Haircuts for obese women - the rules of the perfect choice

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Fashionable haircut for obese women is designed to divert attention from the lush figure, turning it on the beautiful well-groomed hair. That is why it is so important to choose the right haircut for the owner of extra pounds. And to do this, you need to remember a few simple recommendations.

Recommendations for the selection of haircuts for magnificent ladies

Lengthen the face

In full women, as a rule, the face is full. Visually remove roundness and make it more oval, you can just using a haircut. In this case, you need a haircut for obese women with a short crown, thanks to which the hairstyle will look high, therefore, the oval of the face will be extended. Considering this, such short haircuts for obese women as a classic car are categorically not suitable, because they visually round the face even more.

Choose the length of the hair


Choose fashionable haircuts for obese women in length should be given the nuances of physique.

  • For example, owners of short neck should choose short haircuts for obese women with a raised top or half-long variations, when the curls descend just below the chin line, but do not reach the shoulders.
  • Having a heavy chin and a broad face, you should pay attention to hairstyles with hair length just below the shoulders, but not the square. Women and girls of full physique with beautiful long hair can not abandon them, choosing a multi-level cascading haircut. If the hair cascade carefully styled curls, face visually stretch, balancing the entire image. By the way, cascading hairstyles are easy to put even at home.

"No" symmetry and straight lines!

Fullness does not fit well with straight lines and symmetrical hairstyles. This is especially true of the young representatives of the female half. Haircut for full girls should contain some kind of asymmetry, at least - oblique bangs. Smooth, shapeless, straight lines - taboo! You can not let shapeless straight strands along your face, make straight bangs and parting. All this will further round the face.

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Waves or curls? Yes but neat

Many women believe that waves or curls add unnecessary volume, but this is not always true. Gentle feminine waves framing the face and descending below the shoulders - a great option for "pyshechek." Neat waves tucked back in the shape of a crown are also interesting. If nature has awarded small or medium curls, they should be used to create a beautiful feminine image. In this case, a short haircut for fat women will make you even more extensive, and this should be avoided, for example, by making hair cut at the level of the cheekbones.

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Properly chosen haircut for full girls and women is an indispensable element of a whole image that you can create with your own hands, and of course, not without the participation of a professional hairdresser. And in order to become irresistible, you should not put off the haircut “for later” when you lose weight or something else happens, but when choosing it, keep in mind that:

  • in a haircut, its widest part should not be at the same level as the widest part of the face;
  • it must be with oblique bangs, raised crown, cascades or asymmetry;
  • ideally, the hair should be slightly below the chin line, but above the shoulder line;
  • a haircut should not be too short - this adds a disproportion to the head-body ratio;
  • no direct partitions and bangs;
  • Do not hesitate to use special programs for the selection of haircuts on your own or with the help of the wizard in order to pre-represent what you will look like;
  • Choose a haircut based on age and status, not fashion.

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Examples of trendy and popular haircuts

Due to the features of the figure and face, fashionable haircuts for obese women almost do not change. Real ladies are likely to pay attention to asymmetrical haircuts - bright, eye-catching, multi-faceted. Typically, the basis for short options in such cases is taken as “pixie” or “shortened bob”, for medium-length hair, “bob” or “ladder”, for long strands — “double hairstyle” with the usual length at the back and fringe-bob in front. Acting step by step, they can be laid each time in a new way, changing their appearance depending on the mood or event. If you don’t want to change your usual hairstyle, a simple instruction will help: add an asymmetrical fringe to the image.

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Another always popular haircut is the bob. However, women and girls with extra pounds should abandon the direct bean and bob-square, preferring a graduated or multi-layered bean. Graduated bob can be laid with side parting and supplemented with oblique bangs. In the case of a multi-layered bean, it is better to seek advice from a professional stylist or hairdresser. Since the scheme for creating this hairstyle implies a different number of layers and allows for different lengths, it is necessary to select both of them individually in each specific case.

Classic fashion - "cascade". With its help, you can easily adjust the shape of the face, create volume and new styling at least every day, and at home. In the process of creating a cascade can be done in stages along the entire length of the hair, or only at the tips. For obese women is best suited cascade on long hair without bangs. Laying the cascade is very simple - you need to process the ends of the hair with foam or wax and dry it with a hair dryer, head down.


Another popular haircut for pyshechek - "ladder." It can be performed on short and medium to long hair. Another advantage is the possibility of connecting with different types of bangs or creating a hairstyle without any bangs at all. Ladder adds volume to hair, makes it lively and dynamic. However, it should be chosen carefully for women with curly, coarse or curly hair, as it will subsequently require careful maintenance and styling.


Options haircuts for obese women quite a large number. Choose for yourself the one with which you can feel beautiful and desired, because despite the magnificent forms you still remain a woman!

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