower; such an option should certainly be considered chubby beauties and girls with a square face type.
  • If you have big eyes, you can safely choose women's haircuts with long bangs. However, all girls with large facial features will be beautiful with elongated strands on their foreheads, they will balance and soften it.
  • Girls with straight hair will be easier to wear any bangs, including the elongated - her styling will not cause difficulties.
  • If your hair is prone to fat, think twice whether you need a bang at all. If the hair will quickly lose its fresh look, by the middle of the day it will look ugly.

smooth bangs below eyebrows

The most successful combination of long bangs and haircuts

We have selected the best photos for you and will tell you the most winning combinations of 2015 elongated strands on the forehead with hair of different lengths:

  • If you liked a short haircut with a long bang and you are a bold experimenter, pay attention to the elongated "Rwanki" with haircuts with shaved temples. This hairstyle will not go unnoticed.
  • Another successful short haircut with a long bang is a bob. In combination with the torn feathers of a short bean, the elongated strands on the forehead will look ultra fashionable and stylish.
  • Such short haircuts with long bangs like pixies and garcons will look unusual if you lay them on one side, twisting the strands into large waves with a styler.
  • Owners of medium hair should pay attention to the multi-layered bob-car in combination with the elongated bang on the side. This hairstyle will allow you to always be the center of attention and will be the best option for girls with thin hair, who with bob-car get volume and lightness.
  • If you wear long hair, elongated strands on the forehead, combed to the side or on 2 sides in combination with curls of the same length will look stylish.
  • Another interesting variant is a cascade on a strand below the shoulder with a brow to the chin. This haircut will allow you to adjust any face shape, it is the universal and most popular model of 2015.

short hairstyles

Tips for laying elongated bangs

Do not forget that the elongated bangs will focus attention on themselves, and therefore it should always be laid beautifully.

bob with elongated strands on the forehead

What is required for styling:

  • Hair dryer
  • Round comb of maximum diameter.
  • The iron for alignment of locks.
  • Styling tool, for example, mousse.

Today, naturalness and negligence in the hairstyle is welcomed, and therefore forget about the lacquer of strong fixation, hairy strands on the forehead and everything that can make your hair unnatural.

laying locks on the forehead

The strands on the forehead should lie naturally, disintegrate and in no case look reliably fixed with varnish, like wood. The step-by-step hairdryer styling scheme is as follows:

  1. On damp hair, apply a little mousse, spread it over the entire length.
  2. Pull off the strand comb, sending a stream of hot air from the bottom up for a couple of seconds to create volume.
  3. After that, direct the dryer so that the air is blowing from the roots to the tips. Hold the comb horizontally.
  4. Then turn on the cold mode, cooling the hair, they will be even longer.

If you want to lay strands on the forehead on one side, slightly covering their foreheads with them, the installation instructions are similar, but you need to stretch the strands not down, but to the side. If your hair is smooth, you do not have to worry about styling, properly trimmed bangs will go well on their own.

laying curls exactly and on 2 sides

If you want to create a light wave of asymmetrical bangs or twist its tips inward, use the iron.

asymmetrical bob on medium hair

If you decide on torn models, you will like fashionable hairstyles in the style of grunge in 2015. Highlight texture "Rwanki" texture sprays or modeling wax will help. When applying the hair, avoid the root zone, so as not to create the effect of dirty hair.

Video: The secrets of creating hairstyles from Eugene Sedoy

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