Haircuts for round face and thin hair

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Haircuts for round face and thin hair are designed to correct some of the flaws in appearance, but rather, to emphasize its advantages. Picking up the right hairstyle, you can easily balance facial features, make it more elongated. The principle of selection of hairstyles lies in the fact that as close as possible the shape of the face to the reference one - oval.

In principle, one cannot say that there are any specific haircuts for fine hair and round face, which are considered ideal and will suit every woman, regardless of age, style or lifestyle. In all you need to look for harmony. Depending on whether you have large or small facial features, which color you prefer, which structure and type of hair you have - you should choose one or another hairstyle. There are some general recommendations that need to be taken into account when selecting haircuts for a round face and thin hair.

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What is recommended:

  • Try to visually stretch the face: a fluffy top, falling strands on the cheekbones, vertical lines - should be the central elements of the hairstyle;
  • Add asymmetry to the image: side parting, bevelled elongated bangs, asymmetrical hairstyle - everything will play into the hands of correcting the round shape of the face;
  • creating curls, give preference to soft curls, shape them just below the chin line - this will give the missing volume to thin hairs, but will not increase the face itself;
  • Be sure to complete the cut-out procedure. Moreover, basal filing will help to create volume on thin strands.

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What to avoid:

  • voluminous, thick bangs: a wide bang creates an already unnecessary volume, emphasizes the roundness of the face;
  • elastic curls from the roots: a rounded face will seem even more due to the tight curls framing the face;
  • central parting, rounded hairstyle, horizontal lines in a haircut.

Modern fashion trends offer an extensive list of hairstyles that would fit the specified criteria, given the length of the strands, their type and texture. Consider them in more detail.

Options for short hair

Short haircuts for round face and thin hair - a great option to easily hide some of the nuances of appearance. Do not be afraid of short hairstyles. The right hairstyle will add volume to your thin curls and visually stretch your face due to the voluminous top.

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The main condition that must meet short haircuts for a round face and thin hair is layering. It can be like torn haircuts, bob haircuts and pixies with long oblique bangs. Styling this hair at home is not difficult. The master works through each strand step by step, creating a “creative mess” at the expense of strands of different lengths. To add volume to thin curls, basal thinning is used.

Haircuts for fine hair and round face are ideally combined with coloring or highlighting of individual strands. This technique will allow you to visually add more volume to your hair due to the play of colors on the head of hair.

The bob hairstyle is an ideal version of a short haircut that meets specified criteria. The elongated strands of the face adjust its shape, and the raised head compensates for the lack of volume of fine hair. The length should be left just below the chin, without focusing on the cheekbones. When self-styling is worth stretching the strands with irons to give the perfect smoothness of the hair.

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Pixie cut is an ultra-short hairstyle for short hair. The haircut scheme provides for the maximum removal of strands in the cheek area, which compensates for the excessive volume of the round face, and the slanting long bangs - the main accent of the styling, visually pulls out its shape.

Variations for the average head of hair

Medium haircuts for round face and thin hair provide curls length to shoulder line. The main condition for such a hairstyle is to process the ends of the hair with thinning scissors in order to remove unnecessary volume at the level of the cheekbones.

To stretch the face you need to leave the longest strands on the face, and short ones - on the crown. This will add volume and pomp to your hair. Medium haircuts for round face and thin hair suggest smooth transitions between layers, which would not get out of the general image. If you want to create a romantic image with your own hands with the help of curls, then make curls inside or choose the option of "Hollywood curls" with a smooth wave along the entire length of the hair.

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On the average length of the hair of chubby girls, the ideal option is ideal, a fashionable one season - an elongated bob. This hairstyle is cut off like a standard bob, but due to the elongated strands of the face and the “turned up” crown, this styling acquires a novelty of perception. Instructions for its installation does not differ from standard styling with a hair dryer, with a step-by-step stretching of the strands and giving volume at the roots with a round brush.

Variations for long hair

Long haircuts for round face and thin hair is one of the most successful options, primarily because long strands themselves draw the whole look. But with giving the volume of hair you have to tinker.

Long haircuts for round face and thin hair prefer side parting and beveled long bangs. It is worth cutting off strands according to the principle of a cascade or a ladder, but be guided by the fact that the shortest strand is formed near the face and it should be slightly below the chin.

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Excellent on long curls looks smooth tail with high bangs. Such styling is good both in everyday use and for evening out. Easy installation makes it easy to create it yourself.

With a round face and thin hair, any volumetric styling at the top of the head looks great. You can add volume to your hair with a flat comb with frequent teeth and styling products. Step by step, add strands to the occipital-parietal zone and spray them with lacquer to fix. Having created such a framework, you can easily fantasize about hair styling.

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