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To choose suitable haircuts for an oval face is quite simple. Choosing haircuts for an oval-shaped face you can endlessly experiment, not worrying that the result will disappoint you. Such beauties fit all sorts of bangs in combination with almost any length and model. When choosing, it is worth considering the type and structure of the hair, as well as the combination of the model with the facial features. Since the owners of the oval-shaped face can choose from all the existing options, this article offers the most fashionable and stylish women's haircuts for the oval-type face that are relevant in 2015.

What to look for when choosing a model

Haircut for an oval face this year may be different, but choosing the right elements, such as fringe and parting, you can make a real “boom” from any model. Bangs for fashionable hair in 2015 should be thick and smooth, the length of the eyebrows focuses on the eyes of the beauty. Smooth thick bangs can be afforded by girls with an oval face shape, but in order not to give a face severity, it is better to make its edge softer due to milling.

face shape

A deep parting on the side is a popular part of the hairstyle, it shifts the focus from the center of the face, softening its features. The lower the part will be located to the ear, the more effective the result will look.

Short haircuts for an oval face - 2015 trends


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If you have long wanted cardinal changes, but do not decide everything, it's time to do it. Indeed, this year, short haircuts for an oval face are becoming especially popular. The undisputed leader is the bob, not only in its classic version, but creative and sharp. The volume is achieved by graded strands that have different lengths along the entire contour. This model looks impressive on any hair.

Shag Haircut


Choosing short haircuts for an oval face, pay attention to the novelty of the hairdressing industry - Shag. This fashionable novelty threatens to become one of the most trending in 2015. The length is a little shorter than the chin, the torn strands, which are clipped in a chaotic technique, give creativity and surprises. Effectively, haircut Shag looks on wavy hair, to create the desired type of tips, curls curled into strands and trimmed.

Asymmetrical haircuts

Asymmetrical short models with long bangs and broken patterns remain at the peak of popularity, they hold these positions for the second year. Having made an asymmetrical hairstyle, you will be able to easily style it with itself, using styling means of strong fixation. With the help of asymmetrical short models, you can make the face and figure visually slimmer, open the neck and cheekbones. Choosing a long oblique bang, you will focus on the lips. This is an ideal haircut for an oval face, since asymmetry is not terrible for such girls. It is suitable for wavy hair and for even strands. For girls with wavy curls, such an asymmetric model will help to solve the urgent problem of laying unruly curls. It is enough to separate the curls with wax or mousse, that's all the instructions for creating the perfect styling.

hair asymmetry

Medium haircuts for an oval face - the most stylish options


For girls who want to look romantic, average haircuts are suitable for an oval face. The most striking representative of the models for this length is the "ladder". It is best suited for girls with thin strands, lacking volume. The layered model will give the necessary pomp to the head of hair. You can combine such a “ladder” with a flat thick bang that is fashionable this year.



If you are looking for beautiful medium haircuts for an oval face that are easy to lay with your own hands at home, you should pay attention to sesson. This model has the motto: "Washed and carried", invented by its founder.

smooth sesson

The main thing in the technique of execution is the correctly graduated strands, which, due to a certain angle of cut, are bent inward on their own. The elongated sesson to the shoulder has sufficient volume and is quite dynamic. Cesson looks great on both straight and wavy hair. But such a neat model needs constant updating, then it will look elegant.

classic haircut sesson

Choosing fashionable long haircuts for an oval face

Long haircuts for an oval face choose feminine and subtle natures. If you want to keep the length, and only give the hair a regular shape, use the various options bangs: straight and thick, torn and asymmetrical. Multi-layer models and cascades will come to the rescue.

Classic cascade

classic cascade

The classic cascade looks very natural, especially if it is complemented by a light wave of strands. Stepwise increasing downward, the length of the cascade creates the desired volume. Such a correct haircut for an oval face goes well with bangs and even partings. But for girls with an oval face can not use bangs. This cascade will make it as open as possible.

Ripped cascade

ragged cascade

For young girls well fit ragged cascade. The length of the hair on the top of such a cascade should be short. The bangs to the side of the same length as the uppermost layer of the cascade look harmoniously. The transition to the lower strands should be smooth. For daily styling it is enough to ruffle the strands, giving them carelessness and randomness. Neatly trimmed strands of the same length always look perfect. You can combine this option with a flat bang or not to do it at all. This model remains relevant and popular, especially among girls who prefer long curls.

Unconnected connection

split level hairstyle

Selecting long haircuts for an oval face, special attention should be paid to such a bold technique in the hairdressing business, as the “unconnected connection”. While the models made in this technique can rarely be seen on the residents of megalopolises. But from the covers of fashion magazines beauty with such bold images do not disappear. The essence of the "unconnected connection" is that the strands are sheared in stages, according to a special scheme, in separate blocks, different in length. Each block has a separate control strand. Best of all, this model looks on girls with even hair and an oval type of face.

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