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A successful haircut is a must-have element, without which it is impossible to look stylish and beautiful. Trendy haircuts for winter 2014-2015 are simple, feminine, elegant options that allow you to create elegant and at the same time the most natural images. Of course, the best fashionable winter haircuts for 2014-2015 are presented at fashion shows of the coming autumn-winter season. By the way, in addition to haircuts at such shows, you can peep and interesting options for hair styling and hairstyles, including for creating at home. Armed with such knowledge, you can safely begin to change, to please yourself and pleasantly surprise others.

The most beautiful and trendy options for winter haircuts

Male style

Model Agnes Dane

According to the latest trends, this season's haircuts for the winter will be fashionable to do in the men's style. Such models should be chosen by courageous and resolute women who want to create a fashionable business image. For the first time, the legendary Coco Chanel, which at the beginning of the 20th century, brought men's style to women's fashion. proposed to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity women's suit in men's style. Now this style got to the haircuts. If you decide to change the image and select the appropriate fashionable hairstyle, which, moreover, could be easily styled by yourself, pay attention to the models in the men's style.

Variations in androgynous style

three charming models

Still remain relevant haircuts winter 2014-2015 in the style of "boy-girl". Fashionable models are notable for practicality, versatility, clear geometry of lines and democratic character in choosing the shape and length of the bangs - bold and perky short bangs above the eyebrows, sexy elongated and oblique, fashionable bangs, “ranks” or stylish bangs with perfectly smooth edges. It is for the diversity and practicality that such variations have been loved by many celebrities - short androgynous haircuts adorn the heads of Halle Berry, Anne Hathaway, Charlize Theron and Sharon Stone. Having made myself the same variations, they can be easily stacked with your own hands.

Ever-popular "bean"

creative bean

The fashion for the classic female “bean” has not been going on for several decades. And in the new season, she again fell into the category of “topical winter haircuts 2014-2015”. The only difference from previous years - the scheme of its creation implies soft and feminine contours with bangs, selected in accordance with the shape of the face. That is, the bang should be chosen by itself, taking into account the shape of the face, the shape of the eyebrows and eyes, and not taking into account fashion trends. For example, you can choose a straight, elongated oblique, short or milled bangs, or even abandon it altogether. In the new season there are no restrictions on the length of the hairstyle - haircuts for the winter “bob” can be both with very short hair and with medium-sized strands. Bob prefer Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Rihanna.

Variations of the square in the season 2014-2015

beautiful square

Another fashionable option in the coming fall-winter season is the popular four-side haircut. There are more than two hundred of its variants, but now asymmetrical four of a kind, namely, four with side parting and an asymmetrical long bang, are coming into vogue. However, classical variations with straight parting and bangs with smooth edges are also possible. At the same time, both short haircuts and variations on medium or long hair can be in the form of a square. Among the celebrities who prefer cars are Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston.

Cascading haircuts

long hair cascade

Owners of fine hair season autumn-winter 2014-2015 proposes to pay attention to fashionable cascading haircuts. When they are created, the hair is gradually shaped into a cascade shape, which results in a spectacular volumetric hairstyle. Of course, on short hair such a hairstyle is not done. In the new season, variants of cascades with asymmetrical strands or layers with clear transitions will be especially relevant - this is the trend of the season. For inspiration, look at the cascading haircuts that have chosen Beyonce, Penelope Cruise or Cameron Diaz.

General recommendations for the selection of fashionable haircuts in the season 2014-2015

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It would be much easier if there was a clear step-by-step instruction on how to choose a fashionable haircut, but this, unfortunately, is not. All people are different, so there is such a huge number of their options so that everyone can choose the one that best suits them. And in this matter, all the same, you should trust the professional master, who will take into account the length and structure of the hair, the shape of the head and the oval of the face. And in order to make it easier for the master to choose not just a fashionable haircut, but a truly optimal hairstyle, you should decide in advance on your preferences. For example:

  • Do you like side parting on smooth hair in the upcoming season or you prefer straight;
  • Do you want to make a stylish short hairstyle or still leave enough length to braid unusual braids with non-standard weaving, which will also be in fashion this winter;
  • Do you dare to make a bang or feel more confident without it.
  • And the last: whether you can independently give a new hairstyle natural negligence or you will be saved by a “ponytail” - one of the trendy hairstyles of the autumn-winter 2014-2015 season.


Choose, compare, decide, especially since it is not so difficult to do, because a huge number of stylish hairstyles have already been presented at fashion shows and are already emblazoned on the heads of many famous actresses, singers and simply social women.

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