Haircut wolf

red-haired girl

Haircut wolf involves the creation of a head of hair, externally similar to the fur of the beast. This is achieved by creating facial short and careless strands, while the rear heap remains longer, cut in a cascade shape.

The hair of a she-wolf will look perfect on stylish girls who prefer bright make-up and a special style of dress. Visually, she gives the representative of the weaker sex strength and courage. If you are a strong, bold and purposeful nature, then this option will suit you very well.

Particularly advantageous, it looks on melirovannyh and colored strands. At home, without having the necessary skills of hairdressing, you will not be able to cut the hair evenly, highlighting the strands, so to create it is better to contact the master.

Schemes create haircut wolf

Hair wolf will look good on both long and short hair. It gains a special game of careless strands when created with bangs. It is due to it on the top that the so-called “cap” is formed, from which bold strands of hair are knocked out.

models with long hair

Haircut wolf for long hair

  • Instructions for creating such a hairstyle for long-haired girls is that the bottom strands of hair are almost unchanged. The master only slightly processes them with thinning scissors to create a “ragged” effect.
  • The upper curls are cut as short as possible, as far as the length of the hair allows.
  • With rather long hair, a so-called stepped row is created, which allows you to make a softer transition between the lower long curls and the upper bold strands.

Haircut wolf for long hair is becoming the trend of this season, but only self-confident women who are ready to change their image drastically can afford it.

Haircut wolf for medium hair

This type of hairstyle looks somewhat extravagant on the hair of medium length than on long hair. The great length of the hair has always been considered feminine and innocent, and these concepts are in no way combined with the wolfish image.

redhead and brunette

The technique of creating for medium hair length is carried out in stages.

  1. First, the master divides the shoal into the lower and upper strands.
  2. Further processing of the lower part begins. Each strand is adjusted step by step, taking a bold and sloppy look.
  3. After this, the top part of the hair is trimmed. Here the facial strands are cut off, and a tuft is created at the back - a cap.

Haircut wolf on medium hair gives additional volume of hair and looks quite unusual.

Haircut wolf for short hair

The most advantageous option in creating this hairstyle is a short hair length. Since the hairstyle itself gives masculinity and self-confidence to its owner, then a men's short haircut will be an ideal material for work.

spectacular girl

Haircut wolf for short hair is almost no different from the processing techniques of long and semi-long curls, but the torn strands in it are particularly highlighted.

For timid

If you want to try to make a similar hairstyle, but are afraid that you do not have the strength of spirit to create it, try to start with a smaller one. Ask the craftsman to make smoother transitions between the strands so that they do not stand out strongly from the whole head of hair. In this case, you get a wolf, but she will be a little gentle and feminine. After the trial version, you may want more, and you still decide to create a classic shearing wolf.

cute models with short hair

Wolf laying

The girls, who have decided on this haircut, are wondering - how to put the curls in order to get the maximum benefit from the appearance.

Day image

Since this hairstyle implies a torn, knocked out of the pile of strands, then when you put a she-wolf, you will definitely need styling. For a daytime office look, do not create a strong emphasis on feathers, lay them more gently, leaving insolence for the evening look.

pretty blonde

Like any other haircut, this can be softened with accessories in the form of bandages and headbands. Thus, girls who have such a daring and manly hairstyle, can become tender and feminine.

Evening look

This is where you can give freedom to your imagination and show "grin". With the help of the necessary styling tools, you can make your image wild and careless.

Victoria Beckham

In the trend of the upcoming season of 2014, more and more bold and unusual variations of haircuts appear. Having made a similar haircut once, in the future you will be able to create various images to yourself, complementing them with harmonious makeup and suitable clothes.

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