Haircuts and hairstyles for a thin face

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Often, women try to make a face visually thin, but those who have a face from the nature of an elongated shape, on the contrary, try to make its proportions more harmonious. This will help the girls haircuts for a thin face. A good master will be able to choose the ideal model, depending on the structure and type of your hair. You can read the basic recommendations on the selection of haircuts and styling for your appearance. Having learned which hairstyles for a thin face are most suitable for you, you will be able to decide for yourself which option will most advantageously emphasize your virtues..

Recommendations for the selection of hairstyles for a thin face

Ideal hair length for a thin face

If you pick haircuts for a thin face, first of all, decide on the length.

  • Do not choose short haircuts for a thin face if you want your face to look proportionate.
  • The most ideal length, according to professionals, is on the shoulder or slightly lower.
  • The shortest strand on the head should be no higher than the cheekbone line.
  • If you want to leave curls long, but make a haircut, you will suit a ladder. Strands of different lengths for the face will hide its outlines, visually expanding it.

Chela- be or not to be?

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Bangs - a certain must-have for owners of a thin face, but what it should be, it is important to understand. The main task of the bangs is to make the face shorter.

  • The best option would be a smooth moderately thick bangs, lying on his eyebrows or closing them.
  • To diversify the styling, smooth bangs can be slightly combed to the side.
  • Oblique bangs may be too thin, which will further lengthen the face.
  • Give up short bangs, this is definitely not your option.

Spectacular volume

What can make a thin face visually wider? Of course, voluminous hair. Here the main thing is not to overdo it so that the effect of a magnificent dandelion on a thin stalk is not obtained. But moderately volume curls are just what you need. You can make them in different ways: by winding on curlers, papilotki, curling, you can use irons and hair dryers-stylers. If you do not have enough time in the morning for such styling, and sleep with curlers for you torment, you can use a little trick: divide the wet curls into 4 pieces, twist each of them into a flagellum, and then into a bun and fasten as high as possible. In the morning unwind the strands and beat the curls with your fingers.

Categorical "No" in hairstyles for a thin face


When choosing hairstyles for a thin face, it is not recommended to use the following techniques:

  • Cheat strands "from the face." This technique will only emphasize the elongation of the form.
  • Licked hairstyles. A tight tail or a bun with collected hair up is definitely not your option if you want to hide an elongated face.
  • Ultra short haircuts for a thin face. This is not the most advantageous option, such models only emphasize the imperfect shape, fully opening the face.
  • Direct parting. Girls with an elongated face need to be careful with a clear parting in the center, especially if you have a large nose or very bright facial features.

Look at the stars with a thin face type?

Among the star beauties there are many representatives of the thin type of face. Among Hollywood celebrities are Eva Green, Lisa Kudrow, Naomi Campbell, Niki Taylor, among Russian beauties are Lera Kudryavtseva and Ksenia Sobchak. In their examples, you can consider many options for styling and haircuts. Girls with a good imagination can even “try on” one of the star images.

A pretty good haircut for a long, thin face can be seen in Gwen Stefani. Soft large curls of medium length in combination with a flat fringe on the side, - this haircut for a thin face turns it into a perfect oval.


But one of the star beauties is proud of his long face, in every way neglecting tips on harmonizing proportions, this is Sarah Jessica Parker. Equal parting, licked ponytail and the complete absence of bangs - all these "No" Sarah Jessica Parker actively uses on her hair.

Lera Kudryavtseva also enhances the thinness of her face with even, smooth strands parting in the center, but the faces of these celebrities are memorable.

Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker

Doing hair in the style of Pin Up for a long face at home

This version of the evening hairstyle is ideal for a romantic date, and for going to the club. Christine Aguilera is often adorned with a Pin Up styling - another bright representative of an elongated face. Not one such hairstyle Christina tried on the clip Candyman. Dynamic retro-curls of medium length on a side parting today look very stylish. A simple hairstyle for a thin face can make every girl at home. To make it yourself, use the step by step scheme and arm yourself with some beauty helpers.

singer Christina Aguilera

You will need: a curling iron, a fine comb, hair clips, an invisible hairpin or hairpin, hair spray. Having prepared the necessary styling tools, do all the actions described in the manual with your own hands:

  1. Split the hair on the slanting part with a thin comb, so that more strands will come out to the right.
  2. Separate the hair from the face on the right, remove the remaining strands back clip.
  3. From the selected part of the hair, take a strand of medium thickness and wind it in a tight spiral on the curling iron.
  4. Unscrew the curl, collect it in a bundle and secure with a clip.
  5. Step by step wind the strand by strand in this technique, moving to the back of the head.
  6. On the left, lay the hair behind the ear and secure it with an invisible one.
  7. Twist the ends of the strands on the left.
  8. Remove the clips from the curls, lightly beat the curls with your fingers and fix the result with varnish.

creating pin-up styling

Simple styling in the style of Pin Up is ready. Such a hairstyle for a thin face will advantageously underline your strengths and hide weaknesses.

If you are looking for your ideal option, remember that a haircut for an elongated thin face should bring it as close as possible to the oval, and therefore make the vertical of the face not so pronounced. Make a soft contour of the curls around the face and you will see how it will change. And you can completely follow the example of some star beauties, such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham, to accept your long face as a virtue and vice versa, to emphasize its elegant form, neglecting all the prohibitions of stylists.

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