Haircuts for short hair

two models with an unusual appearance

Women's haircuts for short hair in 2014 with the light hand of world designers, have become one of the key points that you should pay attention to, creating fashionable images this year. Frankly boyish forms of hairstyles, actively popularized among the general population, successfully echo the androgynous forms of fashion collections.

Stylish short haircuts in 2014 must meet one or more criteria:

  • ultrashort forms;
  • clarity of lines and silhouettes;
  • the prevalence of unusual ways of laying and painting.

Thanks to the courageous experiment on which the emancipated ladies of the beginning of the twentieth century dared, we still successfully wear haircuts for short hair. Bright hairstyles testify to the extraordinary character and decisiveness of a beautiful girl.

Pay attention to the characteristic nuances of short haircuts

Women's short haircuts always attract the attention of the opposite sex. And it's not just the short hair, but the girl’s face itself. Stylish haircuts as much as possible open the face that will demand from the girl special attention to give to a make-up and a condition of skin. You should not choose short haircuts for girls who have significant skin imperfections, as this hairstyle will only attract excessive attention to the flaws. Minor flaws will help to hide the modern decorative cosmetics.

girl with beautiful hair

Do not forget before a radical change of image to choose the option of a haircut that fits perfectly into your image, lifestyle, style of dress and behave. Do not forget that hairstyle is a complementary element of the whole appearance, and not a separate, independent part.

Independently selecting fashionable haircuts for short hair in 2014, be sure to consider the shape of the face to skillfully adjust the nuances of appearance.

  • Note that girls with a rounded face should choose hairstyles with voluminous top (top) and smooth temples. The ideal choice in this case would be “pixie”, “bob” or hairstyles torn in the area of ​​the top of the head.
  • Square or triangular face will help to correct the hairstyle with voluminous strands in the chin area.
  • The elongated shape of the face will brighten up any options for haircuts with bangs. In this case, the classical forms of the caret with graduated strands of the required length are particularly relevant.

Who is short cut?

fair-haired and dark-haired photomodels

Fashionable short haircuts in 2014 deviate from the rule that this is an extremely “sporty” version of the hairstyle that will suit active girls. The model range, the quaintness of the forms and the variability of the styling, which allow you to create real masterpieces of hairdressing at home, increasingly state us in the opinion that short haircuts are a universal hairstyle, regardless of age, social status and lifestyle. Among the characteristic advantages of such haircuts emit:

  • easy installation with your own hands;
  • minimum time spent on care of hair;
  • the opportunity to present all the advantages of appearance in a favorable light;
  • a variety of haircuts allows you to skillfully emphasize or adjust the shape of the face;
  • The variability of styling allows you to change your image daily.

Choosing fashionable short haircuts

For bold and stylish girls, ultrashort hairstyles presented at the fashion shows of the autumn-winter season can become a topical option.

Boyish variations

models with white and red hair

Among the popular models are poluboks, or androgynous boyish hairstyles. Instructions for their installation does not require special skills, and involves drying the hair dryer with a small amount of fixing agent. To achieve perfect smoothness, it is necessary to work out the strands with wax or gel.

Torn haircuts

Creative cuddles will love classic swifts made in the technique of torn haircuts. A bob or bob, is worked out step-by-step with thinning scissors to give the hairstyle deliberate negligence. Giving volume in the temporal areas or chin areas will help to correct a narrow and angular face.

torn short haircut 2014

Bangs Options

One of the current trends of the season are hairstyles with bangs. Trendy hairstyle - "Pixie" which season is already at the peak of popularity among women. Haircut scheme involves the execution of a classic haircut "under the boy" with a deep thick long bangs. The main emphasis on bangs allows you to create extraordinary images, depending on the type of installation.

bang short hair 2014

  • By combing the bangs back and sprinkling the styling tool you can give the appearance of "rocker sound."
  • Volumetric bangs, laid smoothly on its side, perfect for a romantic look.
  • Disheveled, a little careless styling, will give mischief and ease look.

Shortened car

A cropped four-sided with a straight thick bang - fashion 2014. Especially effectively this hairstyle looks on dark hair, giving an oriental flavor to the whole image.

cropped short


Not less relevant is the haircut page, which perfectly adjusts the elongated shape of the face.

hair page

Asymmetrical haircuts

Asymmetrical short haircuts - an option for brave girls who want to stand out from the crowd. The main condition that the master must adhere to is the clarity of the cuts and the graphic nature of the lines. Do not forget that in everyday styling you will need some skill to give the perfect smoothness stylish styling. So that you do not have any difficulties in its independent execution, entrust the creation of the hairstyle to a professional, because your whole look will depend on the correctness of the created form of the haircut.

redhead girl and blonde


Women's fashionable haircuts, executed in the technique of "cascade", are created by gradual prostration of the strands around the entire circumference of the head in the form of smooth transitions from the short crown to the elongated lower strands. Such haircuts for short hair are universal for all types of hair and face shapes, which causes the continued popularity of such hairstyles among modern fashionistas.

cascading haircut

Bob and quads

We should also dwell on the classics of the genre - bob and bob haircuts. Modern trends offer a lot of options for the execution and styling of such haircuts. These hairstyles look equally good on both straight and curly hair, with or without a bang. A bob hairstyle, performed with a shortened nape, smoothly turning into elongated strands in the face is one of the variants of the fashionable looka of 2014. Textured, graded, classic forms - in all this variety, each girl will be able to choose the best option for herself.

bob and quads

Options for styling short haircuts

Do not be deceived by the common opinion that a short haircut is a taboo for experiments. Ultrashort haircuts can be diluted with bright accents due to unusual hair dyeing, cutting out decorative elements in the temporal or occipital zones.

two interesting styling options

  • Haircut "Pixie", due to the unusual styling bangs, allows you to give a mischievous negligence, and romantic restraint hairstyle.
  • Bob and bob - a fertile field for experiments. Styling options are standard when curly hair is flattened and straight lines are frizzed. Such simple techniques will allow you to bring a touch of novelty in the created image.
  • Also, all sorts of weaving options look very original: create a peculiar rim of hair or weave a fringe into an openwork braid - this image certainly will not go unnoticed.

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