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The hairstyles and haircuts of Marilyn Monroe were incredibly popular many years ago and are now back in the world of big fashion. What do modern women of fashion want, watching movies with the participation of the popular star Norma Jin? Of course, the lush and short haircuts of Merlin Monroe and wavy, blond hair the color of blond!

Haircut like Marilyn Monroe: the creation scheme

The hairstyle of Marilyn Monroe gives the female face an image of a beautiful doll and a certain charm, thanks to a beautiful white shade of hair and curly strands. Perfectly made styling and neatly laid curls make the owner of this haircut very gentle and mysterious.

Norma Jean and Kylie Minogue

Haircut like Merlin Monroe should be done exclusively by qualified specialists, because creating such an ideal shape yourself at home is almost impossible. The scheme to create a haircut:

  1. You need to collect wet hair in one bundle, and if there is a lot of hair and it is thick, then in several bundles and use clamps.
  2. According to the hairline it is necessary to brush one strand, which will be the control. Other strands will be separated after one centimeter parallel to the head with a smooth parting. Thus, the specialist cuts the back of the head.
  3. Next, the whiskey is cut off step by step. They also need to be separated with the help of a horizontal parting and they continue the line of cut on the back of the head.
  4. Then it is necessary to mow the curls stabbed at the back of the head. To do this, you need to brush one strand on the face and cut it, making the desired length. Usually cut from six to eight centimeters and this strand becomes the control at the crown. You should always remember that the haircut for dry hair in the end always turns out to be one centimeter shorter than the wet, so you need to do a haircut with some margin.
  5. The following strand is highlighted by direct parting. It is superimposed on the first one, pulled at an angle of 90 degrees relative to the head and cut according to the level of the control strand. After this, the crown of the crown of the head is trimmed strand by strand.
  6. Finally align the temporal and occipital zones.
  7. For a haircut to have a finished look, smooth transitions are needed. It is necessary to consistently brush off the vertical strands and cut off all the corners.
  8. In the end, the edging is done with ordinary scissors.

singer Kylie Minogue and actress Norma Jin

Marelin Monroe hairstyle: how to make the perfect styling

If the haircut should be done by a professional, then for styling and consciousness of curvy locks to herself, the girl will need only precise instructions. To create a hairstyle you will need: hair dryer, curling tongs, foam, in order to give the volume of hair, comb. The hairstyle of Marilyn Monroe should be created in stages:

  1. It is necessary to wash your hair well, use both shampoo and conditioner.
  2. A little dry hair, then take a styling agent (mousse or foam) and distribute it with a comb over the entire length.
  3. A thin comb is necessary to separate the strand of hair in front and fix the rest with a clip.
  4. The selected strand must be tightened with the help of hot tongs, in advance it is necessary to apply a little varnish for laying on it.
  5. Next, the next strand is separated and the same manipulation takes place. It is necessary to bend the strands along the entire length, and not just the tips. Thus, you need to twist the strands on the entire head, twisting the hair to the outside.
  6. To fix the effect, the hair is gently blow-dried.
  7. Further, with the help of a comb, it is necessary to make easy combing of each curl and make the hairstyle design, separating the curls from each other with the thin end of the comb.
  8. To add extra volume, curls are whipped up.
  9. Fix hair, causing a little lacquer.
  10. The bangs can be pripupit or slightly combed back.

Katherine Heigl and Merelin Monroe
Hairline Marilyn Monroe is ready! You need to make sure that the moisture from the mousse or foam is left. If, nevertheless, there is moisture, it is recommended to let it dry in a natural way, I do not resort to using a hair dryer.

Glamor and Monroe principles

The main condition for hair, of course, are blond hair. Hue each girl chooses for themselves individually. To achieve a breathtaking effect, you need to remember about the makeup of Merlin Monroe, in which the main role is played by scarlet lipstick.

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Norma Jean with the pseudonym Marilyn Monroe has always been for women the standard of beauty, taste and sexuality. Women envied her, admired and tried to imitate her in everything. Even in our time, it is possible to meet the one walking along Arbat Monroe, because she is ideal. Never Marilyn Monroe changed its principles, it concerns her hairstyles and makeup. Perhaps for this reason, her hairstyle is still associated with luxury, glamor and femininity.

Video: creating styling in the style of Marilyn Monroe

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