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Girls with a short head of hair quite often ask the question: what kind of haircuts for medium-length hair will suit them? Before you start to choose haircuts for medium hair, you must take into account the shape of your face, hair structure and clearly imagine the final hairstyle. Female haircuts for medium hair may have different lengths, for example, to reach the chin or fall below the level of the shoulders. Examples of such variations are square, bob, ladder, and cascade. All these hairstyles have several variations, we will get to know them a bit later.

Options for average length of hair

Female haircuts of medium length are quite versatile, they can be easily chosen for any type of appearance. They can significantly change the image, for example, make you a daring person, or, conversely, add softness, and such variations have virtually no restrictions in styling. You can easily afford different ways of laying - braids, beam, and curls.

Caret or bob for owners of medium long hair

varieties of square

A bobie or bob haircut is quite popular among women. The difference between these two options is only in bangs. In the square bang is a necessary detail. Bob, on the contrary, consists only of long strands. The length of the hair in such hairstyles varies; the bob and the bob can reach both the shoulders and be cut to the chin line. Quite often, girls prefer these options in a more creative way, for example, asymmetrical bob or four of a kind with lengthening. Another type of bean is a bob with smooth strands and evenly cut, rather thick bangs.

Bob and quad with lengthening

These two "candidate" with the lengthening of the front part of the hair, you can safely call it one of the most popular hairstyles. In such variations, the maximum size of the strands is on the face, and in the back part the strands are short, and the size of these strands is adjusted depending on the length of the front strands cut. The hair in the back can cover the neck. There is another such option with lengthening is a four of a kind with lengthening. In the back of the head, the hair is very short and trimmed as a triangle. Many girls prefer these haircuts on the average length in a ragged version, that is, the size of the strands is rather chaotic. An example of lovers of this image can be called Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham and Riana

Bob and car with graduation

Such images have recently gained great popularity. In this image, the tips have completely different lengths, but despite this they are very easy to lay at home, without using outside help. Unlike the usual four, this option will help you to create beautiful curls. Graduation strands spend from the top, gradually going down. Some masters consider graded caret something like a cascade.

girls with beautiful square


Ladder - one of those haircuts, which has an elongation. It can afford a young lady, both with thin and with thick hair. Very often, the ladder is cut from the strands that are near the face. The ladder may begin slightly above the chin, and its end can reach the longest strand. A ladder for medium hair is good because the main shock of hair is not cut along the entire length, that is, you can make yourself a tail, a braid or a bun. A ladder on medium strands adorns the image of such beauties as Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johanson and Britney Spears.

Jennifer Aniston and another blonde


The page was very popular during the Soviet era. In our time, this hairstyle has opened a second wind and re-conquered many of the female. The page is clipped so that the hair has the same size as the fringe. Chelochka with this must be smooth!



Multistage or layered, this is how you can characterize this hairstyle. For many years, the cascade does not go out of fashion. The cascade can be cut on strands that have different structures — thin and thick, straight or curly. The cascade hairstyle can have several variations, depending on what type of graduation the master has chosen. The steps of the strands begin to cut off from the very top of the head, gradually going down with neat weights. Hair cascade is very easy to style. To give your hair a well-groomed look, use hair curlers, ironing or curling. With the help of these devices you will emphasize the structure of the hairstyle.

ragged cascade


Very popular in our time is a haircut cap. Very often, girls choose it to add volume to their hair. Girls who have a naturally thick head of hair should not choose such voluminous haircuts for medium hair, otherwise you risk getting an ugly, battered shred like Boniface's. Quite an interesting version of the asymmetric cap. Many girls are confident that beautiful haircuts for medium hair with asymmetry are very fastidious in styling. This opinion is wrong. You can even braid a neat braid on the cap.


How to choose a haircut for the shape of the face for the hair of medium length

Girls, pay attention to the shape and features of your face before you decide on a hairstyle. If you have a bang, pin it back. Sit comfortably in front of the mirror and circle the outline of your face on the mirror with a marker. Move away from the mirror and look around. What shape does the shape of your face remind you of?

  • If you see a figure resembling an oval, then absolutely any haircuts of medium length will look beautiful on you.
  • If you see a circle, it is better to choose the options that do not have bangs, for example, the classic version of the caret. An ideal option would be for you a hairstyle with a high crown or locks with asymmetry.
  • For a person resembling a square, ideal are options with a bang, for example, where the bang is oblique or asymmetrical.
  • For girls with the shape of a triangle, you need to avoid options where the hair is smooth and has a thick bangs. Pick a version that has a side parting, and make a bang rare.
  • If your face resembles a rhombus, an image with an elongated bang covering the forehead will be ideal for you.
  • Girls with a face resembling a rectangle should choose options for curvy and short hairstyles.

classic car

Hide the flaws

  • Strict and smooth hairstyle is not suitable for girls of slim build, with a strict face. Your choice is a haircut from which you can create curls. Curls will give soft rough facial features.
  • If you have a long nose, it will help you visually shorten the lush head of hair. If, on the contrary, the spout is small, then choose small curls for yourself.
  • For those with close-set eyes, it is necessary to lift the hair up and lay the side strands carefully along the cheeks.
  • Young ladies with sparse and thin hair need to give their choice to volumetric haircuts that have structural strands.

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